Top 10 Best Beach Destinations Around The World To Visit

Best Beach Destinations
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Do you know what makes the best beach destination? Many people want to know the top beach destinations to spend vacation time and go on couple’s trips. This article will discuss the ten best beach destinations and world-famous attractions for tourists and travellers. You can perform lots of activities and enjoy the spread of sand a long way. Of course, these beaches are some of the calmest and most deserted shorelines. They’re threatless and safe to roam around the sands and islands. Let’s start this article and take you on a tour of cool beach destinations.

Why Do You Visit Beaches?

People plan to go to the beach to enjoy unique yet attractive and satisfying scenery, beach quality, cleanliness, clear weather, natural views, accessibility to Islands, sands, and sea waters, and fun activities like swimming and walking photoshoots, and more.

Are you seeing the information about the best beaches globally for these fun activities? Do you want to make your kids enjoy the beach, spend quality time with your partner, or want to see how people enjoy beaches? Let’s do it.

A Beach Is Holiday Destination:

The beach is one of the best and most excellent holiday locations where you can relax, enjoy, have a good time, enjoy nature, and have fun activities. Every year, millions of people visit these ten beaches around the world. You can enjoy the following at these places.

  • Spread of white sands
  • Waving palm trees
  • Vocational activities
  • Turquoise waters
  • Walking on the beach
  • Relaxing on the sand
  • Playing games
  • Couple photoshoots
  • Natural views
Best Beach Destinations
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Top 10 Best Beach Destinations:

Of course, it’s not limited to the above list. You can do as many things as you can imagine at the best beach destination. The following is the list of beaches worldwide you should visit.

1. Bora Bora:

Do you plan your vacation in western countries? It would help if you thought about this French Polynesia Island. It’s small, but of course, a mighty one. This Island is only 6 miles long but 3 miles wide. There are stunning beaches, green forests, attractive resorts, overwater bungalows, and beautiful trees. Go there, and see how your stress vanishes, seeing this beauty of nature. You can also target mount Otemanu and enjoy the calm waters of this place. I’ve seen thousands of people visiting this place for fun and peace simultaneously.

2. Mauritius:

No! I can’t forget to list this beach in my article. You may have seen that many films include Mauritius and its beach this scenic African Island is one of the best places to visit Africa. You can enjoy the west coast, shorelines, beaches, white sand, pretty beautiful sunrise and sunset, and more. These beaches have some of the cleanest waters in the world. You can plan your next beach trip to Mauritius and enjoy your vacation consciously. Of course, keep some swimsuits with you and enjoy the sea bath and sunbath. I believe it’s very cool to visit Mauritius.

3. Maldives:

One of the coolest and best beach destinations in the Maldives that you must experience once in your life. Do you know that this tropical place has approximately 1200 islands? Yes! And that’s the craziest thing about it. The more strange part is that almost all beaches have their unique identity, beauty, nature, and atmosphere. All these beaches can surely give you extra fun and satisfaction. You can enjoy pearlescent sands, huge palm trees, blue waters that are eye-catching, and real sunrise and sunset that create beautiful moments to spend with your partner.

4. Maui:

It is also a great beach destination that keeps you feeling satisfied once visiting this place. This Island is very cool and calming because you can find both big and small beaches easily accessed and roamed for enjoyment. Also, these islands are for both families and couples because most of the beaches are attractive places for adults and couples that visit for a calm yet romantic place. The waters are these places mostly calm and peaceful. Enjoy walking on a shoreline with your partner, having hands in hands.

5. Bahamas:

There are almost 700 islands in the Bahamas, and you can find countless beaches here. So, there is no question or confusion that you can’t find your type of beach in the Bahamas. Just try exploring the Bahamas on the internet and see how many types of beaches and their uniqueness you can feel there. There are many swimming spots, and if something like underwater caves excites you, these are the best beach destinations. You can dive and explore some caves to collect beautiful memories.

6. United States Virgin Islands:

If your next trip is planned for the United States, I advise you never to forget about the Virgin Islands. These charming islands are the best for travellers that are curious and crazy for fun and new activities at beaches. Of course, these beaches are popular among visitors, but some places keep you away from the crowds, and you can enjoy the real beauty and calmness of nature. These places are the best destinations for vacation and trip planning.

7. Thailand:

Thailand has tropical beach destinations that are the best in the world. You find some cool places like sugar white sandy beach, clear water, dramatic scenery, beautiful and calming waves, mass tourism, thousands of people visiting these Islands, and a romantic atmosphere. These locations still seem to be in the 90s, and you forget the outside world when visiting these places. If you want to plan your holidays at beaches, consider Thailand.

8. North-western United States & Canada:

This American continent has some widely spread beaches globally that are the best beach locations you must go to once. You can find Beach in Olympic National Park, Pacific Rim National Park, and many cool places to visit in America. If you are crazy about cold and calm waters, visit these beaches’ shorelines and see how it feels. You will feel like it’s heaven on the earth and all beaches are some of the world’s greatest wonders. You can start a walk of miles and explore shorelines and seashores to enjoy and learn the nature’s beauty.

9. Cape Town, South Africa:

Do you people think I need to give an introduction to this place? Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most popular places to visit globally, and when it comes to the best beach destination, you don’t have to ask any questions about this one. Do you even know that cape town is the most beautiful city globally? Yes! It is, and the beaches are good too. It lets you see the spectacular Atlantic seaboard, seashores, and shorelines. You can visit cape town with your partner, which will be too romantic.

Best Beach Destinations
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10. Seychelles:

The last beach is the best, but it’s not the least. There are hundreds of more beaches worldwide you must visit, but for the time limitations and other reasons, I can not cover all the beach destinations. By going to the Seychelles islands, you can visit up to 115 different islands, and each of them gives you different feelings of satisfaction. Roam there with your love, partner, or kids, or visit this place with family or friends. There is nothing best than going to beaches with your loved ones. Some bloggers and vloggers go on solo trips to explore and write something creative and exciting about these places.

When To Go Best Beach Destination?

The ideal time to visit any place is not specific because you can go to beaches any time you are free and want to go there, which I think. But when it comes to planning your vacation, you can prefer summertime and summer vacation because these are the best days to enjoy beaches’ real power and beauty.

Many families enjoy their vacation at beaches, and you can feel the real meaning of going to beaches. But if you are going with your partner, you must prefer winter or monsoon, because beaches become more beautiful and romantic in winter and summer. In addition, there will be a small crowd, and no more people will be there to disturb and ruin the atmosphere.

But remember that in the rainy season, the chances of bad weather are higher from time to time, and you must have prepared for the same because people do not enjoy any weather for a long time. Therefore, you may need shelter and relax with your partner during the rainy season.

Wrapping Up:

Which of these ten is your favourite beach destination? I have shared a list of the ten best beach destinations worldwide that you must visit once in your lifetime. We also discuss the best time to visit these places. So, you can understand how to plan your next trip to beach destinations. If you have got a family, the summer vacation is the best time to explore these beaches, and if you are going in a couple, you can prefer any month of the year.


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