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how to cover tattoos for work
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If you have got your favorite tattoos, you have been facing a common problem that is not able to show off your favorite and beautiful tattoos at your workplace. Of course, it’s hurtful, but you might not have known the best ideas to cover your tattoos at your workplace and do your job without any problems. There are some proper care and proven ways to hide your tattoos from your higher authority. Let’s discuss how to cover tattoos for work that will help you a lot to cover your favorite tattoos at your work. So, without getting delayed, let’s begin and go through the cover tattooing ways. 


This list includes simple ways to hide tattoos for work. There is no doubt you should hide the ink in front of your boss and, of course, other employees too. A professional workplace is not the place to explore and show off your styling manners and fashioning place. You should follow this article and learn to hide your tattoos at work. 

Top Ways Of Hiding Tattoos At Work:

If you have never tried to hide your tattoos, you can understand that there is no need to worry because these methods are simple and won’t be tedious for you. Of course, you don’t have to remove your favorite tattoos because it’s not compulsory to remove your tattoos for doing jobs. So, follow these points and learn the basics of hiding tattoos.

how to cover tattoos for work
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Use Loose Clothes:

If you have newly designed tattoos, you must know that loose clothes can quickly hide them. So, you don’t need to expose it at your work. These clothes should be loose, breathable, and smooth garments. It won’t irritate you, and you can easily hide tattoos. You only need to choose long sleeves, pants, and even formal shirts to cover your back tattoos. That means you need to work on hiding the back tattoos. If you are comfortable with turtlenecks and crewnecks, you should hide the upper chest with the help of loose clothes that will help you hide small neck tattoos too!

  • A blazer or cardigan with short sleeves will help you with a professional look.
  • However, it doesn’t matter how long your clothes are; they should definitely hide your tattoos. The white or slightly transparent shirts must be avoided because that may expose tat garments too, even if it can hide them. 

How To Hide Upper Back & Neck Tattoos?

Do you have long hair? If you are a working woman that needs you to hide her neck and upper back tattoos, it’s a perfect solution. You need to let your hair grow and don’t keep it short. Some working women have tattoos on their necks, behind their ears, and on their upper back. If this is your case, don’t worry because you don’t have to fight with your tattoos. You can use your long hair to cover the ink around the collar bones, shoulder, and neck too!

  • Some have small tattoos on their upper back but also hidden through ponytails. So, you only need to change your lifestyle.
  • However, don’t forget to keep your hair breathable, loose, and perfectly styled. That’s the best way to love your fresh tattoo, and this way helps you avoid irritating your tattoos. Did you understand how to cover tattoos for work?
  • Keeping your hair loose and down will help protect tattoos from excess sunlight! Did you know about this benefit of long hair? Now, you can understand the best ways to hide tattoos for work.
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Shawls & Scarves:

These two things are amazing to cover your neck and shoulder tattoos if you don’t know how to cover tattoos for work. Do you know that scarves are stylish, effective, and professional ways to cover your tattoos? Sometimes, when you have a newly designed tattoo, you need to give it a proper healing time, and while it’s healing, you can use shawls and scarves or some wraps to cover your tattoos. Remember that it should be a light, thin, breathable material like silk.

Long Socks/Tight Socks:

Do you have tattoos on your ankles? If yes, you may need to cover this tattoo with your long and tight socks. Why do you need tight and long socks? While working, when you use your legs much, your socks will slide down, but if it’s tight, you won’t feel them sliding. Also, when you don’t wear long socks, it can not hide your tattoos effectively. That’s why it’s a must that you get your hands on long socks. That’s the best way to cover your ankle tattoos. However, don’t forget that it’s not the right or ideal condition to wear tight clothes on your healing tattoos. The healing part of your body needs loose and breathable clothes.

Jewelry & Accessories:

If you have small tattoos and enjoy putting on jewelry and accessories, you can use them to cover your tattoos. Let us first create a list of jewelry that are cool options to cover your small tattoos. Rings, bracelets, and watches are the best examples of accessories and jewelry that you can use to hide small tattoos. However, do you know that most companies won’t let you put on jewelry? That’s why you need to go through the employee profile and the terms and conditions. It must have mentioned whether jewelry is a distracting accessory or not. If it is, you can not use this idea.

Wrapping The Tattoos In Gauze:

There is no question that a healing tattoo leaves an open wound for some days, and that’s the thing you need to focus on. If you have an open tattoo, you should wrap it in a clean, dry, breathable, and loosely wrapped bandage. This bandage should be made of gauze or cotton fabric. Also, while removing, you must take care. Remove the bandage before leaving the office so the open wound gets some fresh air and it can heal completely. If you have tattoos on your limbs, you can think to say it’s the best way to hide your tattoo.

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Long Boots For Ankle Or Calf Tattoos:

If you’re uncomfortable with tight and long socks, the best way to hide your calf or ankle tattoos is to wear long boots that are ankle length or even longer, like safety shoes or fashion shoes. How you choose your outfits for hiding your tattoos should not be new for you now. We advise you to have at least two pairs of ankle-length or even longer shoes, according to your preferences. That’s the best idea to cover ankle or calf tattoos, but remember that you should only wear shoes on healed tattoos. Healing tattoos don’t want shoes because it needs to breathe.


Makeup is one of the most important things for women, but that’s not something that is allowed everywhere. Right? That’s why you should only do light or heavy makeup on tattoos if it’s allowed at your workplace. Covering your tattoos with makeup is easy, but remember that if your workplace doesn’t have proper air conditioning or you need to perform hard work, you should avoid makeup because if you sweat, it won’t give good results. Your makeup color and corrections must be the same as your skin texture and color.

how to cover tattoos for work
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Tips & Tricks On How To Cover Tattoos For Work:

  • You may be suggested to use a second skin wrap or plastic on your tattoos, but that’s not the permanent solution because you can wear it for a few hours or at least overnight. 
  • If you reveal it once in, you can’t use it again because it gets dirtier due to the work environment and surrounding atmosphere. 
  • If you have doubts about how to hide healing tattoos, you should ask the exact question of the artist that has drawn tattoos for you. So, you can do it perfectly. He or she will suggest appropriate solutions, and you need to consider them as a recommendation.
  • Don’t ever hide newly made or healing tattoos because it won’t let the tattoos make their clear visibility.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to cover tattoos for work? If your workplace doesn’t allow your exposed tattoos (that, of course, most companies or organizations don’t allow their employees), you need to use one of the ways we have discussed in this article. Do you want to know more ways to cover your tattoos for work? Let us know if you don’t want to use any of the discussed ways. We will share another article having different ways to cover your tattoos for work, and please don’t forget to share this article with tattoo lovers.

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