Unique Ways to Recycle Your Old Electronics

recycling old electronics

Electronic devices are a major part of our day to day life and we love them more than anything. But no matter how much love we have for them, electronics always come with a shelf life. The shelf life of an electronic is the time duration after which the electronic is not feasible to use. And with new updates launching so frequently, the shelf life of these devices is decreasing at a high rate. Because of that, we have to buy new devices often. While buying new devices, what can be done with the old ones? This is where recycling old electronics comes to the rescue.

Electronic recycling is something that has not been much popular till now, as only 12.5% of the total e-waste produced is recycled and the rest generally ends up in landfills. But it is something everyone should be doing as we are surrounded by electronics. The devices that are not in use anymore are either thrown away in the garbage or kept in the stores of our houses. Throwing them in garbage only makes the electronics hazardous for the environment. And recycling them is the only solution.

This all is happening because people are not aware of what is recycling of old electronics, what are it’s benefits and how it can be done. But this article will answer all the questions and also provide some unique ways of doing the recycling process. 

What is done in the recycling of old electronics?

 recycling old electronics

In the recycling process of old electronics, all the recyclable devices are collected at a place and the materials that can be used again in a new device are collected.

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Firstly, The old device is processed into smaller parts and then each and every useful material is separated from one other. Materials like Steel, Copper, Aluminium, and even plastics are recycled. They are collected separately and then they are prepared to be sold as raw materials to the companies which can use them in building new devices.

What are the benefits of recycling old electronics?

Electronic devices contain many elements that can be proven hazardous to our health and also to the environment, if not disposed of properly. There are plenty of benefits of recycling old electronics, such as:

Landfill Spaces

– The very first benefit is that recycling saves landfill spaces. If electronics will be thrown into the garbage, they will only end up in landfill areas. And approximately 50 million tons of e-waste is produced each year. Imagine how much landfill space we’ll save just by recycling old electronics.

Energy Saving

 – A lot of energy and natural resources can be saved by recycling old electronics. According to reports, enough energy can be saved to provide electricity to 3,657 households in the US for a year, by recycling 1 million laptops. 

Element Recovery

– Electronic devices contain elements that can be safely recovered and again used in new devices. Elements like Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Copper, and plastic (which is the major part of any electronic), can be recovered from recycling. In 2015, Apple recovered Gold, from it’s recycled devices, that weighed 2,204 pounds and was worth $40 million. 

Pollution Prevention

– Recycling the electronics also helps in reducing pollution as most of the elements are reused in a new device. Like plastic waste, which is not decomposed, so by recycling the plastic, it can be used again in a new device/product and that will reduce pollution created by it.

How to recycle old electronics?

 recycling old electronics

Now that we know what are the benefits of recycling old electronics, let’s see how it is done. There are many ways in which old electronics can be recycled. Some of them are:

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Sell it:

If the device is in good condition and can be used by someone else, sell it at a feasible price. There are online platforms available where we can get the valuation of the device and can sell it.

Exchange deal

: Tech companies that manufacture the devices, often provide exchange offers on new devices. So next time, while buying a new device, look for any exchange offers the company might be providing. This will not just ensure the safe disposal of the device but will save some money too. 

Recycler to the rescue:

If the old device is not in good condition or cannot be used by someone, then it can be given to the recyclers. There are certain associations that collect old electronics and recycle them. Collection bins can be found in local places to dispose of the devices and some associations provide pickup services as well.

Get creative:

People who just can’t give away their devices can also lookup for some DIYs (‘Do It Yourself’) that can be done with the old devices. With easy DIYs, old and useless devices can be turned into creative art pieces. This is one of the best ways of recycling old electronics.

Use them for projects:

Many parts of old electronics can be used in different school projects for kids. But always remember to dismantle or reassemble these in the presence of an adult as this can be a little risky.

Try to fix them:

If there is something in the device that can be fixed, instead of buying a new device see if you can get it repaired.

Points to remember while giving away the old device

 recycling old electronics

Whether the device has to be given to the recyclers or it has to be sold, there are two steps we should always keep in mind: Backup and Reset. Nowadays, we save all our information in our electronic devices and as the device has to be given away, remember to get all the information and data saved in it. Make a backup of the data that has to be kept and then factory reset the device. This will ensure that the information saved in your device doesn’t get misused by someone.

Next time remember to not throw away the old devices into the trash.

Here were all the important points that will help you in recycling your old electronics. Happy Recycling!


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