Unfold Future With Samsung Galaxy Fold


Smartphones have changed the way we communicate not just with people but with the world. The internet and smartphones have indeed placed the world right in our palms. Within a few clicks and scrolls, you can get information about possibly everything on the earth.

Telephones were primarily designed to communicate with a person at a distance. During the initial days, telephones were wired and were attached to a modem that established the connectivity. With each passing year, the telephone went through some radical changes and mobile phones were invented that uses signals to connect the call. They were small, convenient and way smarter than the wired telephones. With the advent of technology, mobile phones also saw some transformations that resulted in smartphones.

Just like the name suggests, smartphones are capable of doing things that have made our lives a lot easier. From video calling people, ascertaining the weather to sending emails, smartphones are like mini laptops in our hands.

Samsung – Name That Reflects Quality and Assurance 

When it comes to smartphones, there are plenty of big names that have dominated the industry. A South Korean multinational company standing at the forefront of the electronics industry, Samsung is one of the leading producers of quality smartphones in the world.

Foldable smartphones are the next big revolution in the smartphone industry. The ability to fold and offer users with dual screens, foldable smartphones have got ample limelight among the customers. Many big names have already introduced their foldable smartphones.

There’s no doubt in asserting that Samsung smartphones have brought innovation to the table with their revolutionary smartphones. With Samsung launching its new foldable smartphone, there is a lot of hype.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Make Way For The Innovation

As the smartphone company says, Samsung Galaxy Fold does not define a category, but it defies the category itself. The company has claimed that Galaxy Fold will be a massive breakthrough in the smartphone industry.

Without further ado, let’s get startled by delving into Samsung Galaxy Fold specifications:

Design And Display: The Shape of Tomorrow

Flexibility with Every Fold: Pioneering flexibility with innovative features. Samsung Galaxy Fold brings Infinity Flex Display to support seamless folding without compromising on the display quality. 18.51 cm flex display revolutionizes the screens. It is built with bonded and tissue-thin layers of materials giving it a slender and elegant look.

Whole New Level Display: Dynamic AMOLED display brings you a whole new experience of watching movies and playing games with vibrant hues. The AMOLED provides HDR10+ contrast and color for defining display quality. Dynamic Tone Mapping ensures that you receive larger than life hues on both the screens. With eye comfort display, the harmful blue light automatically adjusts to the optimal light safeguarding your eyes.

Experience: Looks Like a Tablet But Fits in Your Pocket

Portability That Matters:  is Sn ergonomic design that enables you to have a firm grip on the phone and make unlocking easier. It can be used with one hand due to its convenient shape. The fingerprint sensor is placed on either side where your thumb or index finger falls.

Two Screens Without Interruption: The main objective behind bringing Galaxy Fold is to offer users with a seamless experience of working on two screens at the same time. You can either extend the display to get a better experience or split your tasks in both screens.

Do Three Things At Once: Empowering users with multitasking, Samsung Galaxy Fold gives you the complete advantage of using the expansive screen. You can do three tasks on the screen simultaneously. Easy drag and drop capability also enable you to interact with the screens seamlessly.

Camera: Capture The Impossible With Breakthrough Technology

Epic Photos From Every Angle: Being a foldable smartphone, the camera can be a doubtful aspect, but Samsung has made the camera technology a lot more streamlined with Galaxy Fold. The foldable smartphone is equipped with a triple camera; ultra-wide(16mp), wide-angle(12mp) and telephoto(12mp) that lets you take larger than life photographs. The 4:3 display ratio on 18.51cm screen shows exactly what your eyes see.

Performance: Smartphone like Never Before!

Next-Gen Hardware And Intelligence: With Galaxy Fold, Samsung aims to blend AP, and RAM with incredible storage power. Galaxy Fold comes with an advanced Octa-core processor (CPU: 2.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 1.7 GHz) and a whopping 128 GB RAM that enables you to multitask at a lighting fast speed. 512 GB internal storage lets you store your world inside a phone. This foldable smartphone introduces dual battery intelligence to the world. With an impressive 4380 mAh capacity, the smartphone promises you to stay all day long.

Samsung smartphones bring innovations to the industry with their each of their manufacture. Whether it was bringing the first Java phone or touch-type Smartphone, Samsung has grabbed every opportunity to showcase its prominence in the industry.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is the next best thing for the users by the company. With foldable technology, you will now be able to enjoy larger than life experience with dual screens. Equipped with infinity flex display and AMOLED screen, Galaxy Fold is all-set to blow your minds off. If you are a gadget geek and love to experience things that give you one of a kind experience, then Samsung Galaxy Fold is the ideal smartphone for you. Bring innovation in your life and enjoy multitasking, power pact technology, sleek design, impeccable photography, and whatnot with a foldable smartphone.

Final Thoughts 

A foldable smartphone is not going to be lesser than a revolution in the smartphone industry. With foldable technology, the users will be able to experience the features which seem to be almost impossible till now. Samsung is a trusted brand and we can definitely rely on its products for their amazing features and astounding looks. The above-mentioned features are surprising enough to make the users wait for this astonishing smartphone. Let’s wait and watch which all other brands are ready to enter the market of foldable smartphones so that we have more options to choose from. 😀



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