Types of Slots Machines for Beginners

Slots Machines

It can be very challenging for beginners to sit down at a slot machine and try out their luck, especially if they know nothing about slot machines. Even if they know a little bit about online gambling, knowing which slot machines to choose and what to pay attention to matters greatly. These games usually depend on sheer luck, but there is a small percentage in knowing how they function. Sometimes winning at a slot machine takes practice. This article will focus on the most important elements of slot machines that you need to bear in mind and the types of slots that are ideal for beginners.

The most important elements of slot machines for beginners

In order to play slots with other slots aficionados without feeling you need to step your game up, it’s good to familiarize yourself as much as you can. First of all, you should know everything about the types of different slot machine types for beginners and start from there. The elements of the slot machine games are the most important for a newbie, such as:

  • Reels
  • Paylines
  • Symbols
  • Rows
  • Payout table


You have probably come across the term “spin the reels” if you have ever played in a casino before. They appear horizontally or vertically across your gaming device, and based on the slot game you’re playing, there will be different icons and symbols featured. The classic slot games have three reels. However, video slots can have up to seven slots, and in some cases even nine. After wagering and spinning, you will win only if a specific combination of symbols appears on the payline.


But what is a payline? As the name suggests, this is a pattern that can create a winning combination. The numbers you need are indicated on a game edge. A payline has rows running from left to right across the slot reels. Sometimes they can even feature symbols in one or alternating rows. Slots paylines usually range from one up to 50 paylines. If you’re, for instance, playing a slot with 50 paylines, you will have 50 different winning styles. This is very often intimidating to newbies, but don’t worry as slot games automatically show you the winning paylines and the payout.

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The most important (and perhaps the most interesting) element of slot games are symbols. These are the icons that spin on the game’s reels, and they change based on the type of game you’re playing. In case you’re playing a mystery slot game, you will probably see matching symbols in reference to a mystery theme, such as question marks, diamonds or such. Each symbol has a different value, and aligning the symbols in a particular way will result in a payout according to their values. High-valued symbols are the best as they mean higher payouts, and vice versa. However, some symbols have hidden properties such as bonuses, wilds or free spins.


You probably know what a row is. In case of slot games, they run vertically and a single game can have three or more rows. The combination of certain symbols in one row will give you a payline. However, the paylines don’t always appear on one row as they usually go in all directions if you have matching symbols.

Payout table

Reading your ideal game’s payout table before trying your luck it is incredibly important. The table indicates what symbols have a winning combination so that you know what to go after, and which icons lead to free spins and other bonuses. On top of that, the table will show you how much you can win by getting specific combos.

Types of online slot machines for beginners

Before sitting at any slot machine, it’s good to know about the three main types of online slots based on the number of reels they possess:

  • Classic slots
  • Video slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots

Classic slots

The three-reel slots, also known as “one-arm bandits”, are the classic slots. The “one-arm bandit” name comes from the traditional slot machines that we have all seen in movies, which required the player to pull al ever to initiate the game. This is the best option for all beginners. They’re easy to play, learn and are very fast, which is always a plus for newbies. If you land three matching symbols at a classic slot machine, you will a jackpot. 

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Video slots

Video slots are also known as five-reel slots, and they represent an upgrade of classic slots. These contain amazing in-game graphics and very entertaining soundtracks, which is an excellent magnet for all players. They are also the most played slots at a casino. Five-reel slots come with more paylines, which means that you have higher chance of winning when compared to classic slot machines. These also have additional features in the forms of bonuses which make the game even more entertaining.

Progressive jackpot slots

First of all, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of jackpots. Once you do that, you will realize that the progressive jackpot slots can increase your bankroll tremendously. These games are designed in such a way that every time a player places a bet, part of that wager contributes to the jackpot. The more players bet, the higher the jackpot. The disadvantage of these games is the fact that the winning chances are lower, but if you’re lucky enough, winning at a progressive jackpot slot can be life-changing. The jackpot pools in these games usually reach millions. 


Once you get the gist of how slot machines are played, you will see how addictive and rewarding they can be at the same time. In case you’re a beginner, make sure to know everything about the games you’re playing, and you can always go through different tactics and tips online to make your gaming experience easier and more comfortable. Bear in mind that you should always sit at a slot machine with a budget in mind, just so that you keep yourself in control. Once you allocate your budget, try out games with free spins to practice and to understand how each slot machine works.

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