10 Tools to Help You Generate Sales and Traffic From Pinterest


Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can bookmark tutorials, recipes and a lot more. What’s unique about this? Just like any other page to bookmark articles? Nah! It is the second largest search engine following up on Google, and also it can bring thrice more traffic than any other social website to your blog. Hence, getting traffic from Pinterest is an important factor for a business to grow.

According to research, an average user spends up to 15 minutes using Pinterest and follows nine brands.

The best part of this web site is an average pin stays on the site or the pinboard for over 3.5 months and it doesn’t get lost in billions of pins. That is 50% longer than an average Facebook post that gets lost in the timeline. This if taken to advantage can work for you in the right way.

However, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest doesn’t get that much traffic from businesses. This is especially beneficial for your brand to market your products. But, the key to success is to use the platform efficiently.

There are tools that you can be a powerful resources business owners who want to market their business and will help in getting traffic from Pinterest. These tools can help you remain consistent and give you food results in less time.

So let’s take a look as to how you can achieve sales and generate traffic some popular tools for getting traffic from Pinterest. 


Pin alerts

Pin alert is a tool that notifies you when someone shares or pins content from your website. These come as a very handy tool for knowing whether your pins are popular or not. It helps you know whether people like your pins or they find your competitors post more interesting.

You can gain followers by this tool and know what they prefer more

This is a free tool and very easy to use. You can also control how many notifications you receive so as not to clutter your inbox

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This is a special tool which is used for analytics and scheduling your pins. Its interface gives you an overview of the performance of your blog over the past week. Including detailed reports of a number of pins, repins and the number of followers you have gained.

It also tracks your engagement rate; this is the score which shows the relevancy of your content for the target audience. There is also a virality score which is based on your Pinterest data which tracks the growth of your account.

It also provides you with optimal posting times or allows you to add your own time slot, where you can save your pins as drafts and post it whenever you feel like.


This tool is for creative people that are not good at designing manually. It helps you craft visually amazing looking pins. This is an editing tool with pre-designed templates specifically for Pinterest. The images are optimised according to board size which makes it easier for pinning. The interface is quite user-friendly, allowing you to edit and make changes easily and creating your masterpiece


Joining boards is another good way to get traffic to your website. True to its name it helps you to get your content pinned on various boards without actually following them.

There are over 1000 active members on popular board they share pinned images reaching to other members. This grouping is done by sorting boards by following their pins and likes. You can discover high activity group boards easily by this app’s database.


Consumers on the internet do not feel safe because of various scams that take place. However, they trust reviews and suggestions posted by other users on the website. This tool allows you to connect the biggest influencers on Pinterest. Even if you are a moderately popular account, this is a great tool to earn some revenue by pinning for other brands and collaborating.

E.g.: If you are into making chocolates you can ask famous food bloggers to review your product and pin for you.


If you are one of those extremely social people that love to spend time both on Facebook and Pinterest, then this tool can actually save a lot of your time and makes your work easier as this helps you to convert the images from Facebook timelines into pins.

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Viral Tag

The viral tag is one of the effect tools which allow you to share visuals as well as drive in more traffic. This tool which is supported in numerous social media application allows you post pins regularly as well as with numerous different editing and captions. It has numerous graphic modification tools which allow for easy content editing and posting.


At times we come across a picture that interests and we want to know about the details. This extension exactly helps in doing this. The details can be found by performing Google search on any picture and find different specifications you come to know about the designer, website from where the image actually is and even similar images

It uses a simple search button over pins, and the button appears only when you hover over a picture and not actually disturb your browsing experience


It is a simple picture creating a tool that is designed to work fast and make picture building as easy as possible. It helps in branding as you can put your logo in the picture or combine two or more pictures. Using this you can easily establish your right over single or multiple images all at once.


Finds a great image to pin for your websites and add to the Pinterest board based on interests and also makes pinning something you would like on Pinterest easier.

It is the best time to take the power of Pinterest and make your websites grow by getting traffic from Pinterest. It has become the thing for writers, advertisers and marketers. Many people neglect this platform as it is relatively harder to use from other social networks. However, if used the right way, you can achieve some tremendous business growth.

However, you can use this fact and help it grow to a large extent.

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