The Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon From January To December

best time to visit portland oregon
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Visiting Portland, Oregon, throughout the year is exciting, and there is no doubt you will have fun and enjoy your trips. But do you know the Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, and how does it feel to visit this place in the other months, from January to December? You will be amazed to see cherry blossom trees in full bloom at the top of the waterpark, and there are fantastic views you can see. This article will let you know why to visit Portland, Oregon, from January to December and how it will differ your trip excitement and adventure.


Portland, Oregon, has Misty Weather, grey color, and incredible views from exciting destinations like Ireland and Seattle. You can visit such places as rainy, green, lush, and adventurous climbs. However, the city is well adapted to its environment, has a good host, and has attractive seasons. Many festivals and outdoor recreations give you sunny months from concerts. You can find local and international cuisines in the rainy season of cloudy weather, winter, and spring.


No one is unaware of COVID 19 pandemic, and that’s why we recommend you to visit any country, its states or territories, keeping all the travel restrictions, instructions, and protocols in mind and strictly follow them to break no government’s rules and avoid any misunderstanding or disturbance to your trip. In addition, you should always give attention and importance to government health advice. 

Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, For Outdoor Exploration:

Do you want to explore Portland, Oregon, through outdoor activities? Visitors say Portland’s summer season is fantastic, and you should enjoy it while visiting this place. So, from June to September, you can enjoy almost all outdoor destinations and benefit from warmer weather, the cloudiness of the sky, and Summer rays. It’s the perfect time to visit Portland, Oregon and enjoy festivals and events outside.

best time to visit portland oregon
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You may enjoy hiking to avoid crowded places, but this area has some of the best and primarily overcrowded places; if you want to know about hiking places, but still, it’s not a cause to worry because these places are most adventurous, and have some of the most popular spots of the world like Columbia River George, On Mt Hood, and many more. In addition, you can find attractive places like Cannon beach, Astoria, and others. 

September To November:

These months will also create unforgettable memories. If you are one of the best photographers, wildlife lovers, and foodies, we advise you to visit Portland, Oregon, from September to November. It will be the Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, and you can do many things. Of course, there will be a little cloudy, rainy, and warmer weather. In spring, you can see wildflowers blooms everywhere, which satisfies your eyes because this time is only dedicated to food trucks, festivals, restaurants and their unique recipes. From September to November, you can enjoy Portland, Oregon, to the fullest, and it will be the best time to perform indoor and outdoor activities.

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November To March:

Coffee lovers are mad for this place, and if you enjoy your coffee, concerts, and culture, don’t forget to plan your trip from November to March. If you want to go back to the 90s, it’s time to visit Portland, Oregon, because it is easy to remember and miss those days and you will think about it guaranteed. The Winter months are the Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, and visualize that you have returned to the 90s. These scenes are the best things you can do in Portland, Oregon.

How To Enjoy At Portland, Oregon?

From the next section, you will understand a month-by-month strategy to enjoy Portland, Oregon and learn when it’s most exciting in which month. So, are you excited to read the main points about Portland, Oregon, from January to December?

1. January:

In January, Portland enjoys the new year, and of course, if you love snowfall, don’t wait for the perfect time and visit Portland, Oregon, in January. The winter sports of Portland, Oregon, will make you crazy about visiting the place again and again. You can enjoy the Fertile Ground Festival in January.

2. February:

In February, events like the Portland International Film Festival and many festivals are enjoyed, and the weather is dark and freezing. So, don’t wait for the perfect time if you love coldness.

3. March:

March will give you some warmer weather and affordable stays and foods. However, a warmer temperature doesn’t mean it won’t be snow falling and freezing, but it starts Summer, and the ice will melt.

4. April:

One of the best months and time to visit Portland, Oregon, is April because you can enjoy cherry blossom, rhododendrons, tulips, and azaleas. This time says, goodbye to snowfall completely and welcome to the sunny days quickly. In addition, you can see the current Japanese film festival.

5. May:

May will give you the enjoyment of dry days, lots of sunshine, long daytime, and delightful views of natural scenery. You can plan some hiking. Do you enjoy sunny days? Of course, they may seem tiring, but when you plan your trip to any place on sunny days, you don’t have to generate extra energy because you will feel energetic to enjoy your trip. So, if you are ready to plan your next trip to Portland, Oregon, you should think about may and start planning accordingly.

6. June:

June is popular for many famous outdoor festivals, a flock of naked cyclists, queer pride, and fun activities. To enjoy outdoor activities in Portland, Oregon, you must visit this place in June. Do you believe that in June, the days are too hot and sunny? Can you ever imagine daylight and sunlight till 9 PM? But yes, it’s an actual and fun fact. In June, the days are too long, and you can experience sunlight till 9 PM. That’s strange because mostly, sunsets by a maximum of 7:30 PM in many countries, even in Summer.

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7. July:

If you are a film enthusiast, it’s your Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, because, at this time, you can expect films, Music, beers, outdoor festivals, and many more things related to the film industry. The Big Float, Portland Highland Games, Portland Zone Symposium, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, and Waterfront Blues Festival are the most popular events in July.

8. August:

August in Portland, Oregon, is famous for a music festival, community bike rides, and adult soapbox, and there is no doubt that this month is the time to say goodbye to Portland’s Summer. In August, Portland enjoys its final weeks of Summer, and that’s exciting to see weather changes.

9. September:

September has many exciting events and activities like Art In The Pearl, Rose City Comic Con, Feast Portland, Portland Fresh Hops Fest, and more. Here, your Summer’s sunshine and outdoor activities start limiting to welcome the new season. There are many restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and breweries to enjoy in September with specific dishes according to the season.

10. October:

Monsoon in Portland, Oregon, starts in October and welcomes new clouds in the sky. It’s time to enjoy live Music in Portland, Oregon, cultural activities, pub games, and more. However, having clouds in the sky doesn’t mean you can’t perform outdoor activities or don’t have chances to enjoy and explore outside of Portland, Oregon. There are still many events to enjoy.

11. November:

Now, it’s time to welcome the winter in Portland. We already discussed that if you enjoy the winter of Portland, Oregon, or like to visit Portland, Oregon in winter, you should plan your trip from November to March or the beginning of March. While visiting Portland, Oregon, you can enjoy celebrating the city’s many cultural and exciting events in winter. In addition, it is a low season. So, you don’t have to spend much on your hotels, stays, and accommodation. Everything will be affordable in low seasons. 

best time to visit portland oregon
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12. December:

December is the middle of winter, and it’s the Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon, if you enjoy the dry months. Afterall, Portland, Oregon, is a place that’s amazing in all seasons. So, it doesn’t matter if your trip is planned for December because you have lots of things to see, visit, and do every month and day of the year. So, don’t worry about visiting Portland, Oregon, any month.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand what the Best Time To Visit Portland Oregon is? There is no need to worry about visiting Portland, Oregon, from January to December because every day has unique festivals, events, and cultural activities for you. Your trip depends on how you want to enjoy your time in Portland, Oregon. Let us know what the perfect weather conditions for you to visit any country are. Do you want to know anything else about Portland, Oregon or any other country?

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