Top 8 Technology Trends for 2020

technology trends

Technology has been evolving since time immemorial and the technology that exists today could be redeemed as backdated the next year. However, it has been noted that technology-based careers don’t change so rapidly. This is because the tech employees are the ones bringing in new technological advancement and new technology trends every year. This means that staying attuned with the current technology trends is of utmost importance. 

It has often been noted that people unable to adapt to new technology trends often fall out of business or lose their jobs. To avoid People also need to know what type of technology trends lie ahead so that they can learn the skills of dealing with these technological advancements so that they don’t jeopardize careers. So let’s understand what technological advancements lies ahead of us in 2020.

 technology trends

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been one of the latest technology trends and within few years it has received a lot of attention. AI has installed computer bots that imitate human intelligence and perform tasks like detection, recognition, processing and decision making. It has been used in navigational maps, streaming services, ride applications, smart home devices, and smartphone personal assistants. Some experts are of the opinion that AI will replace jobs, but if one can adapt and learn skills related to AI, there are lesser chances that AI will replace humans

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which means that computer bots start learning things. They can easily learn patterns and insights of data and store them in their memory for future use. When they come across the same issue, they use this memory to overcome the obstacle and perform their task. Also, if there is a new issue about which machine learning has no idea, then it uses its experience to discover the core of the problem. Meanwhile, they also analyze their previous actions and process the task performed when they had faced similar issues.

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This is how machine learning and it has become one of the latest technology trends of the day. But it is also under the process of evolution and the users may find newer technological advancements in the field of machine learning in 2020. In general, there are two categories of learning which are unsupervised learning and supervised learning. In the Supervised category, there is a high demand for skilled technicians who can help machine learning in data analytics, pattern recognition, and data mining. 

  • Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Much like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a new technology trend that specializes in Automation. It has a software application that helps in automating business-related processes like processing transactions, replying to emails, interpreting applications and dealing with data. It has the ability to do repetitive tasks that would take a lot of manual labor and a lot of time. It is slowly becoming an integral part of finance, medical and business-related industries. Experts are of the opinion that RPA is replacing jobs, and thus people who want to be employed have to keep learning RPA handling skills in 2020. 

  • Edge Computing

technology trends

Cloud Computing is a solution to the boom of data and excess data that accumulates in the systems all around the world. More business is adopting cloud computing and it is going to be the next biggest technology trend in 2020. Edge Computing is a part of Cloud Computing which has solved one of the biggest issues with cloud computing because it can process data that needs time even in remote locations. It can work with little or no internet services or connectivity and acts like small datacenters. There are going to be newer jobs related to Edge Computing in 2020 and this is something to look out for. 

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality or VR absorbs the user into a different reality that has been designed by a human. The Augmented Reality augments the experience in this Virtual Reality. Both these upcoming technology trends have immense potential in the sectors of education, entertainment, training, medical, marketing and even rehabilitation. This technology needs a lot of specialized knowledge and the number of jobs in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality sectors are every increasing in 2020. 

  • Blockchain

Most people are of the view that Blockchain is somehow related to cryptocurrencies. But that is a wrong notion because of Blockchain as a form of data that can be only added. This kind of data cannot be changed and one is only making a chain of data. It has a level of security because one cannot change data and no one can take charge of the data because it is entirely consensus-driven. There is no need for any third entity to validate transactions. As the technology evolves in 2020 more jobs are on their way. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

A number of newer technology trends are coming up with Wi-Fi connectivity, and even one’s car can be connected to the internet for further facilities. From Home Security to Fitness, IoT is making a lot of change by making the internet more safe and efficient. It can do a lot of wonders like predictive maintenance, improved customer services, and medical care and 2020 hold more potential for IoT. 

  • Cybersecurity

technology trends

This is not an emerging technology because it has already had a firm base at present. But it has more potential in 2020 and will certainly remain a technology trend in the future years. This is because a threat related to the internet is ever-expanding and almost the whole of the financial system in the world is being transformed into an online financial system. When there are so many illegal threats to the finance of the world, the technology of Cybersecurity needs more technology advances. 

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These are the Top 8 technology trends for 2020 that are slowly emerging. They will become the next-generation technology. To take full advantage of them, people need to be ever adaptable to these new technologies. And with this article, you will have the complete idea about the trends of 2020.

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