Top 10 Best PUBG Guns for PUBG lovers


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or as commonly known by PUBG, is an online multiplayer game that is based on the battle royale genre of video games. PUBG was released in 2017, and it gained a massive amount of popularity in no time, which most games fail to achieve even in the long run. Being a battle royale game, the two most important aspects of PUBG are guns and expertise. Now, knowledge can be obtained only by playing the game regularly. But even then, the players need to choose the correct PUBG guns so that they can beat the opponent and take more wins in their account. To make their game easy, we have made a list of top 10 PUBG guns that most game experts use and that most players can use. These guns help them with several factors during the game, and ultimately, make them win. 


In any list of PUBG guns, the first name is always M416, which is a 5.56mm assault rifle. The reason for its popularity amongst PUBG players is its friendliness. Even naive players find this gun to be straightforward to use. Here are a few exciting features of M416. 

  • The gun has hit damage of 43
  • The bullet is fired from the gun with a high speed of 880 m/s
  • Original magazine size is 30, and an extended magazine of size 40 can also be used
  • The zero range of M416 is 100 to 400, which makes it a short-medium range assault rifle.
  • M249

Unlike other PUBG guns, M249 is only available in airdrops, which makes it a little tough to acquire. Moving on to the specs, it is a 5.56mm light machine gun. Some other details are:

  • M249 has hit damage of 45
  • A massive bullet speed of 915 m/s
  • Magazine size of the gun is 100, and it does not have an extended magazine
  • It has a zero range of 100 to 500 
  • AWM

AWM stands for Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, which is a bolt action sniper rifle. The power and damage of AWM make it far better than all other PUBG guns. A few exciting features of the gun are:

  • AWM has massive hit damage of 105, which is the level that none of the PUBG guns has matched 
  • Its bullet speed is also better with the value 945 m/s
  • Its magazine size is 5, and a size 7 extended magazine 
  • The bullet shot from this gun has the ability to penetrate through a level 3 military helmet
  • DP-28

DP-28, or as commonly known by the Degtyaryov infantry machine gun, is a 7.62mm light machine gun. The gun was first used in the year 1920 when it got manufactured in Russia. It is one of the most powerful PUBG guns. Its features include:

  • It has hit damage of 51
  • The bullet speed lies at the value 715 m/s
  • DP-28 has a magazine size 47 and does not support an extended magazine
  • The gun also has a stand for better recoil control
  • UMP

The Universal Machine Pistol (UMP) is a submachine gun. The gun was named UMP9 initially, but then the name was updated to UMP45. It was because of its ammo change, which was 9mm earlier and 45ACP later. Here are the details of UMP:

  • It is one of the low hit damage PUBG guns with the value of 39
  • Its bullet is also less at 400 m/s
  • It has zero range of 100-300
  • Both of the versions of this gun are available in reality
  • M16A4


The M16 rifle was introduced in 1964 at the Vietnam war. As the name suggests, M16A4 is the M16’s fourth generation, which is a 5.56mm assault rifle. The players need to use it well to turn it into a powerful weapon. Details of M16A4 are: 

  • It has hit damage of 43
  • It has an exceptional bullet speed of 1000 m/s 
  • Its original magazine size is 30, and an extended magazine size of 40 is also available
  • The gun’s zero range is short to medium, with value 100-500
  • Groza

Groza is one of those PUBG guns that are available only in airdrops. The gun was initially designed in the 1990s in Russia. Some interesting features are: 

  • It has hit damage of 49
  • Groza’s bullet speed is moderate at 715 m/s 
  • The gun has an original magazine of size 30 and an extended magazine of size 40
  • It is a short-range assault rifle with zero range of 100-300
  • AKM

AKM is a modernized version of the famous 1940 AK-47 rifle. So it is a 7.62mm assault rifle. It is one of the most powerful automatic PUBG guns with both single and auto firing modes. Some other details are:

  • The hit damage of AKM is 49
  • Its bullet is fired with a speed of 15 m/s
  • Original magazine size of AKM is 30, and it has an extended magazine of size 40
  • It fits in all ranges with zero range of 100-1000
  • S12K

The name Saiga-12K accounts for a semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun. It is one of the most amazing PUBG guns that a player can own because their enemy would be scared the moment they will know the player owns an S12K. Its features include:

  • It comes with low hit damage or 22
  • The speed is the bullet is also kept low at 350 m/s
  • Its magazine size is 5, or 8 with an extended mag
  • It is a short-range rifle with zero range of 25
  • M24


Standing out from all the PUBG guns in this list is a 7.62mm bolt action sniper rifle. If someone has heard about the Remington Model 700, this might seem familiar to them because it is Remington’s extended version. A few interesting details about the gun are:

  • It has significant hit damage of 79
  • M24’s bullet speed is moderate at 790 m/s
  • Its original magazine size is stated as 5, which can be increased to with an extended mag
  • Perfect for any range, it has a zero range of 100-1000

So, this was for all the PubG fans. All the players should own at least one of these PUBG guns to register more “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in their accounts. All the best for your next game. Enjoy! 😉


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