How to Perform Post Game Analysis on Facebook Ad Campaigns?


After Facebook introduced its Facebook Ad Campaign in 2004, there have been millions of users who have successfully earned money through the social networking site. By carefully placing relevant ads on their page and also creating ads by themselves, many users have mastered the art of promoting a company. They are getting huge revenues from these ads, and as the number of their subscriber’s increase, their earning will increase too.

For some users, however, the Lady Luck hasn’t been so generous. Even after using a host of different options created by Facebook to target customers like Lookalike Audiences, Dark Posts and Retargeting Ads, the traffic generated on their pages is quite low. So, what’s going wrong with their ads? These users should undergo a Post-Game Analysis to comprehend what is not clicking with their Ads. And just knowing that you need to improve doesn’t make your job easier.

Let’s instigate on how you can perform Post Game Analysis on Facebook ad campaigns.

Not every person who visits your site or clicks on your ad is worth your attention. Sometimes the ads create stats that are not very useful on a Long-Term basis.

That is why you need to Mark the Finish Line. You need to know what it is that you are aiming for. What do you want to get out of the ads that you’ve used and implied on your page? From a marketing point of view, there tend to be only two goals you should consider.

To increase Brand Awareness

In this, the main focus is on targeting specific audiences rather than the CTR (Click Through Rate). In simple words, ‘impressions’ means more than ‘CTR’ here.

To improve Website Conversions

If the emphasis is on earning more out of the site, then you must focus on getting higher ‘CTR’ rather than ‘impressions.’

Knowing your goals help you in understanding what your priority number one is. What you need to change and implement in order to improve.

  • Target your Ads 

For those of you who don’t know what is CTR. It stands for Click Through Rate, and it is the ratio of how many people clicked on your Ad with respect to how many people saw your ad. If you are receiving a low CTR, then it must be because your Ads are not doing what they were created to do. There can be many reasons for an under-performing Ad.

Your ad might not be showing to the people you intended it for. The ‘right’ people. If it doesn’t pop up to the ‘right’ people, then you won’t be getting any clicks. The reason for that is choosing a wide base of the audience from the starting. You should keep your target audience small first and then gradually go on widening the reach of the ad.

If showing to the right viewers is also not getting the results you hoped for, then there is something wrong with your Ad. It might not be that much appealing that it forces someone to click on it. You have to make your Ads more tempting. Go back to the basics and create a new one. Get inspiration from your competitors and understand why they are getting such great results. Also, review different ads present on Facebook. They might not be from the same industry as yours but try to reproduce what their ad signifies, what is the theme and try to imply the ideas in your Ads.

‘Too much of a good thing is a Bad thing’ fits appropriately for Ads also. There is a phenomenon called ‘Ad Fatigue’ which states that if you show your ad too much to the same person then he will start to ignore it and time will come when the Ad simply doesn’t exist for him. You wouldn’t want that.

  • Be Flexible with respect to costs

If your ads are costing you more than what you are earning, then you must be bidding too much on the Ads. 

Make the change from Facebook’s Automatic bidding to bidding on your own. Bid an amount on an Ad and monitor it over a couple of days, if the impressions and lead quality have gone down then it is time to increase the bidding amount but gradually.

Don’t be fixated on one type of an Ad. If that Ad is not getting you the results, then you should consider other options available to you. Who knows what might do the trick. Learn from your successful campaigns and try to create a replica of that.

  • Increase your Impression

If you think that not many viewers are mesmerized by your ads, then there are some tips you should brush upon.

You should try and raise your bid. If your ad is in a highly competitive area, then you would have to pay more to reach the targeted audience more efficiently. It’s just how the world works. If it still didn’t work, then try to widen the target and reach more people.

Keep a good Relevance Score. As shown above, a good Relevance Score will take you a long way. If your Relevance Score is low, then your impressions might below also.

Always be mindful of your ads. If you have multiple ads, then you have to manage them properly. Keep the ‘high earning’ ads together and the ‘low earning’ ads together. You should also be careful of having two similar ads in the same contingency as it will offer both your ads with competition only diminishing your success.

Knowing how to improve a Facebook Ad campaign is not intrinsically obvious. However, we have tried to take you through some easy ways to perform a post game analysis on your Facebook ad campaigns.

Now you might be able to see at an ad and figure out if it is a ‘Good’ ad or not. Implying all the above tips won’t work if you are conscious of your goal. You can understand what happened with the ads you had before and what changes your ad campaign needs.


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