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YouTube has become popular lately because of readily available internet services. As people started getting high-speed internet at a reasonable rate, they switched their entertainment content from low quality to high. Hence, the popularity of video content increased. And there is no more excellent platform than YouTube to watch a diverse range of visual content. However, not all the content available on YouTube receives similar attention. Some of them draw more attention and get more views, while the others lay down on the less popular side. Here, we have brought the ten most liked videos on YouTube that have received millions of views up until now.

#1 Despacito

most liked video

A Latin song that is sung by Luis Fonsi is on the top of the list of most liked videos on YouTube. There is not one but many facts about this video that makes it unique in YouTube’s history. Some of those are:

  • It has received over 6.8 million views, that no other video on YouTube has ever received.
  • It has maintained the top position on “most liked videos on YouTube” from almost the last three years.
  • It has over 37 million likes.

These points simply imply that from the last three years, no other video has outclassed this song featuring Daddy Yankee.

#2 See You Again

The song by Wiz Khalifa was the most liked video on YouTube before Despasito excelled it a few years back. However, the song still maintains the first position in Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the US. Also, the second position is not as bad because the video has the following stats:

  • This Charlie Puth featuring video has received almost 4.6 million views to date.
  • More than 28 million YouTube users have liked this video.
  • Even though it has been over five years since this song released, it still maintains the second position.

It was one of the most exciting soundtracks from the Furious 7 Album. Maybe that is the reason behind it being so popular.

#3 Shape Of You

This Ed Sheeran song became popular within hours of getting released. Here are some facts about this video that holds the third position in the “most liked videos on YouTube” list.

  • This video featuring Ed Sheeran lies in the list of “fastest to hit 1 billion views on YouTube.”
  • It has more than 4.8 billion views, which means if this were a list of most-watched videos instead of most liked videos, this would be above See You Again.
  • Up until now, the video has received over 23 million likes.
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The song became famous in all parts of the world because of its highly engaging music and lyrics.

#4 Faded

Another song video in the most liked videos list. This song by Alan Walker was a life-changing hit for him. Here are the stats of the video:

  • It has received over 2.7 billion views on YouTube.
  • By now, over 19 million viewers have liked this video.
  • It was the most successful and last song of the “World of Walker Trilogy.”

This electronica genre song helped Walker reach where he is today. And by listening to the song, we can tell exactly why it did so.

#5 Gangnam Style

When this song by Psy was released in 2012, it became viral instantly all over the internet. Here are some surprising facts about this song:

  • It was the first YouTube video that ever hit the 1 billion view spot.
  • It stayed on the top of most liked videos list for almost four years.
  • It still accounts for over 3.6 billion views and 18 million likes on YouTube.

There is nothing that is song has not seen, like unlimited dance recreations, radio plays, etc. Once a person listens to this song, they cannot get it off their mind at least for a few days.

#6 Girls Like You

most liked video

Cardi B teamed up with Maroon 5 for this song. The song has been on YouTube for a short span of two years, and it has made it to the top 10 most liked videos. Some facts about it are:

  • To date, it has received over 2.6 billion views.
  • It has maintained the mark of 16 million likes from the last bit of time.
  • The song won various awards like MTV Video Play Award and The NRJ Song Of The Year Award.

The song definitely did pretty well for the pairing of Cardi B with Maroon 5.

#7 Alone

Marshmello, the Americal DJ, is well known for his various works. However, this is the only one that made it into the list of top 10 most liked videos on YouTube. Here are the details:

  • It has received over 1.7 billion views of YouTube.
  • It gives a fierce competition to Girls Like You with 16 million likes.
  • Marshmello is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.
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#8 Hello

Seventh in the list of most liked videos, this is a song by ballad-master Adele. Here are a few interesting points about this song video.

  • It is left behind by Girls Like You only by a few million views as it also has stats showing over 2.6 billion views.
  • Again left behind by only a million likes, this stands at the mark of 15 million likes on YouTube.
  • This was the most fantastic song of the playlist 25 by Adele.

Adele will be coming up with her new album this year. So we will have to wait to see if she manages to get into the top 5 with the new songs.

#9 Señorita

This song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes has crossed everyone’s playlist once. Some of the stats of the song are:

  • It has over 1 billion views, as of now.
  • It stands in the same position as Hello, with 15 million likes.
  • The song made it to the top of Billboard Hot 100 previous year.

The hot visuals, engaging music, and fun lyrics make this song different from any other in this list.

#10 Boy With Luv

The song has been on YouTube for around a year, and it has already left behind most YouTube videos. Details of the song are:

  • The song stands in the same position as the previous two, with 15 million likes in its account.
  • It did not manage to hit the billion views mark, as it has got only 811 million views.
  • The song features BTS and the American pop singer Hasley.

Though this is the last song on the list, it still has scope to make it to the top in the coming years.

These were the top 10 most liked videos on YouTube, which consists of only song videos. This shows that YouTube is mostly used to watch songs by its users. So it would be a good idea for people to start a song channel on YouTube if they want the become popular instantly.

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