Turquoise Ring and Why They Remain So Popular

Turquoise is worn as a symbol of protection. It is believed to eliminate all negative energies and the evil eye. Turquoise Jewelry looks stunning when it is carefully studded in 925 pure sterling silver. It provides you with that boho look and can spice up your simple-looking attire. Turquoise Metaphysical Properties are known to eradicate the wearer’s mood swings and fill one’s heart with love and joy. To explore a wide range of Turquoise Jewelry, visit Rananjay Exports, a trusted Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and supplier. They offer thousand plus designs to cater all your fashion needs.

Being one of the most renowned gems for so long, Turquoise has managed to forestay in the fashion. With its striking features and incomparable beauty, it has won several hearts. Whether we talk about Ancient Egypt to modern celebrities of 21 century, you can see the trend of this crystal easily.  

The appearance of this gem is generally opaque and has very soft calming natural blue hues. One gazes at the gem, and it provides them with a feeling of warm summer.  

Famed for its elegance and ability to really add a finishing touch to any attire, Turquoise Jewelry is highly cherished. Apart from fashion, the gem holds stunning Metaphysical features that aid with personal growth as well. 

While accessorizing different attires, there is one common accessory that can be worn easily to any occasion and can easily elevate your whole appearance. That magic accessory is none other than Rings. The same is the case with Turquoise Ring. They are really hyped for their simple elegance and ability to easily complete any attire. 

A plain statement Turquoise Ring can instantly add spice to everyday workwear and even glam up evening parties. Generally, these are paired up and look stunning when studded with 925 pure sterling silver as it naturally brings out the beauty of the gem. 

So, what quality is embedded in Turquoise Ring that after still being on and off with fashion it has still managed to capture the attention of many? 

Reasons for the Popularity

Simplicity Having soft calming blue hues with some striking black veins on its surface, the gem is quite simple in appearance. The color is soothing which is quite appealing and a go-to for every occasion. 

Easy to Style – Being simple yet stunning enough to spice up your style, it is a choice for everyone. Let’s just admit, you do not have to think twice before wearing a ring on your hands in the morning. Also, you do not need to worry whether this accessory will go with every attire or not as is the case with neckpieces and other jewelry pieces. So, it’s easy to style your ring even with office wear and even with cocktail dresses. 

  Elevates overall Appearance – Turquoise rings have that statement appeal and quickly add volume to your appearance. Statement jewelry has the power to provide words even to the most boring outfits. Same is the case here. If wearing just a ring could complete and enhance the overall look, then why not? 

Styling trends – People these days like those accessories that can be plain yet add versatility to the style. Turquoise Rings being an expert in that has won hearts for this reason. You can pair your turquoise with different metal colors to provide it with a different touch. You can either go for plain silver, rose gold, or simply gold plated metal in which the stone is studded, according to your preference.  

Also, there are a few fast-picking trends that are currently on the peak which are shared below in this blog.  

Let’s take a look at the recent trends associated with turquoise rings and how exactly people are using them. 

Turquoise Rings In Wedding

People have realized the powers of gemstones during these tough times and are keen to know and experience the healing properties of these gems. In the world of Gemstones, each crystal holds a special meaning and features associated with them. Some are really good for love life, some for growth and career, and some for providing calmness and tranquility. 

This is the reason why people have even started using Turquoise Rings as engagement rings to celebrate their love life-long. People love to customize and personalize it according to themselves and create a memorable gift for their partners.

The gem is known to activate the Heart Chakra which helps with opening up feelings of a person. Various Chakras are responsible to align different mental and emotional functions inside a person. Opening up of heart chakra definitely helps with maintaining good relations with our close ones. It aids with proper communication of thoughts and feelings, thus affecting deeply on our personal relationships. 

This is one of the reasons why couples are hopping on the trend of gifting a Turquoise studded ring. It is a symbol of eternal love and a great way to start the journey with your partner.

Spreading Positivity

Turquoise jewelry is known to bring good luck in the life of the wearer. It is known to increase focus and bring clarity in thoughts and perception. Increasing the level of concentration, the gem helps one with meditating properly. All these various healing powers and beliefs associated with this crystal have caused people to purchase Turquoise Ring with time. 

Generally, people start with rings to experience the vibrations of a gem and so is the case with this stone as well. Because of the continuous connection with one’s skin, its vibrations can be best experienced. It is also known to cure various health issues as well and provide physical healing. Problems like asthma, panic attacks, stress, etc. are believed to be cured through the healings of Turquoise.  

Birthstone Craze

Another gain of popularity is an increase in the trend of Birthstone Jewelry. Turquoise is a December Birthstone and thus craze for its accessories among people born in December has significantly increased. People are again stacking up turquoise rings to fill up their collections. It is a recent trend to stack up jewelry according to the respective birth month. Also, it is believed that wearing respective birthstone jewelry will provide better healing.   

Pairing and Styling

The gem is here to survive all the fashion catastrophe as is revealed with its history. Since it is going to be there let’s look into the ways on how we can pair it up with other gems to maintain its freshness. Let’s incorporate this vibrant piece into our jewelry collection. 

Try and pair up your Turquoise Jewelry with soft-toned gems like Moonstone if you wish to keep your look minimum yet elegant. 

If you want to get the most or maximum from your jewelry then try pairing it up with vibrant colored gems like Pink quartz which complements well with its appearance. 

To keep it elegant and in order to give it that luxurious effect, mix it up with diamonds which will work out absolutely perfect with every attire. 

How to Care and Activate your Gem

While being super excited to hop on the recent trends, it is equally important to know about how to take care of this gem. Caring tips are equally important to consider when including a gem in your collection. 

Always cleanse your gem with warm soapy water and later wipe it with a soft cloth to remove all the water from its surface. You can even use a soft brush to further remove any dirt from it. 

Also, do not forget to activate your gem from time to time to ensure that its energies remain intact. 

So, this was all about Turquoise and all the reasons why it is loved so much. Add a Turquoise Ring or any other Turquoise Jewelry to your collection today.


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