PDFs: How to Use The Handy Tools of PDF Bear

Tools of PDF Bear

With PDF Bear, your life is more relaxed and comfortable in handling tons of PDF files. This site can help you achieve many things, such as converting, merging, splitting, repairing, rotating, and even protecting your PDFs. All the features will give you an easy to perform instruction, and anyone can do it freely. It is also secure and free to use. Here’s how to use the handy tools of PDF Bear.

Merge PDF

First on the list is the Merge PDF tool. The great thing about PDF Bear is that it doesn’t only allow you to combine PDFs, but you can also use it to do other things like compressing, repairing, or rotating your PDF files. With this tool, you can easily combine different PDFs to one, and you can do it within a minute.

If you want to merge your PDF files without any hassle, PDF Bear got you covered. It’s the quickest and most comfortable procedure in combining every PDF files into one single PDF document. The process is not confusing, and in seconds, the merged PDF file is ready to download and share. Follow these steps to perform a PDF merge:

  1. Select those PDF files that you need to merge using the PDF merger.
  2. The PDF merger will combine your PDFs after you modify them.
  3. After you modify your files, start the process by pressing Combine.
  4. Share the merged PDF to the cloud drive or download it to your PC.
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Word to PDF

If you don’t have the right tools to turn your Word file into a PDF, then you can use PDF Bear. Its online feature can convert any DOCX or DOC to PDF files easily. With the Word to PDF tool, converting your file is convenient because, after the process, the quality will stay the same. The procedure is made simple so that you won’t get confused. With only four steps, the conversion of your Word file to a PDF is done.

  1. Upload the Word document that you wish to turn.
  2. The PDF conversion will start scanning your file.
  3. The process will start in a while.
  4. Your PDF file is now converted and ready for download.

Excel to PDF

Within a minute, you can convert an Excel file to a PDF easily. PDF Bear is safe and secure to use, and anyone can utilize it with zero cost. Every file uploaded in the system won’t be stored for more than one hour. It’s sometimes troubling to convert a spreadsheet to a PDF, but this tool will make everything easy for you. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Select and upload the spreadsheet that you need to convert.
  2. Pick the option that you want.
  3. Hit the “Convert!” button, and the system will start analyzing and converting the PDF file.
  4. You can now save the converted file to your PC or computer.


PDF Bear is a convenient platform that anyone can use for free. Besides the mentioned features, you can also compress, split, repair, rotate, unlock, protect, and add watermarks to your PDFs. PDF Bear is also safe and secure to use.

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