Top TV Shows On Crypto And Blockchain In 2022


With cryptocurrency slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives, it’s not surprising to see that crypto is now playing a prominent role in the way lives are portrayed on TV. This is in reference to shows that expose watchers to the world of crypto in more than a passing way as they have done on popular shows like The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory. All of this is evidence that crypto is quickly becoming part of mainstream life all over the world.

In 2022, several top TV shows are helping to introduce watchers to the crypto concept and things like crypto exchanges, Bitcoin, and the term blockchain. Here are six shows where blockchain technology and crypto are somehow integrated into the landscape.

1. Startup

In an effort to fund her new Gen-coin endeavor, a young entrepreneur is pulled into the underground in her attempts to secure capital for her venture. The show was first introduced in 2016, but it didn’t initially catch on with the viewing public until it was picked up by Netflix in its second season. It only lasted three seasons but the reruns are worth watching.

2. Mr. Robot

The life of security engineer Elliot Alderson is very complicated. By day, he works as a cybersecurity expert. At night, he doubles as a vigilante hacker fighting against underground elements. Of course, many of his cases are directed at the crypto market and money-laundering schemes that revolve around E Corp’s digital currency – Ecoin with occasional references to cryptos like Bitcoin.

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3. Silicon Valley

Welcome to the fictional world of the Palo Alto startup – Pied Piper. The show chronicles the lives of young and highly intelligent entrepreneurs who are fully involved in the development of digital assets. Among the assets they are developing is their proprietary PiedPiperCoin. The show does an excellent job of tutoring viewers on the digital world while making it entertaining.

4. Billions

While the show focuses much of its attention on the battle between hedge fund mogul Bobby Axelrod and arch-nemesis Chuck Roades, the show does delve into the world of digital assets and the drive to beat the legal system on the way to great wealth. Season 5 touched heavily on the crypto market. For a little extra added fun, the Prosecutor of the Southern New York District is in constant pursuit of the show’s antagonist.

5. Black Mirror

Set with a look into the future, this semi-fiction show follows the activities of the show’s characters as they look at the world through the eyes of social media and how the digital social world is evolving. Yes, several episodes revolve around concepts centered on digital currency and social credits.

6. Coins

As the show’s title indicates, this is a show based almost entirely on the concepts of digital assets, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. What’s very unique about this show is that every episode seems to be a documentary on some facet of the inner workings of the crypto world and the ongoing battle against scams, illicit schemes, and hacks.

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