The Perfect Plan For Day Trip To Oxford: Know the things to Do

day trip to oxford
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Are you planning your trip to Oxford city? Here is the list of things you can do when you have a day trip to Oxford. I’ve recently visited this city and found it’s true that this place is super great. That’s why I’ve planned to share my experience with the audience so that you can plan your one-day trip to visit Oxford city. There is no question that this place is amazing and you can do lots of things in just a single day at Oxford. So, in this article, I’ve explained how easily you can plan your day trip to visit Oxford with some tips.

Your Next Trip To Oxford:

Oxford is close to London and one of the best English places to visit. It doesn’t even take more than an hour from Centra London by train to visit Oxford in a day. Of course, you can stay in London and plan your day trip to this place. Hence, a day full of fun and excitement.

I’ve shared some ideas on how to plan your next day’s journey to Oxford to make it the best and most memorable trip. You can visit Oxford from London and plan your day trip to enjoy this place.

What To Consider While Planning Your Day Trip To Oxford?

Not only talking about Oxford, but whenever you plan your trip to any unknown or new places, you should consider the following points.

day trip to oxford
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  • What best things you can do there?
  • What are attractive destinations to cover in a day?
  • How to get an overview of the city/place in 24 hours?
  • What are popular tourist places in Oxford?
  • What are the rules and regulations for tourists in Oxford?
  • What are the famous cuisines at Oxford?
  • Which are the local and popular dishes?
  • How do you smartly visit all places in Oxford in a day?
  • How to travel to Oxford from London?
  • What are places to explore the natural history museum in Oxford?

Let’s Plan Your Next One Day Journey To Oxford:

After considering the points mentioned above, I’ve written this article in a way that you can experience the easiest and most appropriate planning to visit Oxford in a day.

What To Do In One Day Trip To Oxford?

In this section, I’ve listed the most visited places in Oxford and attractive tourist destinations in Oxford. You can also visit more places nearby these. Keep in mind that you can do one day journey to Oxford one or more of the following.

Walking Hour:

Oxford city is somewhat maze, and you may be lost. Therefore, spare some time to learn about this place and learn about the history and current things happening to this city. If you know something about Oxford, you don’t have to spare time.

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Take Tours:

You can prefer tours like Official University and City Your. They start from the visitor center. Oxford Tourism Board runs this visitor center and has scheduled several hours a day. It lets you know the following.

  • Overview of Oxford
  • Covered market
  • High street
  • Bodleian Library
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Several University Colleges 

Apart from these major points, this tour takes you to numerous other tourist points.

University Colleges:

You can also plan some specific trips like University Colleges. It includes getting to know about several colleges on your walking tour. The local guides will also let you know when places you can visit by yourself. However, it needs extra time to explore the city on your own. 

day trip to oxford
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Oxford University:

Of course, you can not forget about Oxford University, one of the oldest universities in the world. It covers thirty-eight colleges. All these colleges are independently governed, including halls, faculties, departments, and different fields.

Christ Church:

Do you know Christ Church is not an actual church because it’s one of the best Oxford Colleges? This place is quite popular among tourists because many Harry Potter films have been shot in this college. For example, the Great Hall, a Harry Potter film, was inspired by the Great Hall of the college, Christ Church.

Go Punting:

Have you heard of this classic pastime of Oxford, Punting? You can enjoy it for lengthy periods. You will understand how it happens. You can also find some pubs on your journey. Of course, there will be some confusion about how to start Punting, but you can do it, and the best place to punt is Cherwell Boathouse, having bars and restaurants in both directions.

Imbibe a Beverage:

You can also visit some places in Oxford like amazing watering holes. These are all great options to make your day trip to Oxford the best trip. The locations include White Horse, The Eagle & Child, Lamb and Flag, and the King’s Arms. You can also find some complicated places like The Turf Tavern, near the Bridge of Sighs.

Oxford Castle:

Do you have children? It will be great to visit Oxford Castle with them, built in the 10th century. It worked as the main defensive centre of this city. After that, in the 14th century, this castle was used as a prison. The English civil war was why the original castle got destroyed, but currently, it is used for several functions.

University Church:

You can climb the university’s church. It’s a great location to navigate the area. I specifically love towers to climb. This place is the University Church (of St. Mary the Virgin), found next to the Radcliffe Camera. 

Other Places To Visit In Oxford:

Exploring Oxford city to the fullest takes a long time, but these places are great to visit. You will enjoy each moment of your journey at these places. All you have to know is to search about these places and go to see them.

  • Go on the tour of Oxford and find some beautiful tourist attractions and destinations.
  • You can explore some of Stonehenge & Windsor. It will also take a day, but your trip to the West will be the best. These are the best attractions in London.
  • You can plan your one-day tour at Oxford and Harry Potter Studios. But, unfortunately, these two destinations are too popular among visitors.
  • You can also explore some stone villages of the Cotswolds.
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Hence, you don’t have limited choices to explore Oxford. Just search about things and experience yourself.

Staying At Oxford:

Don’t you think about day trip to Oxford won’t be completed in a day? Don’t worry! You can find some budget-friendly stays at Oxford if your trip is longer than a day. 

I spent my night at the Hawkwell House Hotel. It is located outside the city centre and found in Iffley Village, but don’t worry about this journey. It’s only a short taxi ride from Oxford city centre.

Other locations are also good with the comfortable rooms that provide English breakfast, free WiFi, luggage storage, and other attractive offers.

How To Travel From London To Oxford?

Oxford from London is a quick trip to go. You can prefer trains or buses or of course, book cabs. You can find some direct trains from London (Paddington station) to Oxford. The trains are scheduled for almost every hour. The fast train let you reach within one hour.

I believe that when you are short on time, don’t prefer local trains to make your journey affordable because local trains have more than four stops. So, it takes two hours to reach Oxford. You can visit the Trainline website and get your advanced booking done. I went through all train booking sites in the UK but found that Trainline is the most convenient. 

You can save money if you get advanced bookings done because prices are low. Then, after the booking is confirmed, you get your tickets on your mobile or contact them at the station.

day trip to oxford
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London to Oxford buses is also available. Of course, these options are cheaper in the UK than the train, but they take a little bit longer time. 

Drive Yourself:

Do you prefer driving yourself? It will take only 60 to 90 minutes from London to reach Oxford for your day trip to Oxford. You can choose Hire Car and get yourself a car to drive yourself. It will be more convenient because you can take your time. 

  • I prefer driving myself to various destinations. It takes no time to get yourself a car, and you have the following benefits.
  • You can prefer locations according to priorities and time available.
  • Spend your quality and quantity time at particular destinations without worrying about tourist guides.
  • You have full control of your journey.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to plan your day trip to Oxford and the places to visit in Oxford? How many times did you plan your trip to Oxford or any other tourist attraction? In this article, I have shared the smartest and easiest way to plan the best travel and how to schedule timings to take maximum benefits and happiness and excitement of your trip to Oxford. You can also relate it with other places and plan your trip.

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