The Psychology Behind Slot Games

Slot Games

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word casino is endless rows of slot games, spinning roulette wheels or even an intense game of blackjack. However, in terms of the sheer number of players and how much revenue they generate for casinos, slot games are by far the most significant. 

These fun and simple games have a tendency to dominate the floor or even the homepages of online sites like Thailand online casino. Which clearly shows that people just can’t get enough of them. This is because the secret to their success actually lies in the psychology of the users.

Cognitive Dissonance

The psychological phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance is responsible for many forms of addiction. Including smoking, which as we all know leads to many different health issues that can be fatal. 

Of course, slot games are considered a much more light-hearted type of fun compared to smoking. However, they do have a similar effect on the brain. For instance, every legitimate slot game has something called a Return to Player rate that you can gain access to. Which tells you that overall, you will receive less than 100% of what you put into the game. People will still continue to play, hoping that they will be in that incredibly lucky percentile that ends up making a profit thanks to the losses of other players who didn’t get so lucky.

Dopamine – The Reward System

Every time we accomplish something, no matter or small like eating or exercising, our brain receives a reward called dopamine. This chemical is a message that is exactly the same as pleasure every time it’s released, causing you to experience a feeling of happiness.

Studies show that playing video games have this exact same effect and slots even more so because there is the possibility that you can win some money while you’re at it. This feeling can become extremely addictive and is a very good explanation of why slots are so enjoyable. Add to that the risk and rewards systems which can also create a momentary high for the player.

Feeling Like You Are in Control

People love to feel like they are in control. Even when doing things that are proven to have uncertain outcomes. Slot machines have the ability to play into our innate desire to gain control despite knowing that the chances of you winning are completely up to luck.

The simple act of pushing the button can create the feeling of being in control, although you have zero chances of actually influencing the outcome of which symbols line up. It’s all down to the programming of our brains.

Your brain views you taking the action as making a positive action. Triggering dopamine and other feel-good chemicals when you come to a winning combination or even a feeling of a “near win”.

Just keep in mind that no matter which lucky objects you have with you, or how many times you push the buttons on your favorite slot game, you essentially have no control over whether you win or lose.


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