Responsive Design V/s Adaptive Design – Which One Is Better

Responsive Design V/s Adaptive Design

A website works as the key for businesses to offer their services in the online marketplace. Here, the companies or interested ones need to make sure they are going to create the best website design. Your website should be designed according to recent web design trends. It will help you in impressing the visitors easily and get conversions for achieving the business goals quickly.

While planning for a website, you also have to make a decision regarding the type of design. Mainly there are two types of designs that can be created by professional designers you hire .

  • Responsive web design
  • Adaptive web design

Both designs have their own merits and demerits. Due to it, many people are getting confused and not able to make a final decision. Upcoming paragraphs can help you in getting more information regarding these and get clarity for your final decision.

Responsive Design – An Overview

Responsive designs are created by mainly focusing on mobile users. It builds with the use of a specific technology that can be helpful in adjusting multiple elements perfectly. For all these things, the design contains fluid grids.

Merits Of Responsive Design

Impress The Audience

In the case of online businesses, impressing the audience is the most important factor. The responsive web designs are created by keeping lots of things in mind regarding the audience and their requirements. Along with it, you are capable of increasing the interactiveness that boosts the chances of conversions a lot.

If you are going to target the audience with a big portion of mobile users, then it will be highly beneficial. A responsive website is designed by keeping all elements mobile-friendly by which anyone can easily access the website on mobile platforms.

Good For SEO

For online success and business growth, search engine optimization works as a boon. It is the only way that can help you in promoting business online and get organic traffic. The professionals are designing and developing these types of websites by paying attention to SEO tips. It also helps in impressing the search engines bots and getting ranked quickly. For better SEO results your website should be responsive.

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Easy Updates  

Updating a website can be a challenging task. These things are depending on lots of things such as – type of design, complexity, and many other elements. If you are planning for a responsive website, then it is easy to update content and other things on the website quickly.

Modern Trends

To dominate the market, you have to build a website as per the modern trends. The way of responsive web design will help you in having a website as per the recent trends. As a result, you will get a competitive website by which you are capable of making things better quickly.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendliness of a website is an important task. If your website does not have a user-friendly interface, then you may face issues in creating a better understanding of visitors. It will increase the bounce rate only. A responsive website is designed with a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by anyone and build a good interaction.  

Demerits Of Responsive Design

May Not Good For Desktop Users

Responsive design is created by keeping all types of devices and screen sizes in mind. The first priority of the experts is to keep it perfect for mobile devices. These types of websites are going to appear similarly on all platforms. Due to it, the desktop users may not get satisfied with it. They may find the website simple and not impressive.  

Loading Time

Here, the experts are going to add a specific coding in all elements of the website such as – images. It makes the images adjustable as well. Sometimes, the loading time of a website starts getting increased and the major reason is the images. The images consume more time to load and get adjusted according to the size of the screen.

Ignore Important Features

In the case of mobile views, the website is becoming so long and the users need to scroll a lot for accessing the website and gathering complete information. Regular scrolling becomes a reason for skipping some important features many times.

These are some merits and demerits related to responsive web designs. Here, the web design experts create a specific layout that is going to appear on all devices similarly. The availability of fluid grids makes it adjustable by which design adjusts all elements proportionally as per the screen size.  

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Adaptive Design – An Overview

Before the introduction of responsive design technology, everyone is considering the option of adaptive designs. The most important thing about these types of designs is related to the versions. For designing a website that is compatible with all types of devices or platforms, you have to create different versions. With all these things, the users are capable of building a website as they want.

Merits Of Adaptive Design

Higher Page Loading Speed

To impress the visitors, you have to take care of several factors and page loading speed in one of these. Slower speed becomes a big reason for the consumption of lots of time and frustration among the users. Choosing an adaptive design will help you in creating a website as per your requirements and keeping the loading speed higher.

Rich In User Experience

As we discussed previously, the adaptive design technique works by creating different versions for all types of devices. As a result, you can feature all versions with specific and impressive elements for the audience of that particular platform only.


With the selection of adaptive design techniques, you can customize all things such as – appearance of the website, URL, interface, and so on. It will help you in keeping the website fully SEO-friendly and taking care of lots of things.

Target A Big Audience Base

Preparing multiple website versions with some variations will allow you to target all types of audiences easily. As a result, you can serve potential customers effectively by increasing the chances of conversions.

Demerits Of Adaptive Design


For building a website by creating adaptive designs, you need to hire the best web design company with a complete team. Due to it, you have to invest a good amount of money. It makes the complete process highly expensive.


Adaptive designs cannot be created by an in-experienced or a novice. It is a complex process that can be completed with lots of knowledge and some specific skills & abilities only. It also becomes a reason for putting more time in the designing procedure.

Which One Is Better?

Now, you go through the details regarding both types of web designs. It completely depends on your requirements and resources. In case you want to develop a big website with lots of pages and effectiveness and you also don’t have any budget or time-related issue, then you can go with the option of adaptive design.

If you are facing budget-related issues and want to develop a website quickly which is suitable for all types of devices, then you should choose responsive web design. Rest, you can make a final decision by discussing all factors with web design experts. 


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