Parents Rebel Against The Skyrocketing Tuition Fees

Parents Rebel Against The Skyrocketing Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are skyrocketing nowadays. The skype trend is going to be adopted by all colleges and schools for online classes. It was disastrous for all sectors and departments not to renew their activities due to surging cases of coronavirus.

Abduction of plans of universities to open campuses

Due to day by day new cases of virus appearing in California, the officials had to call off the plans of the University of Chapman to rethink revising all academic activities at its campus. Hence, the college has given guarantees of the same old experience of teaching to students as it is keeping an eye on the autumn season to open its gates for students.

 Similarly, in Ukraine, the cases are not going down; the govt has extended lockdown till 31 August. But colleges and schools are demanding the withdrawal of lockdowns so that they can continue their teaching practices.

Not only these, but there are also many other universities and colleges had to postpone their schedules for the opening of their campuses due to the resurgence of the virus there. Hopefully, this autumn majority of them may able to continue their educational activities.

What are the objections of parents against the increasing cost of education?

 The majority of families seem to complain against the new fee policies of the University of Chapman as it has increases fees for students by a massive margin as compared to last year.

Parents are saying that they do not see quality education delivered to their children as promised by the universities, and also, they have asked to submit more fees before the end of this month to respective colleges and schools. Though the charges of schools and colleges are becoming high, the online resources are keeping their prices affordable for students, especially law assignment help UK. They are offering very low prices so that students can get instant help for their academics.

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There were yearly discounts on tuition fees before this year, but now universities have removed that facility due to ongoing crises. Hence, parents seem quite disappointed as they are demanding discounts on tuition fees from universities and colleges. 

Moreover, parents expected in-person classes for their children after paying a massive amount of fess, but this is not happening as most universities and colleges are conducting online exams and courses for their students due to lockdowns across all states amid the corona pandemic.

A revolt had already hit most states for enormous costs of graduation degree before COVID-19 arrival, but for now, universities are stooped to operate their campuses in-person for all students.

Probable demands of families from universities and colleges this year

Because of the inability of colleges to conduct face to face classes, parents demand a reduction in tuition fees as education is online, not on campus.

Secondly, they require financial assistance in the form of scholarships to support their children for getting an education as coronavirus has financially broken everyone this year.

Thirdly, they demand leaves of non-attendance for students to overcome what they have faced during this pandemic.

Lastly, if universities cannot provide magnificent teaching experience for their children, they want rebates for all what they have paid throughout these study phase.

Experts do not meet these demands too high as colleges and schools can think over this to satisfy all parents, which is beneficial for colleges also. It can be dangerous for colleges and schools too if they do not consider these requirements of parents, which they have made due to insecurities about the current method and cost policies of universities as they feel colleges are unable to return that teaching experience for their children.

Petition for fee reduction and removal

Students and parents collectively have started a petition last month at the University of Rutgers to call for the removal of high costs of tuition and reduction in the fee. Until now, 30,000 petitions have been signed up by those people.  

At South Carolina university, about 41000 people have placed an appeal to encamp their students, which was shut down after COVID-19contamination. There was a positive response from the University of South Carolina in the shape of immediate decisions for cutting the fees of campuses. 

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People on Facebook are actively participating in running posts and petitions against the colleges and universities by showing their anger towards the reluctance of officials in taking solid steps against these institutions. 

Moreover, July was the month of extreme criticism for all universities that surged their costs of higher degrees before the COVID-19 as people are firmly rejecting all negotiations form these institutes and strictly want refunds. 

Resistance from universities and colleges

Although only a few colleges and universities have admitted cutting down the high cost of education for the relief of parents there yet the majority has shown robust resistance against these demands. Only some colleges are going to implement renewed policies with a cut in total tuition fees for students.

Universities are presenting strong points in the protection of their resistance to the revolt of parents and students as officials have said that due to the implementation of precautionary measures and processing of online systems, they have been in need of excessive sources and funds that is why they have increased fees and reduced aid for this year.

Terry W. Hartle, of the American council of education, has cleared the stance by saying it is a need for colleges to endure in these moments. He added that we acknowledge pressure on parents, and we respect their expectations from us. But they also have to lend us a hand to cope with these acute conditions.

Universities in California have received more than 2000 queries about fees and opening of campuses, and it has become difficult for most schools to respond to all these.

Future hopes for a renewal of educational activities

According to higher education, more than 5000 colleges and schools have been considering to make strategies and plans for the opening of campuses after the closure of lockdowns. Maryland university, university of south Carolina, Pennsylvania University, and Virginia universities are some of these that have started online regular classes for students due to ongoing lockdowns across all major states.

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