PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Things You Need To Know About Them

PS5 vs Xbox series X

After the PS5 was revealed to the public, many important things were also revealed about it along with the future of gaming. Games that are coming to PS5 were also revealed and you finally got the chance to see how the consoles looked like. When the PS5 was revealed, many individuals started to compare it with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.  This article will provide you with PS5 vs Xbox series X comparison, which will allow you to learn, the price, features and many other things between Xbox Series X and PS5.

The price of both PS5 and Xbox Series X 

Everyone was eager to know the price of Xbox Series X  and PS5 from Sony. But, the price for the gaming devices was not revealed. Many individuals and gamers believe that the price of both the Xbox Series X and PSF will be around US$500. 

But you cannot be sure about the pricing until the companies reveal them officially. Back when PS4 and Xbox One were released seven years ago they cost US$400 and US$500, respectively. But now, the market is different and the prices for both Xbox Series X and PS5 might be different as well.

Aesthetics of Xbox Series X and PS5

PS5 vs Xbox series X

When you check out the PS5 vs Xbox series X aesthetics, both of them are given unique and beautiful designs. When it comes to consoles, grey and black are considered to be common or standard colors. But PS5 comes with a white and black look, which compliments well with the dual sense frost white controller. The Xbox Series X looks like a “black refrigerator” and many gamers have already cracked jokes on it. The entire console featuring the controller is given a black color. And, it appears just like a small mini black fridge.

Games provided under PS5 and Xbox Series X

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X will allow you to play an exclusive set of games, which you cannot play on Xbox One or in PS4 and PS3. Both the consoles will help you receive a realistic experience. When you perform a PS5 vs Xbox series X comparison, you will find that the games on Xbox Series X are of better quality than PS5. Given below is a list of games that you will receive under PS5 and Xbox Series X. Take a look! 

Games under PS5:

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Horizon: Forbidden West.
  • Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Resident Evil 8: Village.

Games under Xbox Series X:

  • Halo Infinite.
  • Senua’s Saga: Hell-blade II.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2
  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon.
  • The Medium.
  • The Dirt 5.

The backward compatibility for both Xbox Series X and PS5

When you compare the PS5 vs Xbox series X on their backward compatibility, you will find that both Sony and Microsoft have been pretty open about it and how well it will work on their systems. The Xbox Series X is said to have a much more robust option but PS5 provides many older games that you can play. Xbox Series X will run a variety of backward compatible games and the performance will be much better than the other original systems. 

On the other hand, PS5 will take the help of a universalized software, which will allow it to run all the PS3 and the PS4 games, and the games, which were optimized for the PS4 Pro will carry all their enhancements. 

What are the features of both PS5 and Xbox Series X?

PS5 vs Xbox series X

Through the PS5 vs Xbox series X comparison, there are features pretty much different from each other. Given below are the important features for both Xbox Series X along with PS5.

  • Features of PS5: 

Sony’s PS5 will provide you with much faster loading time, and it is all due to its ultra-fast SSD. When compared with PS4, the loading time of a particular game was 18-seconds but under PS5 the loading time will be 0.8-seconds. You will also receive an immersive 3D audio tech, which is also known as the “Tempest 3D Audio Engine”. To make the in-game sound, it takes the help of the software algorithms and custom-built hardware. The sound will be much more true-to-life and realistic. Apart from that, you get launched instantly into the multi-player mayhem. This means you will get the chance to remove and install some of the game parts but not the entire product.

  • Features of Xbox Series X:

By doing a PSF vs Xbox series X comparison on the features, you will find that the Xbox Series X has more advanced features than PS5. The Xbox Series X has a powerful custom processor and also provides you with a USB 3.2 external HDD support. Apart from that, it has the power to run games at 60 fps and for such a feat, you need a powerful computer. 

Many games run on 120 fps, which the Xbox Series X will have no problem in running. It will also provide a quick resume for suspending numerous games, variable refresh rate, and dynamic latency input.

  • Similar features for both Xbox Series X and PS5:

Under the PS5 vs Xbox series X category, both of them have similar hardware. This is because, both of them have an 8-core AMD Zen 2-CPUs, 4K UHD Blue-Ray Drives, 8K Resolutions, and 16GB of memory along with an AMD Radeon Navi graphics processor. Even though both of them have the same type of hardware, but the performance of PS5 will be slightly less when compared with Xbox Series X. Apart from that, PS5 carries an 825 GB SSD while Xbox Series X has a 1 TB SSD and that is a big difference among them.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which one to choose?

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are designed and created to help you receive an outstanding and out-of-the-world gaming experience. So, the choice will be up to you to choose a gaming console, which you consider to be the best one for you. 

The official release date for both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will take place during the Holiday of 2020. The exact dates are yet to be revealed. To learn more about PS5 and Xbox Series X, stay updated through their official website and YouTube channel. 


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