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The Outer Worlds Reviews
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Have you ever played action role-playing games? If yes, then this article for The Outer Worlds Review is specifically for you. Playing action role-playing games is something that gives the realistic experience of playing a specific role. The Outer Worlds game comes from this category of games. If you have played the Fallout game developed by obsidian entertainment, you will enjoy playing this game. To give you full information on The Outer Worlds game, like its overview, development, release date, plot, and review, I’ve analyzed and prepared this article.

The Outer Worlds Game Overview:

The outer worlds is a new action role-playing game developed by obsidian entertainment. Obsidian Entertainment is best known for the developing Fallout: New Vegas, the very popular instalment of the post-apocalyptic Fallout Series. Therefore, you can say that The Outer Worlds game is the sequel to Fallout. It also has a similar type of role-playing system. It has better and attractive retrofuturistic aesthetics and a penchant for dark humor.

The Outer Worlds Development & Release Date:

Like, I have already discussed that this action-role-playing game that Obsidian Entertainment is the Developer and Private Division is the publisher of this epic game. The Developers and publishers released The outer worlds on October 25, 2019. The game supports various gaming systems like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Additionally, the developer and publisher have realized this game with Nintendo Switch version on June 5, 2020. From all over the world, where it has been released, the game has got generally favorable and honest reviews from players that we will discuss in the latter part of the article.

The Outer Worlds Development:

Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain have directed the outer worlds. Private Division has published the game, and Obsidian Entertainment has developed this epic game. Eric DeMit is the producer. Mark DeGeorge is the programmer, Charles Staples is the designer, Daniel Alpert is the artist, Leonard Boyarsky is the writer and Justin E. Bell has composed. 

It operates on Unreal Engine 4 engine, and it supports Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The official genre of this game is the Action Role-playing game. There is only a single player mode available for players.

The Outer Worlds Gameplay & Plot:

The Outer Worlds is set for the alternate future diverged in 1901. It was time when Leon Czolgoze had not assassinated the United States President William McKinley at Pan-American Exposition. Therefore, Theodore Roosevelt had not succeeded. 

How Is The Outer Worlds Review?

In simple words, the outer worlds had got most of the favorable and positive reviews from the players all over the world. The cast of voice performance is excellent, and the players said they have well written this game. However, they are also criticized for the interactions. Some players said that the combats are not more challenging. They also said that enemies are in worn categories. To know more in detail about The Outer Worlds Review, read the upcoming section thoroughly. All these sections are suggested and described well by crazy players to guide new players. 

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Review Score & Ratings:

To make sure you understand how this game could achieve success by exciting, entertaining, and keeping people engaged with it, I have listed a few review scores. Now, go through them to know how this game is famous and one of the most successful action role-playing video games.

  • This game scores 9/10 in Destructoid Publication.
  • It scores 9/10 in East Allies Publication.
  • It scores 5/5 stars in EGM Publication.
  • It scores 9.25/10 in Game Informer Publication.
  • It scores 9/10 GameSpot Publication.
  • It scores 4/5 in GamesRadar+ Publication.
  • It scores 8.5/10 in IGN Publication.
  • It scores 79/100 in Pac Gamer (US) Publication.
  • It scores 7/10 in PacGamesN Publication.

The Outer Worlds Selling:

You can determine the review and success of this game by knowing the number of copies of this game sold by the publisher. They have sold more than 2.5 million copies of The Outer Worlds game. As per the news, it was more than the publisher’s expectations. Due to this, The Outer Worlds had got its name nominated for various awards. These nominations were for writing the game, the voice of the action and acting, and visuals and designs. The game has taken five awards to home, like the 2020 NAVGTR Awards, Big Apple Award for best game of the year at the 2020 New York Game Awards.

The Outer Worlds Character Creation:

Being an Action Role-playing video game, the outer world features a first-person perspective. In the initial stages of The Outer Worlds, you can create your characters. You can also unlock the ship. The ship is the central hub space of this game. However, players can’t control that ship because that ship serves as the fast travel point to cover various areas. It also becomes the player’s persistent inventory space.

Non-Player Characters In The Outer Worlds:

If you are a player of this action role-playing video game, you can encounter and recruit some from Non-Player Characters as a companion player. They are helpful because they take action and aid in combat. All companions have their unique individual skills and special attacks. You can see they can develop their unique-attack as a skill. If you are playing this game, you can bring a maximum of two companions with you. Other companions will stay on the ship. 

Dialogue Decisions:

As a player, you can make some dialogue decisions. It will influence the game’s branching story. Many players have given their honest review from their experience that I have been discussing in the outer worlds review article.

Access To A Large Weaponry:

This game offers cool weaponry, and you can get your hands on a vast assortment of guns and melees. You can use one companion with the grenade launcher.

Weapons & Usage:

In combat and combat situations, you can use several weapons, like melee and firearms, as the player. They have three ammo, but you can also use light, heavy, and energy. It gives you a customizable option for these weapons to add elemental damage.

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Stealth Skills:

Players will use stealth Skills or social skills like persuasion, lying, and intimidation to avoid combat altogether. As soon as players proceed with this game, they and their companions have some experience points. Players and their companions use these experience points to level up and unlock new skills. It includes technical skills like Science, Medical, and Engineering.

The Outer Worlds Being Satirical:

If you think about the story and storyline, this game will grip you from the outsets and spirals off in a few better and frequently hilarious directions. It is all about the retro-future. It is the time where Mankind started colonizing the other solar systems. There are many planets and space stations within Halcyon (the Earth-colonized solar system).

Doing The Right Things Is Not Necessary:

Have you ever imagined there will be a game that allows you to betray the team or person that gives you a mission? At the end of each mission/side-mission of The Outer Worlds game, you can decide to betray those for whom you have performed the task. By doing so, you can use the mission’s objects and information for your ends and reshaping the story.

Why Should You Play The Outer Worlds Game?

For the fans of Action Role-playing video games, we can say they will crave some Fallout-style actions. They want the game with a perfect essence without seeing any nonsense thing in the game. These types of players are looking for Games with no extraneous elements. If you are a player of this type, then you should play this game. 

You will find some of the best and finest escapism seen in any game of this year. This game is stunningly classy, well-designed, and utterly coherent. This game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo version. It means you can access it no matter what your operating system or gaming system is. Therefore, there is no excuse you can find for not playing this game.

What Makes It Best & Worst?

Still, thinking that you should play it or not? Here are things making this game one of the best.

  • There is no complexity in playing or understanding the game, even if it has all features of an action role-playing video game.
  • You find surprises everywhere thanks to its superb writing and plotting.
  • The whole game is entertaining. There is nothing in this game that does not entertain you. It’s possible because the loading screens are engaging too. 

The only thing that you might not like.

  • Players said that this game is not truly open-world.

Final Thoughts:

Have you played The Outer Worlds game? What is your opinion about this game? Have you enjoyed this action role-playing video game? Let us know your review and thoughts. By understanding The Outer Worlds Review, you must be curious to play it once. So, do it and enjoy it.

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