Smart TV App Development: A 5-Minute Read Guide


Smart TV technology allows you to turn a familiar TV set into a multifunctional device similar to a smartphone – with a full-fledged operating system, Internet access, and a set of applications that can be downloaded from a special store. All this combined with a large screen, surround sound, and rich, colorful images adds advantages to Smart TV. Let’s take a look at what Smart TV apps are and how to develop them.

What is a Smart TV app? 

A smart TV app is software that allows you to expand the capabilities of your smart TV. The main feature that separates smart TVs from regular TVs is the Internet connection. Smart TVs use it to download apps, run movies, and do other things.

Just like a smartphone, a smart TV has its own app store where programs are optimized for remote control. You can also listen to music on your smart TV. You can install online radio or your favorite music apps like Spotify or Youtube Music. Games, social networking, and pretty much everything you have on your smartphone are also on your Smart TV.

What types of Smart TV apps are there?

In general, they are divided into these types:

  • Desktop applications

Have a more comprehensive set of features and advanced options. They use the mouse, keyboard, and large monitor to interact with the interface.

Some programs for the desktop exist in several formats simultaneously, that is, optimized for use both on a desktop device and a smartphone.

  • Native
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Written in a programming language that was approved by the developers directly for a specific platform. Therefore, native software is easily integrated into the native operating system for which it is optimized, and works quickly and correctly. Such programs can be downloaded online from application stores (Google Play for Android, App Store for WebOS, etc.).

  • Web apps

A version of a website that features enhanced interactivity. Standard technologies are used in the creation, and the speed of operation depends on the quality of the Internet connection.

Web services open in a browser and are designed to work on both stationary and mobile devices. They do not need to be downloaded separately.

However, some web applications may be available in official stores and displayed as icons on the screen when installed. But the quality of such programs is inferior to full-fledged native developments. As a rule, such software does not live on devices for a long time. This is partly because it is not known for its security – it is not able to encrypt the file system, and to extend the functionality and create updates, developers have to re-write the program. The fact that these services are still on the market is due to their rapid creation and low cost.

  • Hybrid

These represent a cross between native and web applications. They are installed through official stores and have limited access to the hardware (camera, microphone). This software differs in price from the native ones – they are more budget-friendly.

The quality and functionality of hybrid software depend on the software platform used by the developer.

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A few words about the development process 

To build a Smart TV app it is necessary to pass through several stages. Let us have a closer look at these smart tv app development stages.

IT Consulting

Specialists will evaluate your idea and analyze your business for a plan of further action.

UX/UI design

In this stage, the Smart TV app gets its look and feel, as well as the logic of the arrangement of elements.


At this stage, the code is written.


After that, it is necessary to release the Smart TV app to the app stores.

Post-release service

When the application is released and has an audience, all that is left to do is to make sure that everything works properly. If necessary, the app can be updated and new features can be added.

How much does it cost to develop Smart TV app?

The cost of creating a smart TV app depends on many factors. The cost of specialists’ work and region of hiring play their role. If you order smart TV app development in the USA, the average price for it is between $20,000 and $40,000.

However, there is a way to significantly lower the final cost. If you go with an Eastern European developer, the quality remains the same and the price is cut in half.


Smart TV models’ popularity grows yearly due to the gradual improvement of the software and the expansion of the list of manufacturers. It’s high time to occupy this lucrative niche. Contact Perfsol now and we’ll start developing a Smart TV app together.


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