Understanding multiple DTH connections in detail

DTH connections

With a family of 4 or more, pandemic, and a lot of boredom, entertainment is the only way out. Everyone wants to watch their own favourite TV shows on television. Clashes for the remote are bound to happen! The best way out of constant remote fighting and compromise on the entertainment fund is multiple DTH connections. Everyone can watch their favourite shows anytime on their personal DTH connection.

We know what you are thinking! How will this even work? Read on to understand more about how multiple DTH connections work for your benefit.

Multiple DTH connections

Usually, every DTH connection comes with a DTH set-top box. A dish TV is installed on an elevated area mostly on your terrace to transmit the signals to your television. However, multiple D2H connections don’t require multiple dish TVs on your terrace. A single dish TV can be used for several D2H connections at your home. 

Top companies offering second DTH connection option for your home

Many leading DTH operators offer this service. You need to compare the plans provided against their price and quality of service to make a decision.

Below are some options that you can consider:

Airtel TV

Already established in the market as the leading telecom and DTH operator, Airtel offers its users to buy a second connection for their homes. 

All you need to do is visit their official website: https://www.airtel.in/ (for India) and head over to the DTH tab. 

Select ‘Buy second connection’ from the dropdown.

Fill in all the relevant details. An executive will contact you to understand your needs. 

Here are the features of the second connection DTH plan

  • You will get separate
  • You will get separate DTH set-top box for each of your television. One set-top-box per TV.
  • As mentioned above, there will only be 1 common dish for multiple connections.
  • These multiple installations of the set-top box will be totally free for all the connections.
  • The monthly rental options start as low as Rs 94/- per month! 
  • You can watch different programs at different times on varied TV and DTH connections.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky also offers similar service of adding up to 3 connections after the primary DTH set-top box. Here also, only one dish TV is needed for all connections. Although, the monthly rent is Rs 153 per month for the new connections, higher than Airtel TV. 

Other operators like Dish TV, Videocon D2H, and Sun Direct TV also offer the multi connection service at different rates. You should visit each operator’s official website to know more about the terms and conditions and price range. 

Winding up

Choosing the right DTH set-top box can be difficult. You need to select an operator who offers excellent customer service and is already an established brand in the market. For instance, Airtel is one such brand. You can either go for its standard DTH connection or explore the Airtel Xstream box. 

The Airtel Xstream box transforms your general TV into a smart one. It allows users to watch OTT platforms and normal network channels both on your regular TV in just Rs 2000. You can also earn free subscription to 10+ OTT platforms with the Xstream box. 

Head over to the website to know more! 


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