The Top Trading Apps for Beginners For Stock Market

trading apps for beginners

Do you want to invest in the stock market industry for the very first time? Do you think that investing in this industry would be an intimidating job? Of course, it would have been, if you invested in the stock market some two decades ago. But with technology playing its fundamental role in every sector, things have become more interesting and seamless. Gone is the era when you would have to call a full-time broker and pay them outrageous fees for helping you out with trading. With the emergence of do-it-yourself options and discounted brokerages, things are now safer and more convenient. And when you have so many amazing trading apps for beginners, why do you need to worry at all?

The top trading apps for beginners

When you know how the stock market runs and how to play wisely, you need not worry friend! The effective app you choose for trading can be your guide. But first, let’s move on to which ones are safe and easy to use. After that, it is up to you to decide on the most amazing trading application and work accordingly. To know further about the trading apps for beginners, let’s dig deep into the points below.

  • Acorns
    trading apps for beginners


For the beginners in trading, Acorns happens to be an amazing choice. This app gives you an allowance to invest in change and links debit or credit cards to this app. A significant advantage of using this application is it will make investing painless and easier. As a beginner, its design speaks of the benefit that inexperienced and new investors would get. It includes an automatic feature for investing the money. Investors can start off within seconds. 

Its capability of making smaller dollar investment is quite appealing. However, investing should seriously be frequent. Talking about its cost, it will charge a monthly fee, i.e. a small percent of the account balance. It’s, overall, a great platform for starting off with trading business through an application.

  • SigFig

Known for tracking, managing, and optimizing the existing portfolios, SigFig allows customers to manage investments through this application. The users require signing up. They also need to take the risk profile questionnaire and confirm the personalized investment policy. Upon then, they would have to fund their account. The investment is pulled into one single dashboard. It provides users with a real-time view of the stock, ETF, as well as a mutual fund.

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Being one of the prominent trading apps for beginners, it helps investors to optimize the portfolio with the tool. It also helps them receive up-to-the-minute information and news about the market as well as relevant companies. The app manages the very first $10,000 in the portfolio. However, it’s different from other investing applications because it offers a total of 3 years of overview for the brokerage accounts.

  • TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade’s application focuses on the primary investing basics. Talking about the basics of investing, TD Ameritrade helps in accessing streaming quotes, real-time balances, up-to-the-minute news, fund transfer, apart from trading. 

The main highlight of this application is its unique Snap stock feature. With the Snap stock feature, users get an allowance to snap pictures or barcodes on items to search for the company’s name, stock quotes, ticker symbol, and other related information.

  • Benzinga

Benzinga being one of the most important trading apps for beginners, it helps users access to the auto-updating quotes from their smartphones or tablets. The ones who aim at finding immediate information or up-to-the-minute news or breaking news can find this application amazing.

The ones using social media platforms can access additional features as well! That said, they can tweet the trending news of the stock market and share related content on the platforms. Another significant thing that users can do is to opt for the breaking news!

Benzinga gives access to first-time investors upon getting some experience in this sector. After their experience, they can easily upgrade the application to BenzingaPro. The subscribers can choose from the services that range from streaming news to data service and even premium subscriptions as well.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg is another app combining financial breaking news as well as the real-time stock tickers, both for minor and major stock exchanges appreciated by active or causal investors. The ones who are more interested in financial news can choose this particular application. The reason is plain and simple – it doubles up to be an amazing resource for information relate to financial news! Tying the stock market and news under one umbrella, it helps users in a number of ways.

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By using the application, you can even customize stocks in-app and get an inclusive view of your reputation in this stock market. Users also get some personalized news for real-time. They also receive relevant information in accordance with their investing decisions.

  • Stock Market Simulator
    trading apps for beginners

Stock Market Simulator application offers an ability to try things before buying anything. The users can even play the simulated version of the real US stock market. They can invest virtual funds without taking the real risk. As a matter of fact, the accounts are available for users at around $10,000. The virtual stock market updates itself to be 15 to 20 minutes behind the real market.

Well, this means that you can even track the investments in real-time. The application should never be used as a tool for decision making. It is supposed to be one of the brilliant trading apps for beginners and is applicable to the investors who are beginners. It helps beginners to learn more about the stock market and how it entirely works without losing the actual money.

There are a number of reasons why first-time investors opt for the best trading apps for beginners. In accordance with the things mentioned above, you can get a highlight of how trading apps help you tremendously in the stock market. Now that things are pretty evident, you can choose any one of the aforementioned trading applications. This compiles the things that any first-time investor would require knowing about trading applications and choose accordingly.


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