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In this era of technology, working online requires lots of file and data. Every file is different from the other and has different extensions. There is much software available through which you can convert the files format, these software’s are known as the file converter. They can help you in changing the file format from one to another. Some people need to change their PDF files to the word or word file into the PDF format. Some software can provide solutions to your problems online are the online converter. You don’t have any need to download specific software for the particular files. You just have to visit that website and search your desired software for those particular conversions. There is some top of the online file converters that are discussed below. 

This website contains the best file converters; they are of different types and categories. These converters can be easily used and can meet your needs. They can support almost every kind of file format and convert it to your desired format. They are free and done processing in very less time. The website is very simple and you can select any converter according to your demand without any difficulty. You can convert your documents, files, videos, audios, and images in too many different formats.


It is the best software which can allow you to change the file format in a few seconds. There are many options for conversion like you can convert your documents, audios, videos easily. It is high rated software due to its unique features. You can easily convert multiple files at the same time; it is high-quality software which can make your processing hassle-free. The main thing is your data will remain protected and save from the viruses.

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Pdf2doc is the online converter which can convert your PDF files to the MS word format. It allows you to convert a large number of data at a time; you can convert up to 20 files at the same time. All your downloaded files can be easily downloaded and saved in zip archive format. It is very simple and can be accessible on mobile phones. The only thing which may annoy you is the advertisements, it is a free website so they are earning through the ads. You can use an ad blocker to avoid them and have conversion without any disturbance.

Foxy Utils:

It is the fastest online file converter; if you want the fastest conversion of your PDF file into doc tool then Foxy Utils is the best option. It is famous for the batch processing qualities, but the batch processing facility is only for the paid members. It is easily available for the windows, Linux and the Mac OS. You just need to get signed up for the free and the fast conversions. Their many other features you can avail by paying some amount. You can even process the scanned PDF files by having the premium account.

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