Top Tips to Win Esports Overwatch League – Practice Now!

Esports Overwatch

Overwatch League, a 29 week dedicated international tournament, has become one of the most awaited parts of the eSport industry. All over the world, one million live viewers keep their screen in full-screen mode to see which player or team will win the final title. Do you want those one million viewers’ eyes on you? Thanks to our eSport experts, today we brought to you top tips that will help you win overwatch league and strengthen your game. It is no surprise that Overwatch is one of the most complex games of all time. At every level, the player is required to make difficult choices and face those choices with strategies if they backfire. Without a doubt, it gives a high. So, let’s take a glance: 

#1: Build a team keeping in mind “the heroes.”

To begin with, the most amazing part of the Overwatch game concept is that there’s no single hero. Instead, each player can pick their own hero and lead ahead in the game. Above all, each hero comes with a different set of abilities and skills. In that case, you must build your overwatch esport tournament team in a way that each member is a master in handling its respective hero. 

Not only this, but while you practice Overwatch (at an eSport level), you must consider flexing between heroes so that your personal gaming skills and abilities are not limited to a solo hero character. Because, in overwatch league, only one player can take one hero. In that case, if your choices clash with others, at least you will have the experience to stand by your side. 

#2: Stick together with your team during a fight

Do you know why Overwatch is so successful? It is no first-person shooter game. Instead, it is team-oriented gameplay. Thus, as a team, you can collaborate and interact with each other. But, some teams forget to take advantage of this feature. Instead, in a fight, they focus solely on killing all enemies. But, meanwhile, a smarter team comes and kills all so-called solo and pretentious players. We advise you not to make the same mistake. Whenever a big fight in the overwatch battlefield takes place, build a strategy such that you can kill all the enemies as a team. 

#3: Never stand STILL!

Even though Overwatch is not a first-person shooter game, however, snipers in this gameplay are pretty dangerous. To the reader’s surprise, the best of best overwatch players die in the game because they didn’t see a shot coming. Henceforth, if you want to survive in an overwatch league tournament, you must learn how to persistently move in the game. Furthermore, you can also use this tip to your advantage and wait for your enemies to stand still. As a result, you can easily shoot them. But that’s only when you are not only playing to survive in the game. 

#4: Be unpredictable

More often than not, newbie players try to learn overwatch game tactics via live streaming on youtube or twitch. As a result, they often copy strategies and movements which are very predictable. Thus, your enemies always know your next move. So, if you are still in the overwatch “practicing” zone, you must use your time to learn new pathways in the game. You can build new strategies and moves which your enemies do not know about. As a result, your enemy will keep wondering about your next move whereas you can attack. 

#5: Practice in “Arcade Mode”

In the event that you have not picked a team to be your Overwatch league partner yet. Or if you think that your team is not sufficient enough to help you win the game. Then, you can access  “arcade mode” and practice skills and obtain abilities on your own. The good part about Arcade mode is that you can select any hero without having to fulfill any condition. Not only this, but by practicing for a long time in Arcade Mode, you get a hold of finger action, weapons, pathways in the game, and more. Thus, you no longer need to think about what to do when you see a Widowmaker coming your way! That’s the beauty of it. 

To know more about Overwatch league tournament statistics, tips, strategies, viewership, and more, bookmark us. Esports is the future, be a part of it! 


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