Perks Of Kybella Treatment For Double Chin

Perks Of Kybella Treatment

Perks Of Kybella Treatment For Double Chin. Do you have a double chin due to weight gain or advancing in years? Then you understand how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Many people with excess fat underneath the chin are self-conscious of their appearance. This aesthetic problem may be unavoidable since it’s a part of the natural aging process and can worsen by weight gain and genetics.

You may have tried exercising or taking a special diet to lose weight, but nothing has worked for your pesky double chin. Surgery sounds a little far-fetched, leaving you clueless about what to do next. Guess what? Kybella Los Angeles offers a state-of-the-art technique to eliminate fat underneath the chin. Kybella treatment could solve your double chin problem quickly and safely. Read on for more on this fantastic treatment.

What is Kybella Treatment?

It’s an injectable that eliminates the submental fat (fat underneath the chin). Your plastic surgeon injects a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid to destroy the fat cell walls. It’s the same bile acid found in your digestive tract. This non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA for use in the submental area will make your chin fat vanish.

How it Works

Beverly Hills Med Spa plastic surgeon uses the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid to inject under your chin. The injection will destroy fat cells underneath the chin, and then your body will metabolize the cell decries turned to waste. Your surgeon will mark the treatment area to guide the injection’s placement. Also, it uses an ice pack on the marked site to ease discomfort.

It’s easy for the acid to destroy other cells in the body during the treatment, so only a skilled professional should administer Kybella treatment. It’s essential to note that the injections used beneath the chin can be anything between twenty-five to forty. And luckily, after the treatment, the destroyed fat cells will not regenerate, meaning you’ll enjoy the appearance of a smoother neckline.

What are the Benefits of Kybella Treatment?

Kybella Treatment is Designed for Submental Fat: Specialist uses most treatments to treat other areas of your body, but Kybella injection explicitly designed to treat the submental fullness. Your surgeon uses this procedure directly to the target area, minimizing the appearance of your double chin. The treatment leaves your chin sleeker and restores a youthful appearance.

Quick Results: In the 21st century, no one will want results that take forever to achieve. A few weeks after your first treatment, you’ll have the ideal products that you want. Injections administered may vary depending on your submental fat amount, but they’re quick and easy. Moreover, this procedure will not require general anesthesia. Did you know the process will take roughly 20 minutes? There you have it.

Preparing for Your Treatment: Make sure to discuss any medical history and any other concerns you may have with your doctor. Kybella Los Angeles professionals will advise if the treatment will suit you. You should feel relaxed before your session, follow any instructions given by your specialist. Be assured to receive quick and easy treatment.

No Recovery Time Required: It’s not only practical, but this treatment requires no recovery time. Unlike invasive procedures where many people are cautious about the long recovery time, Kybella treatment will do away with your recovery time.

Youthful Look: You may not have thought that it can be possible to have your groove back. But the procedure will give years to your submental area, making it look well-defined. The fat beneath the chin can be erased and prevented from being stored there. It’ll give you a younger and rejuvenated appearance. Say hello to your enhanced profile and youthful you by getting in touch with Kybella Los Angeles.

Provides Long-Lasting Results: A few weeks after the treatment, you’ll be able to notice remarkable results. The destroyed fat cells will not regenerate, making the procedure permanent. And you should not need further follow-ups treatments. To maintain your treatment results, be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations. With the fat cells gone, you’ll enjoy a younger look for a long time to come.

Treatment is Safe and Widely Used: Feel confident to use Kybella treatment as it’s a safe and reliable procedure to eliminate your submental fat. FDA approved this treatment in 2015, after the global clinic study program. Currently, many people use the technique to minimize their double chin appearance. Apart from providing a younger, refreshed look, the treatment gives patients self-confidence and satisfaction.

Minimally Invasive Procedure: Beverly Hills Med Spa professionals advise that, unlike surgical procedures, Kybella treatment has lower risk factors. Getting rid of your double chin has never been this easy, with this less invasive approach. It’ll be an excellent consideration when you finally decide to choose the right treatment for your double chin. Imagine enjoying optimal results with no need for incisions, anesthesia, or scarring.

Many People Can Use This Treatment: Most people in good health qualify as candidates for this treatment. Unlike surgical procedures, the fat reduction method can be quick and easy. However, pregnant or nursing women and people with any neck condition cannot use the treatment.

Less Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Rules: There few guidelines to follow with this treatment, compared to other procedures. Your doctor will advise you to avoid food high in salt and sugar. Following your treatment, the doctor will also instruct you to stay hydrated and apply an ice pack to prevent discomfort.

The procedure is Not Painful: This non-invasive treatment can be relatively painless. You can experience a warm sensation, but your skilled specialist will apply numbing cream on the injection site. And after the procedure, you can use an ice pack to curb any discomfort.

No Downtime: Beverly Hills Med Spa plastic surgeons will advise you to seek treatment from a certified and skilled specialist for your Kybella treatment to avoid any risks. Unlike other invasive procedures, if performed by a professional, this procedure will not involve recovery time. For optimal results, follow the instructions provided by your doctor. After your treatment, you’ll go about your normal activities immediately without any restriction. Any temporary and minor after-effects will disappear within a short period.

Lower Risk of Advanced Reaction:  If compared to other procedures that eliminate double chin fat, Kybella has a lower risk of adverse reaction. The body will readily accept the treatment without a high risk of severe complications, the deoxycholic acid naturally found in the body.

Expected Risk and Side Effects: The only potential side effects with this treatment include; swelling, numbness, pain, and bruising. The side effects are temporary and can diminish within a few weeks. Be sure to discuss any discomfort that occurs following your treatment with your doctor.

Treatment Cost: The cost will vary based on the number of sessions and your doctor’s fee, but it ranges between $1,200 to $2,000 per treatment. Note that this treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure, hence not covered by your medical insurance.

In Conclusion: With this effective treatment for your double chin, you do not have to continue staying with the fat beneath your chin. If you’re looking to book your initial consultation appointment, Kybella Los Angeles is happy to discuss any concerns you may have. They offer this state-of-the-art procedure that will safely eliminate submental fat to produce quick results. Reach out to these experts today and schedule an appointment for your treatment.



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