Tips to Master The Art of Blogging on Shopify


Creating own website with very own center point for buying and selling products defines the perfection of an E-commerce portal. To reach new customers as well as to increase the revenues, you should always opt for an e-commerce template that can do both. Especially if you are a startup and want to grow more and more, you need to have the best blogging template available in the market. Shopify E-commerce template will fulfill your requirements and will boost up your online store like the boss.

Why Shopify?

Since its introduction, Shopify has taken the arena of e-commerce by storm. From fashion to sports equipment, from electronic gadgets to home appliances, you will find dedicated layouts and themes for each and every product and service that you wish to offer your customers. Shopify offers you an integrated and modern design with a special focus on the visuals. They are bold and crisp that will immediately catch the attention of your customers.

Feature Check

Shopify brings you a powerful package full of features that will surely make you fall in love with its templates:

  • Easy to glide through navigation:

For your new e-commerce website, having smooth and supple navigation is as important as breathing clean air. Your customers will be able to look for what they want without any worry thanks to the easy and swishy navigation of the Shopify e-commerce template. Blogging on Shopify e-commerce templates consist of various layers with many inner pages options that will help your customers to navigate through various categories and subcategories of the product that you are selling. The drop-down menu will break into further inner pages like product details, listings, price and many more.

  • Load faster:

The Shopify e-commerce template has been ranked as an e-commerce template with the fastest loading page rate.  Research reveals that forty percent of web users will leave the page if the page takes more than three seconds to load despite internet connectivity. Beautiful and compact designs of Shopify templates will ensure that e-commerce websites built with blogging on Shopify templates will only take two seconds to load.

  • Images that catch your eyes:

Customers love colorful vibes. Shopify’s e-commerce template is image and video-friendly by incorporating beautiful images and designs on your website. With large areas dedicated to a high-quality image, you can easily explain to your customers to make a promising start. The designs of Shopify templates are mainly focused on the slideshows of images that will convey most to the clients.

– Fully Customizable theme

  • Bootstrap 4.
  • Comfortable toggling.
  • Regular updates are free of cost.
  • Up to seven pages consisting of product details.
  • Pages for the portfolio.
  • Free Front icons.
  • Pixel Perfect.

– Full Blog Pages

  • Responsive mobile compatible design.
  • Customer Support page.
  • Product image addition.
  • SEO optimized page
  • Google Analytics Ready.
  • .pot files with translation features.
  • HTML 5 supported.

Apart from the e-commerce benefits, one would also acquire multiple benefits if they choose Shopify as their blogging platform. So, let us have a look at some of the major advantages of choosing Shopify as your blogging platform.

  • For creating awareness

One of the primary reasons why people choose blogging on Shopify over other platforms is that because Shopify helps in creating awareness about the product/service which you are selling. Every time you are creating a Shopify blog, you are also interacting with your customers at the same time.

  • Customizable blogs with keywords for boosting SEO

In contrast to different sites, eCommerce stores have almost no extension for consolidating keywords, on the off chance that it was not for online journals. Furthermore, watchwords, as we as a whole know are the spines of Search Engine Optimization. Web search tool bots have two key capacities – creeping substance and building record. That is the means by which they give answers to a huge number of searches made each second on the web with such a high significance and precision. It is these quests that eCommerce destinations can focus through their online journals. At the point when you give useful, important and significant substances normally, it gets recorded well.

  • Helps in building richness and trust for your blog

One of the biggest advantages of blogging on Shopify is its capability to interact with customers. When you create a blog at Shopify, you automatically create an impression as an expert in that field.

  • A cost-effective solution for Shopify marketing blogs

Blogging on Shopify is one of the most cost-effective solutions that you will ever find being compared to the number of themes and additional features that it is providing.

  • Assists in Call-to-action

Tips for creating a blog on Shopify

Creating a blog on Shopify is no big deal. Regardless of how well versed you are with computers, you can easily open a blog at Shopify with ease. Shopify has numerous inbuilt themes available on their website and app for the better convenience of its customers. But the most daunting task for the whole process is finding the right niche for your blog. And to help you better, we have listed a few steps which you can follow if you want to open a blog at Shopify easily.

  • Choose the right niche for blogging on Shopify
  • Pick the right blogging platform and then choose a domain name and then build a Shopify blog
  • Choose a name for your blogging on Shopify along with a theme. Always try to blend the theme and the name of your blog. Apart from making your blog visually attractive and sensible, it will also help the users to understand what the blog is about easily.
  • Now, you need to sketch a strategy for the distribution of your Shopify blog
  • Next step remains to pick up a strategy for publication

Regardless of how unique your niche might seem to you, you will always find a blog based on it. Here are a few tips which might help you out.

  • Target one location at a time
  • Focus on a single group before moving on to a larger category
  • Stick to a sing tone of writing that you will be used for engaging with your customers
  • Always try to write on a topic that is easy for the mass but unique

So, if you are looking forward to taking your business a notch higher, then blogging on Shopify is the right choice for you.


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