Start New Adventures With Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

The name of the game, Minecraft Dungeons, itself explains what the game is about. It is a video game based on two concepts, Minecraft and Dungeon Crawler. Minecraft is a sandbox video game, which developed and released in 2011, by the well-known gaming company Mojang Studios. On the other hand, Dungeon Crawler is a fantasy role-playing game scenario that allows the user to roam around a map and collect various items while fighting the villains. So Mojang Studios decided to upgrade Minecraft to a Dungen Crawler concept, and make it more interesting for the players. Hence, Minecraft Dungeons got created. 

Minecraft game is a massive success as it has managed to sell 200 million copies with 126 million active users every month. It has also been included in the list of the “Greatest and Most Influential Video Games of All Time.” People who have not played it yet can judge how exciting the game must be. With a similar concept, the developers have now come up with the idea of Minecraft Dungeons. Like the predecessor, it is also expected to be one of the most influential games in the market. So let’s move on to the details about this new game and see what it has to offer to its fans. 

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

A few days back, Minecraft’s official YouTube channel uploaded a 1:30 minute video with the title “Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer.” The video has received around 1.5 million views, and it is one of the most trending videos on YouTube. On the same day, the game was released for various gaming platforms like Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox One. 


As Minecraft Dungeons is based on the Dungeon Crawl concept, the players no longer need to perform mining in it. Instead, the game emphasizes more on combat, so they need to fight. They need to solve puzzles, fight monsters, avoid traps, and find treasures during the complete gameplay. 

The only thing that lags in the game is its story. If we look through the majority of popular games, they are loved by the players because of their stories. It shows that along with exciting gameplay, developers need to incorporate an appropriate storyline into the game, which keeps the player engaged for longer. 

However, the simple ‘combat and loot’ gameplay is still attractive to most of the players. For the loot, they can collect items like weapons, potions, armor, currency, and power-ups. The guns can be found in the buying option as well, so players can upgrade it using earned points. With the map provided on the screen, they can easily spot their objectives and fulfill them without any inconvenience. 

As we come to the look and feel of the game, powering it by Unreal Engine 4, the developers have chosen an isometric view for it. It retains the original Minecraft feel with a little advancement. Therefore, it is an excellent Dungeon Crawler update for all the Minecraft fans out there. The sounds and music stand as firm as ever, with the perfect voice-overs and dialogues.    

Playing Experience

Minecraft Dungeons

Most Dungeon Crawler games require their players to have some experience with the gameplay to ace in the new ones. But Mojang Studios kept it quite simple for the people. So irrespective of age and skill level, everyone will enjoy playing it. Also, as the players will gather experience with the gameplay, they will be moved to higher levels. There they will find more complex and exciting parts to explore. 

Further, a player can play a particular level again for as many times as they want. It is the best feature for those who do not loot much in a single attempt at the map. They can go back to the level and find better loots while gaining more experience of the gameplay. 


It has only been a few days since the game came in players’ hands, and it has already been receiving several reviews. The two primary kinds of reports received by Minecraft Dungeons are:

  • Praise:

    The players love the game for its fun and simple gameplay, excellent visuals, sound, and the use of procedural generation.

  • Criticism:

    Most of the games do not turn out perfect in the first attempt, Minecraft Dungeons is one of them. Along with so much praise, it is receiving criticism for the lack of depth and a short story. 

However, most of the reviews fall on the praise side, which means the game is a must-try for everyone. 

Playing Tips

Minecraft Dungeons

This was all about what the game offers to its players and how they have reviewed it till now. In just a few days, players have also come up with some tips for playing the new Minecraft Dungeon. There is nothing much that they can recommend as the gameplay is already uncomplicated and straightforward. However, the players can choose whether they want to play with a controller or a keyboard. 

The war between the keyboard and controller has been going on for ages. When a new game comes up, the players always argue for a better way of playing it. Here are a few benefits of playing with a particular method, with which players can set their priority and start playing soon. 


  • With a mouse along with a keyboard, players can precisely aim their targets. 
  • Convenient communication with the hotkeys. 


  • It gives more space to play as it can be held in hand in any position. 
  • Easy button remapping and more original gameplay because of it. 

So now players can make a decision based on what they want more, easy target or original gameplay. 

Take Away

This was all about the new Minecraft Dungeon. From the features mentioned above, we can conclude that it is a simple and engaging game that lags behind a little in the story. But with the other aspects of the game, it still has the potential to beat all its competitors and become one of the best games in the market. 


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