The Thrill and Excitement of Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

The Rainbow Six Siege is a new approach, which can be achieved by the first-person shooter that puts masterful destruction, as well as tactical combat at the center of the action. In between thrilling and tense combat scenarios, it helps to lead your team with counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through strategic improvisation along with smart preparation. The game is now available on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here is all you need to know about it.

More about the key features

Rainbow Six Siege

The “world’s elite counter-terrorist operators” lets you select your operator that helps in building unique ability through which you can defend the objective of the elite team. The “rules of siege” come with attack vs. Defend, five vs. five, fortify vs. Infiltrate. It comes with a team-based strategy that can meet tactical, as well as intense combat. The “destruction as a tool” uses to shatter walls and also the ceiling and floors can be breached. If you can use the destruction keys efficiently, victory will not be far from you. The “close quarters combat” that comes with tight spaces help in shaping various combat arenas, as well as personal fire fighters, tense encounters within each Siege. 

More about the release

On the weekend, the Rainbow Six Siege took the famous stage in Canada that is named Place Bell to compete with a USD 3 M prize pool. The purpose of “Rainbow Six’s annual world championship” was to crown a 16-team international tournament. Throughout the weekend, the community was the only word, which was being repeated by the special guests, fans, as well as commentators. The Rainbow Six Siege has become more than just a major tournament and developers took the stadium on a Saturday night to talk with the fans on the new game so that they can improve on the existing characters, along with the map when they create the new version of the game in the future. 

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A gist about the teaser!

Ubisoft spent enough time to first communicate with the community about the Rainbow Six Siege game and how the change can be made. Throughout the event, the relationship that developed between the community and the developer was the common theme. While entering the venue, the spectators will walk through “a museum-like row” that displays figures of major community that include cosplayer Melisse, Drumgoole and Reddit admin Jacob along with other members of Rainbow Six Siege. According to their contribution, the community figure will be awarded and it is the first time that a Reddit moderator has received an award. 

A fantastic match!

The Rainbow Six Siege has been started with a lot of anticipation, as well as promises. Whereas some of the players have already got used to the new operator of Siege, some of them are still working with the operator that they have. It was a massive tournament that wrapped up on 16th February. After the Halloween event, the final match between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Spacestation Gaming was the new thing that was a nail-biter. Ubisoft has also released the final match in-universe that proves to be an explosive final. 

The big competition!

Rainbow Six Siege

When you watch the trailer of Rainbow Six Siege, you can see that the Siege operators are competing in a tense match with an artificial battleground. The attackers have been successful in taking home the victory while the defenders are consoling each other and are waiting for the next year’s event. During the final match, you can feel the spirit of competition. You can also see that some of the things like the setting of the tournament does not exactly match with the counter-terrorism tone but the competitive spirit matches when it comes to players. 

Was it successful?

The cinematic game continues to be successful in capturing people’s attraction in comparison to many other game. It has helped in bringing more remarks that will help in bringing the change with time. There is still uncertainty about the future of the Rainbow Six Siege and the more important fact is that in for Year, only 6 new operators were confirmed. That means that there is a lesser number of new content in the game. 

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About the characters

The Rainbow Six Siege is gameplay that kills first and is also considered as one of the most rewarding, as well as daunting rewarding FPS games that you can play with. Let’s take a look at the friendly operators that you can use for defenders and attackers of the game. 

Rook (GIGN)

It is a unique gadget that is simple and helps a person to understand the ropes quite easily. Your team also will know how to grab your armor pack that is quite beneficial for the entire team. Make sure that you do not drop the sachet that contains the armor around the window. 

Kapkan (Spetsnaz)

Rainbow Six Siege

This device is a surprise for the attackers who can foolishly step anywhere before watching. In the door frame, drilling can be done easily with the help of it. It is better to avoid planting them on the windows and along with the five devices at the disposal; you can also apply your creativity in placing the object. It is better to do it in a way that helps in covering every possible entryway from the main capture point. 

At the end

Well, after reading this article, you might wish to play Rainbow Six Siege. If you wish to surprise your attackers, you can also do that with the help of these operators. All the characters of the game have got equal limelight and the cinematic story helps in revealing a single match story between the attacking, as well as the defending team. It shows how classic operators look like and how it sounds. With the Rainbow Six Siege, you can see the transition from its wetwork mentality to door kickers, as well as wild adventures. 

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