“The Path: An Ionian Myth” Teases Yone As New Champion

The Path

League of Legends is an extremely well-known Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It is developed and published by Riot Games. It is a free-to-play game, which is run on a “freemium” pricing model. And it is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, with an active player base of more than 80 million. Recently, Riot Games released a three-minute-long animated short film on YouTube, called “The Path: An Ionian Myth” starring a lone swordsman. Riot Games haven’t confirmed anything yet. Most viewers and fans have proposed that the swordsman is none other than Yone; the older half-brother of Yasuo, another LoL champion of incredible popularity.

What Are Champions?

If you are not familiar with League of Legends, then you might be a little confused with the entire concept of a “champion”. In the League of Legends game, each player assumes the avatar of a preconceived character called a “champion”. Each champion has their own unique abilities and a sophisticated backstory, which is often referred to as their “lore”.

The Path

The objective of the game is to battle against other champions and destroy their “Nexus”. A a structure that lies at the heart of the defensive structures. The other champions can be other active players or computer-generated characters.

Who Is The Swordsman In “The Path”?

The animated short released by Riot Games on YouTube depicts a lone swordsman who suddenly finds himself in a mystical and magical forest. The forested land is very empty and magical. It reminds the viewers of the Spirit Blossom skins of the League of Legends game.

Riot Games haven’t released a confirmation yet. Most viewers believe that the swordsman in Yone, who is the older half-brother of Yasuo. He was himself one of the most popular champion characters in the online game. There are unmistakable similarities between the appearance of both characters.

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What Happens In The Short?

The lone swordsman suddenly awakens and finds himself in a Spirit Blossom-like enchanted forest land. He reaches for his weapons instinctively. He is somewhat shocked to discover that he doesn’t have any with him. So, He suddenly spots this fox-like creature with a mystical aura about it and a set of brilliantly blue tails.

The Path

Appearing in the distance so that the swordsman can keep it in the sight; the fox-like being starts to guide the lone warrior on The Path to a magical tree. The swordsman passes a lot of dangerous and mythical places on his way to the tree. But he doesn’t get swayed by them until he reaches the very last segment.

What Mythical Places Does The Swordsman Pass?

Although nothing has been officially released by Riot Games, most fans and viewers have managed to identify the mythical places shown in The Path. First, the lone swordsman passes a statue of Cassiopeia, who is one of the most dangerous and powerful creatures in the League of Legends universe. Next, he passes through a forested area that is populated by wolf-like spirits, which most viewers are assuming to be Kindred’s wolf clouds.

The Path

The Kindred are a pair of hunters, with Lamb being the one who shoots the prey and the Wolf being the one who takes their life. Finally, the lone swordsman passes a hill covered with flowering shrubs. Lillia is one of the most powerful and powerful playable champions in LoL. She is one of the most popular protagonists in the game.

The Champion Gets Lured Away

The champion follows the fox-like creature for a very long time. But it is finally distracted by a dark and dangerous-looking corridor. It rests on a lake very close to the foot of the magical tree. The man appears to be attracted to the darkness by an exceedingly evil force. And also seems to be tormented by visions that trigger thoughts of fear and guilt.

The Path

At first, The Path shows the swordsman a fearsome fight between two similar-looking figures. Many viewers have theorized that this scene was probably a flashback from when Yone and Yasuo had a formidable self-preservation duel.

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A Monstrous Figure Appears

Suddenly a monstrous horned beast appears and charges at the champion with a pair of enchanted blades. The champion notices his approach from the corner of his eye and manages to block the blow in the nick of time. Both of them are then engaged in a fearsome battle. And at one point the beast manages to break one of the swordsman’s blades.

The Path

However, the swordsman fights valiantly and manages to gain the upper hand. However, just before he lands his final stroke and kills the monster. The monster manages to sneak in the last bite. The Path shows the viewer the moment before the bite and then fades away mysteriously.

The Warrior Is Changed

The last thing that The Path shows us is a glimpse of the warrior, who seems to have undergone a tremendous transformation. Despite winning the battle, the warrior seems to have imbibed some of the properties of the fearsome monster that attacked him in the dark place. He has now become an assassin with a fearsome conflict raging inside him. He ventures out of the dark and notices lights twinkling in the distance. Which are probably from a festival of some kind. His masked head turns towards the camera and a mystical legend with the caption “Cross Over July 22” appears.

Most of the fans online have theorized that The Path stars Yone, who is on his way to seek vengeance from Yasuo, his younger half-brother. Yasuo the Unforgiven apparently killed his older half-brother in self-defense after being accused by him of a crime that he had no part in. All in all, The Path is going to be one of the most exciting and titillating storyline developments in the League of Legends universe. Fans and players from all over the world are waiting for July 22 to see who their new champion will finally be.

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