Understanding The Difference Between Toasters: Expensive vs Cheapest


A toaster is an electric appliance where the slice of bread is exposed to different heating temperatures to convert them into toast. Many people opt for a low priced product compared to an expensive brand while making a purchase. The same thing follows while purchasing toasters as well. They do not make a note on the pros and cons before purchasing a product. 

If you are also planning to buy a toaster and wish to know whether it is the expensive one you should choose or the inexpensive one you must buy, here are the differences between the Mitsubishi To-ST1-T retro brown toaster and the cheapest Proctor Silex 2-Slice. Before that, a brief introduction of the two toasters is discussed. Take a look!

1. The luxury toasters


Well, the expensive toaster is also known as a luxury toaster. Surprisingly, the expensive one can toast only one slice at a time. This is one of the reasons why it has earned this name. Most of them might not give preference to this toaster by looking at the vintage design. But, many of them do not know that it would provide you with the perfect slice of toast. 

2. The affordable toasters

The cheapest toaster is also known as the affordable one because it is available at a much lesser rate. Though, the toaster can toast quickly but not effectively like the Mitsubishi To-ST1-T model. Nothing feels more exhausting when you have an uncooked piece of toast in the breakfast. To have a delicious breakfast, you need to purchase a better quality toaster. With that, not only you can have a perfect dish but also healthy food. 

The differences between the two toasters 

Now, the differences between the expensive and the cheap toaster are explained. By reading this, a lot of people can differentiate why they should go for an expensive toaster and not the cheapest one.  

  • Perfect toast!

Even though the expensive toaster can toast only a single slice of bread at a time, but it would give a perfect toast, whereas the cheapest toaster can toast two pieces of bread at a time but inefficiently. Half of the bread slice seems to be uncooked. At times, you cannot toast large-sized bread, whereas, in the expensive one, you can toast any size of bread slice. The affordable toaster also does not toast the bread evenly. 

  • A raw look!


Even after your toast is ready from the expensive one, it will retain its original taste, but in the affordable toaster, the taste of the bread gets spoilt. Sometimes even the toast gets fully burnt giving you a bitter taste. Being an expensive brand, the new-style toaster serves a fluffy toast. Moreover, you can also ensure that you are eating healthy food. 

  • Operation of the toaster:

When it comes to the operation of both the toasters, the high-priced toaster has four cooking settings that are toasting, topping, frozen toast, and French toast. By simply pressing the buttons, you can select the one that you would require. In the low-priced toaster, it’s hard to fine-tune the settings. Well, the low-priced one has an automatic shut button with a shade selector. But they are not quite effective. 

  • Baking and other features:

The big-budget toaster has a baking feature as well. It has 5 baking options such as medium, fluffy, well done, regular, and crunchy. In the low-budget one, there is no baking option. You can only toast bread. With that, the high-priced toaster also comes with cleaning spatula and a recipe book, which allows you to try out different recipes. But, with the low-priced toaster, you will not get anything else except the instruction booklet. 

  • Cooking time:


In the expensive toaster, you also have a button with which you can change the cooking time. If you wish to increase the cooking time, you can do that. But in the affordable one, there is no such option. It only comes with an automatic shut button, which means the toaster will be switched off after the toast is prepared. 

  • Cleaning the toasters:

There is no possibility that you can clean the cheapest toaster. That is why; you might sometime get a bad smell out of the toast. But for the expensive toaster, you can clean it with the help of a cloth. With that, you can ensure that you are eating safe and hygienic food. 

  • Temperature control system:

The luxury toaster also has temperature control features that allow you to control the temperature when you are toasting a slice of bread. Moreover depending upon your requirement you can change the temperature. But, in the affordable one, there are only a few temperature variations. These temperature variations do not make much impact, and sometimes a low temperature can also burn the piece of bread.

  • Lid open toaster vs. Slide-out toasters:

The lavish one comes with a lid which you need to open when you want to toast a slice of bread. Because of this, it is termed as lid open toaster. But in the affordable one, you need to press the button when the toast will come out, which is why it is known as the slide-out toaster. At times the slide-out toaster might get spoiled if it is not used appropriately. If it gets spoiled, you would no longer be able to use it. That is why; it is better to spend on a toaster which might be a little expensive but long-lasting. 

Have a perfect toast with the perfect slice!

Prepare a delicious dish by toasting a piece of bread and have it with eggs! Nothing can be better than this. It also lets you have tasty food without having cheated on your diet. Hopefully, now it would be easier for you to decide why you should opt for an expensive toaster and not a cheap one. However, adding to the fact that expensive toasters will also allow you to bake and prepare different breakfasts, whereas from the cheapest one you can only have an uncooked toast. Now you can understand which one would be a better choice to opt for, so, it’s time to invest in the right toasting partner!


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