PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks You Must Try


PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most addictive game these days. Once the game released for the Android platform, fans became crazy about playing this game on their smartphone. Within a few days after its launch, it crossed over ten millions downloads on Play Store.

Inside this highly competitive battle royale game, hundreds of players fight with their teams. The last player or the team which survives till the last declared as the winner of the game. There are different levels in the game which decides the ranking of the player.

If you are new to the game, you must have a knowledge about the phenomenon of this battle game, its weapons and how can you survive yourself from being killed by anyone. While playing the PUBG Apk, you must also know about the best places to land etc.

pubg tips and tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

So, here’s the guide where we will share the best PUBG Tips and Tricks which you have to keep in your mind while playing the game. You must implement these tactics so that you can easily get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in every match.

#1. Choose Landing Place

Landing is the most important part of the game. Most of the players suggest you land places like Pochinki, Los Leones or Military Base. You can easily get more weapons at these places. But, these places have lots of competition and it becomes difficult for survival. So, you must select the places like Mansion, Camp Charlie, Mylta and other places where you can survive easily with low competition.

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#2. Use the Eye Option

You may have seen the Eye icon at the top of the screen. Use this option to watch out at your back. This will be helpful for you to check whether if anyone is advancing you from the back.

#3. Changing Seats While Driving

While driving the car, you may have ignored the change seat option which is located below to the screen. You can use this option when an enemy is firing at you. This will be helpful for you to save yourself from the bullet shots and the enemy have to target you again. Till then, you can easily kill them from the Window of the Car.

#4. Disable Auto Pick

You might be using the Auto Pick option while playing the game but this option is quite harmful too. This option picks all the items which come in front of you. You must disable this option and pick the items on which are useful to you. This will make your bag space free and you don’t have to run along with the heavyweight. It will be helpful for you to run faster.

#5. Have Consumables to Run Faster

Many players don’t know about this trick of PUBG Mobile. Yes, you should take the energy drinks and painkiller while running for the safe zone. This will help you to run faster and you can survive your life.


These are the PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks which you have to keep in mind while playing the game. Hopefully, you loved these tricks which we have shared through this article. Please share this post with your friends who play PUBG along with your team.

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