Here Comes Senna- The Redeemer: The Newest Addition to The League of Legends


The new marksman for the 10th-anniversary edition of the League of Legends gameplay has been revealed and the fans can’t keep calm anymore. Speculations were rife about this new addition to the game for quite some time now. And now, finally, she is almost here. She is Senna the redeemer and she is here to make the game even more exciting for the players.

So, who is Senna, and what’s her story?

Senna has been a crucial part of the tale for the longest time. And, she is also the main force behind the dedication of Lucian. She was Lucian’s wife who was trained under Urias, Lucian’s father, to fight the curse of The Black Mist.  When Urias died fighting The Black Mist, Senna went out looking for Lucian, who was kept away from all these by his father. Senna met and trained Lucian in the ways of Sentinels of Light. However, her curse was becoming stronger and Lucian wanted to save her from it.

Finally, they came face to face with Thresh and Senna’s advice to withdraw was not followed by Lucian. Thresh captured the soul of Senna the redeemer in his lantern. It was while she was captured that she started delving deeper into the meaning of her curse. As she had nothing to be afraid of anymore, she started exploring that darkness that surrounded her.

She used The Mist to free all the souls from the lantern, and the lantern was broken by Lucian to free her from it. She came out with a weapon, the Light Cannon, which had both the light of the Sentinel and the darkness of The Mist. Senna the redeemer embraces both life and death just as the Cannon has both light and darkness. So, she is basically both a wraith and a human.

The first support marksman in the League

During the quarterfinals of World Championship 2019 on October 27, Riot promised to let the fans know more about the abilities of Senna the redeemer in the game. She is all slated to be a part of the game since November. She will stay at the testing server and finally go live at the preseason patch of 2020 that kicks off on 20th November.

The coolest thing about this new addition is the fact that she is the first support marksman in the game. She has the power to offer both utility and damage. She was made to offer protection to Lucian in the bot lane. However, this does not undermine her abilities as a marksman and her Light Cannon is going to be a dangerous weapon in the League.

Speculations and theories about Senna’s abilities

The fans have been eagerly waiting for Senna the redeemer for quite a while now. Riot kept the excitement up with their gradual reveal of content related to Senna over the last few weeks, starting from her reveal. Finally, the developers allowed the fans to have a glimpse into Senna’s abilities with the release of a brief trailer of the gameplay.

It is still too early to exactly point out her abilities and powers because the trailer showed no specifics or names. However, several fan theories are doing the rounds based on what could be seen in the trailer. Riot had the ability bar right above the head of Senna the redeemer. It pointed out the abilities that were being used in association with the animations showcased in the trailer. So, here are the five speculations about her abilities as seen from the trailer.

1. The passive

Senna the redeemer has similar passive as Thresh. She seems to grab the souls that are left behind by the minions and champions of the enemy after their death. It is still not clear what exactly the purpose of these souls is. For instance, Thresh harvests the soul to get more ability, power, and a permanent armor. It is yet to be seen if the passive of Senna lets her show similar abilities.

2. The Q 

The piercing light which Lucian has born a lot of resemblance to the fire bolts sent by Senna’s Q. However, when you compare it with the ability of Lucian, the Q of Senna the redeemer seems to be larger.

3. The W

The W that she has seems like a skill shot that launches a teal colored orb in an absolutely straight line. As seen in the trailer, the teal orb hits Thresh who is in the opposition and leaves a prominent mark on the Chain Warden. The mark seems to get all charged up right after the spell is able to hit the target, and that roots Thresh for a brief time period.

4. The E

The E of Senna the redeemer is a lot like the W of the Ghost water dive of Pyke. It refers to the ability of Pyke where he is able to dive underwater and swim all around the map. However, when it comes to Senna, she can dive into the rift and go into a ghost-like mode. In this mode, she becomes green in color and has a shadow all around her. This ability seems to give the Champion a kind of bonus movement of speed. It can even give several secondary effects depending on that shadowy ring.

5. The Ultimate

Senna the redeemer is powerful even in her ultimate. She uses her rail gun and shoots in a completely straight line. The shot that goes out is huge and covers a wide lane. But seems like a bit limited in its range.

Though a lot could not be discerned from the trailer, the little that could be understood has made the fans wait eagerly for Senna. It is only a matter of time now for the first support marksman of the League of Legends to hit your gaming screen to make the game even more thrilling than ever.

Senna- The Redeemer is the newest addition to The League of Legends and all the fans are really excited about this. What about you?


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