Ways to protect your Privacy Online

online security

So, if you are here and reading this, then it means you are on the internet, so you are one of those millions or I should say possibly billions of people who use the world wide web on the regular basis. So, let me tell you that, every great thing has a disadvantage. And the biggest disadvantage with the Internet is of privacy. It is a way to easy for hackers or online marketers to get all of your data online.

Just try and go to google, and then try to search for yourself. Then you will get to know that, there is so many information of yours which you will found on the internet about yourself. Including your phone number, address, parent’s name and many more. So, if you are concern about your privacy online, then you are in the right place because today I am going to tell you about the several Ways to protect your Privacy Online.

online security

But, before moving to that, let me tell you that, it is really very important for you to delete your existing data from the internet, and for this purpose, you could use the DeleteMe promo code. It is going to remove all of your existing data from all over the internet at just a simple click. So, you can protect your privacy on all over the internet.

Now, let’s move further and take a look at several Ways to protect your Privacy Online.

Ways to protect your Privacy Online

1. Tape over all of your webcams

Well, let me tell you that, in 2010, a high school district was sued for using the webcams to spy onto their students. And you must also be aware that, hacking a webcam is way too easy for organizations like the NSA, as well as the FBA. You don’t even be having any idea, but the professional hackers, creeps, criminals or even your own creditors would be using your webcams itself to spy on you. So, you must have a look over your webcam, so that, no one would be able to spy on you through your own webcams.

2. Take a look on HTTPS

So, when you will see HTTPS, as well as a padlock on its side in the URL of your address bar, then it denotes that the data has been encrypted as it travels back and forth between the website as well as your computer. And it is going to prevent people to hack the website and spy on your activities, and it also prevents others to have access to the other features of your browser. So, you should always look for that padlock, and if it is not there, then you must avoid using that website as much as you could. After all, it is the website which is going to spy on you and also going to see each and every activity of your browser.

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3. Disable Location Service

Some application like the Groupon keeps on tracking your location after every 3 minutes. So, just think about it, do you really want your location to be there in the hands of someone every 3 minutes? It is quite uncomfortable when it is in your mind that someone knows where you are and even getting an update after every 3 minutes. So, you must keep your location off. It is way better to maintain your privacy, also it saves the battery life of your phone.


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