Some of the Most Popular Apps During COVID-19 – From Dating to Casinos

Some Popular Apps COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the time that people spent on their phones skyrocketed. With the likes of pubs, restaurants, and gyms closed, people had to find alternative forms of entertainment during their spare time. This article details Some of the Most Popular Apps During COVID-19 – From Dating to Casinos.

Some people took up baking, while others completed all the DIY projects under the sun. However, the majority of people across the UK relied on the likes of television shows, movies, and games to keep themselves busy. There are tons of mobile phone apps relating to each of these subjects.

While people were staying at home, the usage of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble increased, while more people turned to play their favourite casino games through online casino apps. This article will talk through some of the most popular forms of app entertainment for people in the UK while they are staying at home. Some of the Most Popular Apps During COVID-19 – From Dating to Casinos.

Meeting New People Through Online Dating Apps 

As pubs and nightclubs were closed for a large portion of the pandemic and people being told to avoid interacting with too many people, dating apps exploded in popularity. There were limited ways in which you could meet new people, with these apps being a haven for single people who were looking to find a potential partner.

Having conversations with different people on the likes of Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge were a great way for people to remain social and pass the time. A lot of relationships even started during the pandemic and are still going strong. 

Countless Great Mobile Games 

Mobile games have been popular for as long as mobile phones have been a thing. The likes of Snake was one of the first games to hit mobile devices. These days, mobile games have spectacular graphics that would not look out of place on some movie screens.

You can choose from thousands of different games. These cater to all tastes and interests, whether you are looking for simple-to-play games or immersive experiences that keep you hooked for the long haul. Some of the traditionally popular mobile games remained fan favourites, including Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

Other exciting games also came to the fore, capturing the interest of people and breaking the monotony of the COVID-19 lockdown. A lot of these games are also free to play, which is ideal.   

Enjoyable Casino Games 

There has never been a better time to play online casino games. As land-based casinos have been mostly closed, people have been looking for alternatives to play the likes of slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Online casinos are the ideal way for you to play a wide range of exciting variants for each game type. The betting limits can also vary widely, with some games allowing you to bet just a few pennies or even play for free. Then the upper limits can often be thousands of pounds for those people who are looking to bet big.

There are two main types of online casinos that UK players have access to. There are the platforms that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). These options have very strict rules and regulations.

While they are very safe, the limits can often dampen the playing experience. Non-UK licensed casino sites do not have these restrictions and are often preferred by UK players due to this greater freedom. Once you do your research, you can find safe platforms to play a huge range of casino games. Some of the Most Popular Apps During COVID-19 – From Dating to Casinos.

All Sorts of Entertainment Streaming Apps 

One of the biggest developments in the entertainment world in recent years has been the explosion in popularity of streaming apps. The likes of Netflix are massively popular, with hundreds of millions of people all across the world enjoying the access they can get to a huge library of shows, movies, and documentaries.

While just a few years ago there were only a few players in this space, now there are tons of different streaming services that are coming to the fore, including Disney+, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube. These streaming services are often cost-effective, allowing you to sign up and pay on a monthly basis at a decent price. You will also often be able to get a free trial for these services to see if they are everything you hoped for.

The likes of video game streaming platform Twitch have gotten massively popular during the pandemic. People enjoy watching great personalities play their favourite games and provide a different type of live entertainment. This interactive experience is particularly popular among younger people. 

Stock Trading Apps 

Another big phenomenon during the course of the pandemic was the popularity of stock trading apps. With live sports cancelled across the world for a period, people were trying to find alternative sources of entertainment. People got heavily involved in the stock market, buying and selling different types of securities.

Apps like Robinhood in the U.S. and Degiro in the UK saw a massive rise in new signups. People trade everything from individual companies to cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This was a way in which people put their spare cash to use when they weren’t going out to the pubs or shops. 

The Importance of Mobile Phones 

If the pandemic took place a few decades ago, it is hard to fathom how people would have reacted. The accessibility to the internet and different entertainment options that mobile phones provide were a blessing during this difficult time. 

This allowed people to say in close contact with friends and family, as well as pass the time by playing video games, online casino games, meeting people on dating apps, and enjoy a range of different streaming entertainment options.

You can try out any of the apps you have read about in this article today. The process of getting started is normally very easy and can often be cost-effective.


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