The New Generation Mystery Chinese CPUs


CPU of the computer or the laptop holds the key to the functioning of the device. If the CPU is fine and fast enough, the device is sure to function well. And if not, the same device can be of little use. Staring for regular functions in managing multiple tasks at the same time, CPUs play a critical role in determining the overall worth of a computer or a laptop. This article is about Mystery Chinese CPUs.

Technology is gradually shrinking the size of the devices and their ancillary parts while is increasing their potential to perform. Even the tiniest chips these days hold the colossal potential to perform mammoth tasks. Therefore, size can be deceptive when it comes to the functional potency of the Mystery Chinese CPUs. Here is a brief about these tiny Supra Wrap chips. These work wonders for the laptops and help them perform faster and better.

Precise shape

The latest invention round the corner, this Mystery Chinese CPUs is not only precise in shape but also capable of doing tasks super fast. The first shock that one gets from these Supra Wrap chips is the slim, sleek and brief shape of the CPU. It can be fitted easily on a supporting plate that comes along with it. It carries four perforated corners helpful in the installation of the CPU inside the laptop motherboards. Contrary to the conventional idea of voluminous CPUs, this tiny little chip is amazing. It has shaken the pillars of the technological world with its super-precise shape and power-packed performance. 

Easy Upgradation option

For those who are looking for the next level up-gradation for their laptops; and are looking for an inexpensive solution, this magic chip can be a great solution. Costing around $80 to $ 90, this Mystery Chinese CPUs are available easily and can be installed in a hassle-free manner. It also comes with a protective jacket that covers all its sophisticated corners well enough to protect it from any pressure causing any sudden cracks or breaks. Therefore, these Supra Wrap chips come at a cheaper cost and along with a protective shield that guarantees safety f the CPU for long, making it a long term solution for your device.  

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Fast Performance and safety

As far as speed is concerned, the Mystery Chinese CPU runs at a clock speed of 3.4 GHz, which makes it one of the best in the market. Never to get deceived by its appearance and the CPU can be a great way to replace your old version CPU. This Supra Wrap magic chip can be fitted inside your laptop easily minus any hassle to lend it a whole new level of performance.  The chips also come with a heat spreader technology that helps in maintaining the health of the chip for long, which most of the earlier versions of the CPU chips did not have. Moreover, the covered dais of the chip keeps it protected from external pressure, which adds to its list of advantages.  

Easy Installation


This Mystery Chinese CPU can be installed easily on the mount board of the motherboard. It comes with a supporting backplate and a flat chip tray and a cover. All you need to do is just assemble the parts in place and screw them together for a tight-fitting. The evenness of the tightness is a primary requisite for an effective installation. If fitted loosely, the Supra Wrap chip will fail to work. With a clock-speed ranging from 3.1 to 3.4 GHz, this chip can be installed easily without involving experts if not absolutely necessary. 

Over-clocking feature

The over-clocking feature refers to making the Mystery Chinese CPUs work beyond their regular performance limit. The manufacturers of this chip claim that this tiny magical part is capable of handling tasks beyond its official limits at times. With a 3.1 GHz clock speed. Sometimes, this chip can be made to do works at a speed of 4.1 GHz which reflects its overclocking capacity.

All it needs in return is a steady cooling. While installing the Supra Wrap chip, make sure that you put a cooling fan on the top of the chip to keep it cool all the time and to maintain its functional health for long. Moreover, you will need a PCI Express Gen 2 to get the overclocking feature running. While trying the same, the device might take reboot, which is normal and must not be bothered about. 

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Motherboard compatibility

Having the Mystery Chinese CPUs available in your hand will not solve the problem of running the overclocking feature successfully all the time. The other requirement to get it done effectively. That is to have a compatible motherboard that will complement the functioning of the chip properly. Some of the latest motherboards, too, can fail to keep up with the technology of this Supra Wrap chip. 

If the PCI express gen 2 fails to keep up with the speed of the over cocking CPU, you can try the gen 3. However, in most of the cases, Gen 2 works perfectly well. Always keep the motherboard cool and make sure that the fanning works properly. This is to ensure the best possible outcomes. Thermal paste can sometimes be useful in maintaining the contact between the Mystery Chinese CPU chip and the processor. This leads to more efficient use of the Supra Wrap chip. 

Try different levels of frequencies to arrive at the most stable solution while experimenting with the overclocking phenomenon. If the device shows instability with 4.6 GHz; you can try a lesser frequency level of 4.5 GHz or 4.4 GHz. With lower frequencies; you might achieve higher stability of the functionalities. 

The Mystery Chinese CPUs are truly a magic part of the computer if configured and installed properly. Plus, supported with adequate systems and motherboards. This can be considered as the next generation solution for computer functioning. For those who are looking for an updated solution for their laptops, this Supra Wrap chip can be a smart choice. So, what are you waiting for, just go and get it!

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