Opening A 100-Year-Old Safe: How Hard Can It Be?

100 Year Old Safe

Curiosity is the basic nature of man. It is, in fact, man’s curiosity that has helped him go through the process of evolution for millions of years. There’s no end to man’s curiosity. We are still peering into the stars and diving deep under the sea to feed our insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

There are many of us, who, as kids, used to love breaking our toys, just to see what is inside, or understand the mechanism of the toy. However, there are a few who break into things even after they grow up to satisfy their curiosity. If you are someone who likes to explore old, locked stuff, then you can watch such videos on YouTube. There are YouTubers who break into things with various instruments. One video that you might absolutely enjoy is the opening of a 100-Year-Old Safe with a plasma cutter.

How It’s Done

There is a video on the channel called JustDustin who buys an abandoned 100 Year Old Safe online which is black in color and totally locked. The safe looks to be in poor condition with its paint coming off and the dials and codes are absolutely jammed. The Youtuber guesses that someone might have tried to break into it before. He mentions that the safe weighs 2000 lbs and they will try in every possible way to break into the 100-Year-Old Safe.

At first, he uses a weapon to open the 100-Year-Old Safe that he modifies himself. He attaches a metal ball that has spikes coming out of it and attaches it to a whip. He uses the whip to hit the safe with the metal ball but unfortunately, he fails. The ball does not hit at the right place and the safe does not open.

Next, he tries to open the 100-Year-Old Safe he throws heavy Frisbees at it – first a 2.5 pound, then a 5 pound and then a 10 pound Frisbee. It does not open the safe; it leaves a few scratches on it. He goes on to throw soccer balls, wooden planks at the safe but nothing can open the safe.

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The Youtuber then tries to open the 100-Year-Old Safe by shooting it with little steel parts. Again, it only chips the paint. He tries again with bow and arrow, but it does nothing but leave a little dent. The steel safe looks harder to break in. The Youtuber plays around with darts and huge plastic boats but the heavy safe does not suffer any damage. The Youtuber keeps throwing various instruments at it, but nothing helps.

100 Year Old Safe

He then brings a huge weapon and scratches off some paint. But he then brings out a flame-thrower but the 100-Year-Old Safe does not open. He then tries the most common way to break things – an ax. He keeps hitting the safe with axes of various sizes. What it does is only leave a few dents and chipped paint. He discovers that the outer layer of the safe might be a little rusty but the inner layer is still solid. We only see orange rust dust flying around.

Now he tries to break the 100-Year-Old Safe with a bat and comments that we need steel to break steel. He then hits the safe with a weapon that looks like a black metal ball attached to long black metal steel. He swings the weapon harder and finally manages to do slight damage.

A heavy ball is dropped on the safe to no avail. He then tries to hit the safe with a car tire but even that fails miserably. The Youtuber contemplates if it is even possible to break into the 100-Year-Old Safe. He tries to dig into it, throws a spear at it but the safe is still, well safe.

Finally, the safe start taking some damage when he hits it with balls and hammer. He next wears a mask and hits the 100-Year-Old Safe with a sharp pick axe. It does slight damage. They then try to open the safe by hitting it with a car.

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He finally takes up a plasma cutter to open the stubborn old safe. He wears a mask and uses the plasma cutter on the safe but even that does not seem to work. The Youtuber then promises he will not give up and bring a better plasma cutter from his friend to open the safe.


From the video, it is easily understandable how strong the safe is. It is made with strong deep layers of steel that make it extremely hard to breach. No doubt, that if you were the owner of that safe you could sleep soundly knowing whatever you have locked inside the safe is absolutely secure.

From the condition of the safe, it looks like the safe might be at least 100 years old, it could be even older. It has been out of use for a long time it seems and from the scratches at the beginning of the video that the Youtuber points out, people have failed before to open this safe. The old safe has been out of use for a long time it seems as all the dials are absolutely jammed. The Youtuber tries to open it by hitting it with small parts and then slowly moves to larger weapons, but as you can see, the safe does not open.

It is evident from the video that it is extremely difficult to break the safe as all the objects only do slight damages to it. Even the plasma cutter cannot open the safe. From the weight of the safe, you can understand that it was made with heavy steel. Whichever company built the safe must be very reliable!

The Youtuber promises to come back with another video to open the safe. Let us hope he is successful in his next try. Do you have any other ways with which you can try to open this safe? If yes, then comment here and we can definitely try that way!


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