All That’s Evident About The New AMD $50 CPU

$50 CPU

Upon releasing updates on their upcoming processor, AMD finally took it to the next level by launching the 3rd generation Threadripper and the 9 3950X. However, this isn’t entirely what the brand has come up with. Leaving no stones unturned, the brand has also launched its all-new, budget-friendly, worth-your-money, amazing and brilliant Athlon 3000G processor. If you’re having a second thought of whether or not to buy it because of the expense, let’s get straight to the point – it’s a $50 CPU!

Yes, you read that right! Okay, before you have another second thought about its performance, here’s mentioning the things as to why would someone spend $50 in buying this processor. To know further, keep reading on.

AMD Athlon 3000G: Hand-on Review

$50 CPU

The all-new $50 CPU has been shipping ever since its launch. What may surprise you is the fact that it has overclocking options alongside the integrated GPU. The company believes that with such features, it would brilliantly be a great option against Intel in the low-ranged segment. Because it has modest parts and is available at a low budget, it’s definitely worth reviewing out here. Whether it’s better than the Pentium G5400 entirely depends on the workloads that someone throws at the devices!

Its Supports

One thing that you would have to know right from the beginning is that it has one (just one) limitation. That being said, this processor doesn’t guarantee support in the X570 motherboards. So far, all fans know is that the brand is letting the partner determine the problem! For the time being, it’s important to know that X570 is a higher-ranged chipset and is solely intended for expensive systems. On the contrary, this one would be better a fit for options such as B350, X470, and B450.

Key Specs

This $50 CPU comes with amazing features. First things first, the 3000 G happens to be the 3.5 GHz CPU having two cores, 4MB L3 cache, as well as a total of four threads. Based on the Zen+ CPU of AMD, it has been built on the GlobalFoundries 12 nm technology with the Vega GPU 3 and 192 cores. The processor comes with an unlocked feature for overclocking. It also supports the DDR4-2933 with the 35W TDP. The brand even includes the cooler for 65W. Sources claim that it helps in putting it through the paces and the level of the cooler also enables overclocking in plenty. The chip is available to about 4 GHz. This sounds so right for 12 nm of GF silicon. Overall, the 1.14 x overclock sounds so amazing at just $50!

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The all-new $50 CPU, when compared with 200 GE, is a wonderful replacement for it! It comes with 3000 G that packs the additional 300 MHz as well as 100 MHz of GPU clock. Basically, this feature is intended for competing against the Intel chips such as the G5400 of Pentium that runs at around 3.7 GHz costing about $60 and featuring about 58W of TDP.

Comparing it with G5600 (that’s clocked 5% faster than that of the G5400), there’s a difference in the clock speed. As a matter of fact, this speed is enough for nudging many tests that can otherwise have got broken for the AMD. The overclocking capabilities of the GPU have been good enough! After all, it brilliantly responded! 

Games that it will support

$50 CPU

The games that this $50 CPU will support are amazing. One of them happens to be BFV that runs at around 7200 p at some minimal detail levels! Talking about the GPU comparison between Intel’s UHD 630 and the Vega’s 3 is the strongest performance area of the APU.

Overall, the new AMD Athlon 3000 G happens to be slightly slower than G5600! On the other hand, the variant (the overclocked one) happens to be narrowly faster! There happens to be a common outcome in the comparison. Sources claim that the D5600 has around 1.22z faster that than of the 3000G. However, that is just a claim from one source that needs more elucidating factors to be proved.

A strong CPU like this particular $50 one is rare to find, and this has already been mentioned. If you’re someone who aims at buying one, you can simply choose this to make your gaming experience far better than before! It’s a wonderful option, it’s particularly a go-to processor for the ones who’re interested in giving a whole new experience to their gaming scenarios!  While the specs of this $50 CPU have clearly been mentioned here, you need to know a bit about the company. So, here’s presenting it! To know more about the brand, keep reading on!

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Introducing Athlon in Brief

Athlon is one such brand name that has garnered enough fame by the current 21st century! The brand manufactures and designs the AMD or Advanced microdevice pieces. Originally, it was better known by the name Athlon Classic! It originally brought the 1st gen x86 processor. Not just that, it even launched the first-ever desktop processor that reached speeds of about 1 GHz. Ever since its debut on 23rd of June, 199, it has kept on making the tech world go gaga over their offerings.

The former CEO and found of the brand happens to be Jerry Sanders who pursued some amazing strategic partnerships in the late 1990s and managed to build successes in the market of PC with their best-ever AMD K6 processors.

While strategies got trendier with more advancement of technology, what left unchanged is their motto of offering the best devices to the tech world. With this new $50 CPU, the brand is doing another round in the current tech world. In case you wish to know more about the device, you can check out the videos on streaming sites and other social media platforms.

Thus, this gives closure to the things that you required knowledge about the new $50 CPU by AMB! Now that you know about the CPU, have you already decided on buying it? Let us know your thoughts about it. And for any other queries that you have related to this, just drop us a message in the comment box and we will be there to answer all your questions.


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