Period Cramps: Why do I get them and How Can CBD help them?

How Can CBD help

Menstrual cramps, commonly known as dysmenorrhea, are painful cramping or throbbing pains that commonly appear in the lower abdominal area. This is a common phenomenon that occurs in almost all the women out there and starts before the menstrual period and continues for the last day of the period. This also becomes unbearable for so many women out there and further hampers the everyday work activities. How can CBD help?

To get rid of such a situation, several women opt for CBDistillery supplements available in the market. This is nothing but the most demanded therapeutic supplement that can ease the pain and inflammation in a person’s body. 

Furthermore, in this article, we have presented you with the basic causes of Period cramps, and further, we have also presented you the points that will explain how you can get rid of these cramps with the help of CBD

What are the causes of Period Cramps? 

Menstruation is a common and extremely normal process for a woman’s reproductive system. During this time, the uterus of the woman wrinkles to further support expels the lining. Prostaglandins, which is a hormone-like substance, further becomes responsible for pain and inflammation with the contractions. The more this hormone-like substance will flow, the more contraction will occur, resulting in severe pain. 

However, the cramps in the uterus can occur due to several reasons, which are further described for your better understanding:

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1. Uterine Fibroids

This is a condition when the non-cancerous cells start to grow around the wall of the uterus. These cells further cause severe pain in the uterus.

2. Endometriosis

This is when the uterus’s mainline occurs when the tissues get dislocated and come outside the uterus, normally over the fallopian tube or over the ovaries. Apart from these, there are times when the tissue will lie over your pelvis. These are really painful situations and can further result in high bleeding and high cramps as well.


3. Adenomyosis

When the tissue that lines the uterus starts to grow over the uterus’s muscular walls of the uterus, then severe cramps and pain can also occur.

4. Cervical Stenosis

A woman contains a small opening of the cervix, which results in problems and obstruction in the menstrual flow. These small cervixes opening can further result in a high amount of period –pain. 

5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The pelvic area of the women requires additional maintenance as this demands proper hygiene. Inflammatory diseases can easily affect these areas, further causing pain. However, the diseases are inflamed normally with the help of sexually transmitted bacteria.

How can CBD help with Period Cramps?

CBD, commonly known as Cannabidiol, is the active compound found in the cannabis or Sativa plants. These are non psychoactive in nature and can further result in serious benefits from several health disorders, which made this product really effective and popular among the whole globe. 

Furthermore, in this big world of products, you can also avail of the no steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen, which also helps to reduce the inflammation and other uncommon symptoms of menstruation. But these can also be dangerous to human health and can create negative side effects of the same. 

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CBD help with Period Cramps

Furthermore, there are several pieces of evidence that proved that Cannabidiol can be effective in treating the period’s pains in a woman. Some of the instances of the same are further provided so that you can have a better knowledge before availing of the CBD

  • According to the 2016 study, which was performed on the rats stated that it can help relieve pain and contain anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it found that applying this gel can further help in reducing joint inflammation and pain without giving any kind of negative effects. 
  • Another report performed in 2019 stated that women who are affected with endometriosis can get relief from the pain with the help of Cannabidiol oil. These are more effective than the exercises like yoga, meditation, stretching, and other active remedies as well. 
  • 2020 further reported that it alone cannot be highly beneficial rather contains a minimum of 0.03% of THC. 


Thus, CBD can be consumed or relieve menstrual pain and cramps. These can also help to get relaxed in this time as it can control the most common problem of the period, mood swings. 

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