6 Things That You Should Avoid In Link Building


In this digital era, where all businesses are shifting to digital mediums, it is important to get yours noticed. Just having a website is not enough. If people are not visiting it, it is of no use. More and more people should be visiting your business’s website in order to promote your products or services on digital media. One way of getting your website noticed, is Link Building. It is the method in which you make your website’s link available on external pages, from where people can access it. The more external pages have your website’s link, the better is your link building.

There are many ways in which link building can be done, like posting a guest blog somewhere about your products and services or asking your friends and family if they can mention your website on theirs. This way, more and more people can be directed towards your website. Having more traffic on your website means the better promotion of your business.

Not only this, if you can get your website linked from some high-quality websites, there are chances of getting your website’s rank improved on Google. As more the number of high-quality website links, better the rank. But remember that these websites should be well known and well reputed, otherwise it is of no use. If you are thinking that how exactly google ranking can help you with your business, then the answer is very simple. When you search for something on Google, the website that appears on the top of the results is the top-ranked website. So, a better google rank will mean that your website appears in top results and not on the second or third page of it.

Also, link building helps in gaining the trust of customers. Suppose you get linked from the website of a very famous blogger. So, people who trust that blogger will also trust your products and services. Gaining the trust of people is a very big deal and with link building, it can be done easily.

But, link building is not a simple process. There are equal chances of rocking the process and getting rocked by it. If done right, link building can give lots of benefits to your business. And if not done in the right way, link building can easily create a bad image of your website on digital mediums. It can take you months or years to get out of this bad image. This article will tell you some of the mistakes that you might make during the link building process. Avoiding these mistakes will make sure that your business only gain benefits from link building.

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Mistakes to avoid during link building

Here are some of the points you should keep in mind before going for the link building process:

  • Recycling Content

Backlinks to websites are not just links, you also have to provide some content with it. If you are making your own promotional content, then you should remember that the content posted on various pages should not be the same. Making slight changes in content does not count in new content, it still remains the same. Finding the same content on different websites will ensure people that the content’s sole purpose is to promote your website. And this way, no trust from them will be gained.

  • Linking Just Homepage

Remember to create backlinks for different pages of your website. If the blog or website is promoting your brand, then creating a backlink for your homepage is fine. But if it is about a particular product or service, then a backlink to that product should be created. This will give a more natural look to your backlink.

Also, linking just your website’s homepage everywhere can lead to an increase in the bounce rate of it. As there are chances that people leave the website without exploring it further. And hence no product or service will be promoted. And nobody wants to waste their time buzzing around irrelevant information. But if they will get directly to the product, there are more chances of them buying it.

  • Linking To Bad Websites

Getting backlinks from bad reputation websites will only harm your website. An example of such sites can be a duplicate content website or a spam website. As these websites already have a bad reputation, search engines do not trust them and they will not trust you either. This means the ranks we talked about, will only deteriorate. Also, these websites are not trusted by people, so you will not be able to gain the trust of customers by backlinking from these.

  • Not Keeping Up The Content

Just creating backlinks is not important. When people visit your website from somewhere else, they expect your website to have a good quality of content. So always remember to keep the content of your website as rich and relevant as possible. This will make people more interested in your website and ultimately in your products and services.

  • Not Being Consistent

When content is freshly published, it gains lots of views. But with time, its daily or weekly views drop significantly. So link building is not done just once. You have to make sure that new articles or blogs mention your website every now and then so that it can reach more and more people. You also might be launching new products or services over time, so you can create new backlinks for these products too.

  • Leaving Out Social Media

Social media is a must in your link building strategy. As the majority of people spend a lot of time surfing social media websites, it is important to make your website’s presence noticed on social media. Also, various websites sell links to businesses on which they can create backlinks and get better ranking for their website. If your website receives backlinks from many websites, but none from social media, it might look spammy to google.

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Link building is a must for businesses, but these mistakes can make it a bad experience for yours. So, keep all these points in mind and make sure that you make the most out of this process and do not get trapped in its mistakes.

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