Top Prank Apps to fool your friends

Top Prank Apps

Wake Up Caller

Although primarily used as a way to prank to your buddies, it does have its fair share of uses in everyday life. This app has a unique function amongst other prank apps that make it a standout today.

Wake Up Caller can be used as an alarm, reminder or prank call intended to wake someone up at the dead of night. It also lets you prearrange an automatic call at any time to ring any selected number, including yourself. 

For example, you can prank a friend by organizing a prank call every day at midnight, whether you want to do this for a day or a month is up to you.

Upon launch, enter the contact number and include the time and date you wish the app to call.

The app can also be an effective way to cure bad sleeping habits that cause you to be late to school or work. Furthermore, if you have something important to do in an hour, it can also be used as a task reminder. 

Regardless of what your purpose is, it’s easy to use function makes this a fantastic little app.

Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks is primarily known for its creative prank caller youtube channel but did you know it has its very own prankster app?

This app provides a large selection of prank prerecordings which are automated to send once you initiate the call. 

These prerecordings entail different prank scenarios which you can use to fool your buddies without being exposed; some examples include newer inclusions such as ‘Get Your Dry Cleaning or We’re Tossing it!’ and ‘Angry Convenience Store Owner’.

Prerecordings are also highly convincing as unsuspecting individuals will assume a real person is on the line. 

Its human-like response time is due to the apps ability to analyze dialogue in real-time. By recognizing keywords and detecting silence, it can then subsequently respond at the right times.

Prank sections are also included for users to browse more efficiently, for example, if you’re looking to prank your neighbour go to the ‘Neighbours’ section where you will have access to all relevant pranks. 

All calls are recorded so you can listen again and share with friends and family. 

Dude Car Prank Pro

Dude Car Prank Pro takes the fun of photoshopping and implements it into its very own prank app. Most people are aware by now that if something looks fake online, it’s probably been photoshopped, Dude Car Prank Pro uses this concept on your buddies cars.

This app only requires a picture of your friend’s car to start. Afterwards, you will be given access to some unique filters and effects to inflict damage onto your friend’s car image. 

Whether you take a subtle approach by adding a small scratch onto the car door or go all out and light it on fire, the amount of car damage you cause in the picture is up to you. 

Dude Car Prank Pro has three damage filters; from these, you can change the car’s shape and size or adjust its orientation by the amount of damage the vehicle has sustained. 

After you have finished thrashing your buddies car, save the image and show it to your friend, it can also be shared on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook

Cockroach in Phone Prank

If you know someone has a phobia of cockroaches, this is an absolute must-download to scare the living wits out of your friend.

Like the name implies the app makes it appear cockroaches are walking on a person’s phone screen, with its fluid animation and crisp quality it can be initially hard to tell they’re not real. 

To begin, set the time you want for bugs to appear on the display screen, an auto timer sets time intervals at 5 seconds apart, starting at 5, 10 and 15 seconds.

After your specified time expires cockroaches will appear to walk across the screen from one side to the other, regardless of what apps are on at the time.

After you are satisfied with your friend’s hilarious reaction, the animated cockroaches can be removed by expanding the notification bar and touching the transparent notification icon. 

Another method of removal is to shake your phone; this will give you the option to add or remove the cockroaches on screen. 


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