5 Secrets That Only WooCommerce Experts Know

WooCommerce experts

WordPress introduced a new e-commerce plugin for its websites in 2011. The plugin was named “WooCommerce,” and in no time, it became the best solution for various e-commerce problems. Its ease of installation and use attracted more people towards the plugin, and it soon became the most popular e-commerce solution for the merchants. Currently, several high-traffic and low-traffic websites use the plugin. Stats show that WooCommerce has had over tens of millions of downloads to date, which supports over 30% of all e-merchants. When there are so many people using the plugin, it is evident that all users have a competition. And in this competitive world, only WooCommerce experts can tell how they survived through all their problems.

Before moving on to the “WooCommerce experts’ secrets,” let’s first explore what all items can be sold with WooCommerce. These details can come handy to someone who is planning on using the plugin for their e-commerce website.

Popular Things That Can Be Sold With WooCommerce

WooCommerce experts

E-commerce websites are not limited in any sense. When it comes to things, people can sell anything over the platform. Here are some of the items that people sell with the help of WooCommerce.

Physical Goods

When the word e-commerce comes up, most people think of buying and selling of physical goods. They are the items that get delivered to the buyer on their doorstep. It is the most common use of e-commerce websites that people develop with WooCommerce. It makes the whole shopping experience more convenient for people.

Event Passes

WooCommerce platforms have enabled people to buy and sell passes to several events that might be happing online or offline in their nearby areas. So people do not have to wait until the last moment to see if they can get the pass or not. It is just like buying railway tickets online. The passes have unique codes of their own, which are checked when the person enters into the event.

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Club Access

There are various online clubs and communities for which people have to buy access so that they can visit them. These accesses can also be sold on these WooCommerce platforms. With valid access, they can visit the group or club and utilize its benefits.


Who would have ever thought that knowledge can also be sold on WooCommerce platforms? People who conduct online seminars, counseling sessions, teaching classes, or anything else, can also set up their WooCommerce website. On that, they can take appointments from the people and charge them money for the same. They can also make appointments for offline services.

Digital Goods

Just like physical goods, digital goods can also be sold on these websites. The most common example of digital products is eBooks. People can sell them online, and the buyer receives it online. It is similar to the club accesses, as people only get digital goods when they pay for it.

Now that everyone knows what they can sell on a WooCommerce platform, here are some secrets of WooCommerce experts that can help them in making their website better than others.

WooCommerce Experts’ Secrets

WooCommerce experts

Any domain that has competition also has some experts that have already found their way through that competition. These experts help others in growing as well by telling them their secret of success. Here are some secrets of WooCommerce experts that can help people in getting through the competition.

Showcase Properly

The first advice that most WooCommerce experts provide is to showcase the products well on the website. For any e-commerce website, products are the only thing that attracts customers. If people do not show their products in a proper way with sharp images and accurate copy, they cannot raise the sales of those products. Also, customer reviews play an essential role in the display of the website. By accompanying the product with some happy customer comments, people can quickly build trust for their products.

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Optimize For Devices

People access websites through various devices. These devices can range from large desktops to small mobile phones. The developers need to optimize their website so that it can fit well into all these devices. By not making the website fit for even one of these devices can make the person lose customers.

More Features Means Ease Of Navigation

Customers are only interested in those websites that are easy to use. No one wants to waste their time figuring out how to access a particular product on the site, or how to navigate the website. To make the navigation process smoother for customers, developers need to introduce various features to their website. It can either be a simple division of products or some sophisticated features like search and filter.

Decent Payment Gateway

Online payments are still a mystery for many people. Though they want to buy products online, the fear of losing money through online payments stop them. While merchants cannot do anything about the fear, they can still ensure that the payment gateway is safer from their side. There are various free gateways available to use, but they are not reliable for long runs. So a budget-friendly safer payment gateway is a better option for merchants.

Be Unique

Last but not least, the developers need to keep their website as unique as possible. No matter how many features they provide, or how good their products are, if there is nothing unusual to them, people will not be attracted to their website or their products. To avoid this problem, they need to customize the WooCommerce plugin in a way that no one else would ever have done. When people find something new and exciting about their website, they will automatically start visiting it more, which will give them a good chance of engaging them.


If people keep all these WooCommerce experts’ secrets in mind while creating their e-commerce website, no one would be able to stop them from succeeding. While incorporating all these things on their websites, they should also remember to keep it as simple as possible. Making it complex only for keeping it interesting can cause them a loss of customers.


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