Remodeling The Peterbilt 379

Peterbilt 379

When he came across the Peterbilt 379, he was totally in love with it. He knew it well that the truck was old and could not work well. But still, he wished to go on a test drive with it. He then discovered that the Peterbilt needed a remodeling as the maximum parts of the truck had been worn out. Unless he replaced those worn out parts with the brand new ones, the truck would not be drivable. He had a box full of new goodies and other parts of the car that he was going to implant in the truck to remodel it.

The issues that needed to be sorted out in the truck

The primary issues that he needed to solve about the car were installing the mirrors, and then working on its sleepers, headlights and so on! To begin, he chose to move on to take care of its sleeper part. The sleeper of the truck is the most essential aspect to notice in the rebuild process. The car he had with him had a hole in the sleeper, which was to mend. For that, the basic thing that he needed to replace was the airbags. Not only were the airbags, but the shock bars also important. Along with the airbags, the shock
bar was needed to replace it at the same time.

Remodeling the sleeper of Peterbilt 379

Peterbilt 379


All these pieces of the airbags and the shock bar were to put on the backside of the truck. These gears chiefly assist the vehicle to control the entire mechanism of the entire air ride of the sleepers. He had chosen to proceed with the sleeper as the drivability of the truck wholly depends on it. Regardless to mention the sleeper of Peterbilt 379 is from Greg and the truck has the APU or the Auxilary Power Unit in it. The wires of the truck are of no use, so it was out of his concern. These wires were to remove. The air ride in the sleeper part still needed to do hooking.

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Working on the mirrors of the truck

After remodeling the sleeper part, the next thing he worked on in the rebuild process of the Peterbilt 379 was the mirror. After sleeper, it was the most important or you can say the biggest part of the cab. The truck that he picked needed a serious rebuilding of the mirrors. The mirrors on the driver’s side are missing. These mirrors were chiefly important in safe driving. With the absence of these mirrors, you can not check out both sides of the road. It would be extremely unfair if anyone took a wide turn without checking the sides of the path before crossing.

If anyone did this, the chances of ripping off a Honda Prius were high! He thought it to be fun, but at the same time uttered that the insurance company would probably not like it. Hence, he proceeded with the remodeling of the mirror parts of Peterbilt 379. To accommodate the truck with the mirrors in both the driver’s side he took the assistance of one of his assistants. He along with his companion utilized some suitable bolts to fix it rightly.

Fixing the headlights

After the sleeper and the mirrors, his eyes came to the lights of the truck. The Peterbilt 379 model had some lights that he could operate with the help of the switches inside the truck. But that was not his concern. He was willing to rebuild the headlights of the truck. There were two buckets at the place of the headlight but the lights were missing. He had some LED bulbs, which he thought to fix in the cab. But he was unaware whether the light was dim or bright. Therefore, he engaged himself in finding it out. The person who helped him in fixing the other parts of the car assists him again in rebuilding the headlight properly. Again, they took suitable bolts in the rebuilding process of the headlights of the car. There were two separate buckets, which he filled with the LED bulbs.

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Rebuilding the air suspension of the car

Peterbilt 379


He successfully handles the 50% of the rebuilding process of the Peterbilt 379. But, the rest half was yet to do. In the remodeling process, next, he chose to replace the air suspension. He thought at first that the rebuilding of the air suspension should be that hard. But, when he engaged in it, he discovered the task to be a light tough. To mend the air suspension of the truck, he first started with implanting the new truck bar. He though it to be the easiest task of all. He placed the truck bar using the bolts.

After he was done with the track bar, he proceeded with the further remodeling campaign. For that, he needed some tools. The tools he used in the remodeling process came from the Peterbilt dealerships. He assumed that fixing the airbags on both sides of the sleepers would be fun and easy, but he was a bit wrong as the efforts required to perform the task was beyond his expectation.

Peterbilt 379

After doing the airbags he moved on to fix the shock bar on the sleepers. He stated that rebuilding this part is the most essential thing to undertake as the contribution of the shock bar to the cab is supreme. He proceeded with stating that the sleepers assist in riding the air in the airbags. When the airbags are completely aired up, the sleepers on both side bounce and the Peterbilt 379 runs smoothly down the road. When the sleepers bounce, the tuck gets a shock from the sleepers. In that case, the shock bars support the truck by stabilizing it. He efficiently fixed the shocker bar again with the help of the bolts. Thereafter, he replaced the old bumper one. He did not change the parts of the truck that were okay in the track.

However, its interior decoration and the windshield needed remodeling too. But the changes he made in the model had made the truck 100% drivable. After the renovation was done, he went for a test drive with his partner who helped him in the rebuild process.

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