Things You Need To Know About WordPress Vs WIX

wordpress vs wix

There are thousands of people across the planet who create new websites for various reasons. To create a new website, one must choose a platform that will be very beneficial for them. For many, when they look up to the WordPress vs Wix option, it becomes quite challenging for them to choose. Since both the platform will allow them to create unique and beautiful posts and pages. 

Therefore, their designs and features differ greatly from each other. In this WordPress vs Wix document, you will be provided information on both of the platforms. The information will be based on the user experience, differences, and provide you a clear picture of what these platforms are capable of. 

The showdown: WordPress vs WIX

1 WIX:

wordpress vs wix

Wix is known to be an all-in-one solution for website building that will enable individuals to create beautiful websites within minutes. In the battle between WordPress vs Wix, you will find Wix to be powering over 110million websites from 190 countries. No matter what type of skill you have or which industry you belong to, this platform will cater according to your needs. You can build websites, by using one template out of the 500 customizable ones, which is available within the Wix Editor. Wix is also pictured as a hosted solution. This means if you create a website using Wix the platform will deliver you with full security, maintenance, and all hosting services.

  • Top features of Wix

There are numerous features available under the Wix platform and some of them are provided below. They are

  • Premium and free Wix packages.
  • Responsive templates for all types of niches and industries.
  • Analytic tools, marketing, and SEO.
  • Premium and extensive-free applications.
  • 24×7 support from Wix.

The above-mentioned features are the most popular and for which is Wix is better known about the users.

  • Wix: User experience

When you compare WordPress vs Wix, you will find Wix to be very easy to use for all individuals to use it. This means, within a matter of minutes and your website will be ready to be used. However, the offset about this platform is that the customization options have a limit when compared with WordPress. However, all you need to do is sign up into your account and use one of the three ways for building your website, which is mentioned below. They are

  • Artificial Divine Intelligence (ADI):

 Using ADI to create your website is a good option. All you need to do is simply answer some questions the websites and then, just wait. Once your website is designed you can then take the step to customize as you need. This is a great choice if you do not many skills in designing.

  • Wix Editor: 

The Wix Editor is known to be a user-friendly and effective tool. It is also very flexible in the area of modifications and design elements. When you use Wix Editor, you can easily choose a template for your website and customize it by using the drag-and-drop website builder. You can add all types of design elements without even touching the line of code.

  • Wix Code:

This is a new addition to the Wix family. Under this option, the platform takes the help of Wix Code APIs and JavaScript that will help you create websites and web applications.

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wordpress vs wix

WordPress is considered to be everyone’s platform of choice, and it is also a solution that is recommended by many experts. However, using WordPress is not everyone’s cup of tea for which this WordPress vs Wix document will only stick to the facts that you need to know. WordPress is a content management system that will give you the chance to create any type of website. This is free and open-source software, where you will be in control over the customization and designing of your website. When you compare WordPress vs Wix, you will find that WordPress has taken the next step to provide thousands of plugins, and themes, services. This is designed for all types of industries and businesses.

  • Top features of WordPress

Given below are some of the most popular features of WordPress for which this platform receives so much love from the users. 

  • The software is free to use.
  • You will have full ownership of your website. This is because WordPress is self-hosted so your website belongs to you.
  • Thousands of tools and options available for customization.
  • A wide range of premium and free products available.
  • Receives extensive support through the hands of a Global Community.

The mentioned features that complete the entire WordPress platform and as a newbie, you have a clear image of it.

  • WordPress: User experience

Under the WordPress vs Wix category, WordPress is known to have a steeper learning curve. It will not deliver the immediate built-in user experience that is very much essential to Wix. On the other hand, WordPress can be learned quickly. Once you have the skills in your pocket, you can easily use the unlimited customizing options, which are provided by the software. 

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When it about WordPress vs Wix, WordPress wins the bet in this place. This is because WordPress creates websites according to the needs of its users. There are three ways that WordPress has in store for you, to create websites They are:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder: 

A premium page builder has the power to customize any aspect of your website. This all can be done by simply dragging and dropping the design elements around the page of your website. 

  • Theme Options Panel: 

Many themes give customization options through the theme options panel. This option is considered to be very much straightforward if you are willing to change your website.

  • Live Customizer: 

With the help of a customizer, a majority of the themes will enable you to customize some of the elements of your website. This option is considered to be easy and quick to customize your website on a real-time basis.

Final thoughts on WordPress vs Wix

wordpress vs wix

Now, you already have a clear picture of the features and user experience of both the platforms. Choose between WordPress and Wix will depend on your budget, experience, and needs. However, if you are looking for a platform that will help you create an online blog or business, which will grow over time then WordPress will be the one for you.

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