Rumors of The New iPhone 12 Pro Shook The Market

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

The apple industry is ruling the market of gadgets since its inception. Its mind-blowing technology and crazy design in models have been the favorite of the users. The people with iPhone obsession stay eager to fetch the news of any product of the brand. Well, there is good news for the users as the iPhone is planning something big for them. Several pieces of reports regarding the launch of the new model iPhone 12 Pro by Apple have caught the attention of the internet. 

A source from a renowned German website states the fact the Apple is going to launch its new iPhone model in the coming 21st march of 2020. Rumors state that the new iPhone 12 series is going to be a reversion of the iPhone 11 Pro models. It means the external appearance of the model is going to be the same with some better internal technologies. The supposed series might have 3 different models respectively of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

Features of the device

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone models are widely popular owing to their master features. The assumed model is no exception to it. If the manufacturing authority successfully implants the claims they have promised as per the news, it can be the biggest creation of the Apple industry. Let’s check out the outstanding features that the Apple Company has declared in their upcoming supposed device iPhone 12 Pro are enlisting below:

6th element plastic lens 

One of the amazing aspects of the iPhone is its amazing picture quality. Very few phone cameras can compete with the unbeatable iPhone camera. According to different sources, the camera lens of the discussed iPhone 12 model will appear with the 6th element plastic. Apple engineers are extremely clever. Constructing the phone lens with the 6th element plastic lens can be very beneficial for the company. 

The same feature was noticed in the models of the iPhone 8 series. More precisely mentioning, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 have the same element in the lens as per the supposed iPhone 12 Pro. On asking the reason, the iPhone makers state the fact that furnishing the lens with the 6th element plastic reduces the complexity of the device. 

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The re-model in AirPods

 Apple AirPods have a crazy fan following in the market. Along with the news of the latest iPhone model Digi Times also mentioned their latest AirPods. The company is naming it, AirPods lite pro. It is a re-version of the apple ear pods with more favorable characteristics. The experts are guessing that the improvising of the ear pods would be made on the Bluetooth LE. But, there is exact information on this. Thus, the mass has to wait to see the ultimate result in the coming March. Several pieces of the news state that, in the year 2019, a total of 130 million ear pods have been sold. This year, Apple is expecting to sell about 100 million ear pods. Moreover, with the improvised AirPods, you can play music at a distant area out of your home by connecting it with the home pods inside your home.  

Ring flash and 3d camera

Another superb feature that you can notice in the new model is the ring-type flash. Along with the 3D camera, the phone will support a tiny microphone. Regardless to mention, if you are a fanatic of the iPhone model and follow all the news, you must be aware of the ring flash feature. The planning of the ring-type flash model was in the news before the launch of the iPhone 11 pro. The makers were wondering to implant the special feature on that device. But unfortunately, due to some mishaps, they halt that in the previous model. Thus you can hope it to appear in the new iPhone 12 pro. With the 3d feature, the pictures are being expected to be clearer and brighter. 

From the news source of Mac Takara, one more fact discloses about the cameras of the 6.7-inch model. In the largest model of the upcoming series i,e in the 6.7 inches, the camera sensor is going to 15% larger.  

Car key facility 

Well, if apple truly keeps its words, the car key facility is going to be the most amusing as well as the best feature of the phone. The company has been talking over this matter since a long day back but has not taken any essential steps regarding it. Thus, if the manufacturers make it happen, then it is going to create the biggest history.

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With this feature, you do not need to carry the car keys with you. Your iPhone will do the task itself. The source claims that the Apple engineers are working on the car key features by availing of the NFC Lowa’s 13.4. It will work with the help of the face ID authentications. Imagine walking to your car and the doors automatically open. The iPhone makers are working on it and hope the feature will appear in the upcoming form.  


While launching the previous iPhone 11 model, the apple engineers revealed the idea of designing the speakers of the next model in a more compact manner. According to the news source of the Digi Time, the new iPhone 12 series would come with symmetrical to give it a more uniform look. Usually, the speakers of the previous iPhones were asymmetrical. Thus, something new is expected in the upcoming gadget. The new iPhone is guessed to have consistent ports on both sides.   

5g modem antenna 

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has announced that iPhone 12 Pro is going to support 5g. Moreover, rumors affirm that the device will produce its 5g modem antenna inside the model. Thus, internet surfing is going to be smoother and inconvenient. It will adjust the antenna electronically fixing all issues. Qualcomm would take responsibility for the arrangement of the 5g antenna modem. 

The hitch of the model  

 There is no such drawback of the model. The only thing that is to note about the device is that the model is a bit more thick than usual. It is because of the alternative prototype.  

News utters that Corona Virus will not affect the launch date of the device. But, can bring a change in the release date. Till then, hold on your breathe and wait for the masterpiece. 

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