Samsung Keynote- Check Out The Latest Happenings

Samsung Keynote

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2020 was extremely unique and ushered in a new era in the field of consumer electronics called “The Age of Experience”. Samsung Electronics opened the CES and kicked off the start of an entirely new era by announcing the start of a whole new era in the field of electronics and user experience. The Samsung keynote was conducted by H.S. Kim, who also happens to be President and CEO of the award-winning Consumer Electronics Division of Samsung. Mr. Kim ushered in a new era of collaboration, interdependence, and innovation and went on to assure that Samsung’s exciting new innovations would be used to enhance the daily lives and experiences of the citizens of the world. Here are some of the key moments from the CES Keynote speech.

The Age of Experience

The first thing that Kim talked about during the Samsung keynote was the beginning of a new era in the field of consumer technology and user experience. This was called “The Age of Experience” and Kim claimed that it will be a nurturing and exciting era that will bring people from all over the world closer together. The aim of the Age of Experience is to “delight…redefine…and bring us closer together”. The defining element of this Age is the fact that consumers are now picking experiences over products. This means that peace of mind, convenience, and enjoyment are the defining ideas behind the new and exciting products that Samsung will bring out in the coming decade.

Robotic Life Companions

Samsung Keynote

Samsung plans to bring about the Age of Experience by introducing robotic life companions, highly intelligent personal assistants who will make life convenient and enjoyable for consumers. The aim of this innovation is to develop products and systems that take human-product interaction the very next level and make their lives much easier. According to the Samsung keynote, robotic life companions are highly efficient intelligent companions who will live by your side and slowly become an indispensable part of your daily routine. Their job will be to know your needs and help you with daily tasks, so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

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Welcome Ballie!

The next thing that H.S. Kim did was invite a very special guest on to the stage – Ballie! Ballie is Samsung’s newest innovation in a line of personal robotic companions. Ballie is a ball-shaped robot that will become a part of your daily routine and will maintain your home and your life for you. During the Samsung keynote, Kim enthralled the crowd with all the clever little tricks that Ballie can do for you, and this left everyone absolutely captured by the adorable little ball robot. Not only can Ballie help users to go about their daily routine smoothly, but it can also manage and oversee the functioning of the users’ other smart devices as well. You can check out this video for a wonderful little peek into Ballie’s many wonderful abilities.

Personalized Healthcare with Samsung Health

After the Ballie demonstration, the next aspect of the Samsung keynote was the promise of personalized and directed healthcare services for consumers with the help of Samsung Health. This part of the keynote was conducted with Sebastian Seung, who happens to be the Chief Research Scientist at Samsung Electronics. He introduced to the world Samsung Health, an AI-based healthcare system that would provide consumers with directed and personalized healthcare options and tips. Seung demonstrated this by holding a yoga pose and using the Samsung Health app on his smartwatch.

Apart from these, Samsung also announced impressive collaborations with medical pioneers like Kaiser Permanente. They announced and demonstrated one of the most exciting new products of the collaboration – a system called HeartWise. It is a home-based cardiac rehabilitation procedure that is aimed at patients recovering from cardiac surgery. This part of the Samsung keynote was conducted by Dr Tadashi Ted Funahashi, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Kaiser Permanente.

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Introducing the New Smart Home

Samsung Keynote

The next segment of the Samsung keynote was taken care of by FredericoCasalegno, who happens to be Chief Design Innovation Officer at Samsung electronics. He introduced the audience to the smart home of the future, where one of the most collaborative and exciting aspects will be the kitchen. In the smart home, all the appliances and tools will act like cooking partners, and will help you to cook, shop and plan meals in a very effective manner. Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator is capable of making your life extremely easy by ordering groceries for you online and preparing “food playlists” for you according to your family’s individual preferences and choices.

Samsung also introduced a collaborative robot called Bot Chef, whose job it is to act as sous chef while you are cooking and provide you with every bit of assistance you require.

Casalegno also introduced the audience to the living room of the smart home, which would function as a community center. It will also contain expansive 5-G displays that will act as “windows to the rest of the world”. This will help your family to connect instantaneously to loved ones situated all over the world. Additionally, it will turn your video gaming experience into an immersive and highly exciting one. This smart home’s capabilities are designed to bring outside experiences into the home.

The curtain call

Next, Emily Bechner took the stage at the Samsung keynote and explained to the audience how Samsung electronics planned to usher in the Age of Experience at a wider level. This is going to be accomplished by developing Smart Cities, where smart buildings will anticipate and adjust accordingly to the needs of the residents. The next big step in the world of innovation is the development of such smart buildings, where residents can switch off the lights, call the elevator, find a parking spot, etc. with just a simple voice command or hand gesture.

All in all, the Age of Experience’s aim is to integrate AI-based systems into human society successfully so that humans can have a much more convenient and enjoyable daily life.


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