Various Platforms for Hosting Images of Your Blog To Reduce The Loading Time


Imagine this scenario for a while; a person has found something really interesting on the web, and he clicks on the link given and intends to read the whole blog. But it’s buffering and buffering; well still buffering. Then he thinks anyway it wasn’t that important and closes the link and there went your reader and along with him went your money. On average, a reader expects the site to load in 2 seconds if there is a delay of more than 3 seconds about 40% of your readers are lost. It looks like the old saying ‘Time is money’ was written for bloggers. What is the reason for the excess load time required for your blog to load? Well, there may be many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is due to your images. The load time for your blog is more because you may be self-host your blog images. Self-hosting your blog images can lead to an increase in buffer time. But what is the solution for this?

The solution for this is using a host site. Now, what is a host site? A host site is a website that stores your image data on their server so that the server of your own blog is not overloaded. There are a number of host sites that you can use for hosting blog images. We have listed 7 best host sites to help you in this so that your site loading time can be reduced and you get better results in ranking your site on search engines.

Here are the 7 best host sites:

Imgur is a popular site for hosting images for your website. It is free of cost, and you can upload images or GIFs on any social media platform or your blogs in minutes. The important thing is you can upload the images without having to compromise with the quality of the images as the clarity of the images remains intact. You can upload around 20 MB for all non-animated GIF images and 200 MB for animated GIF images.

  • Flickr

Flickr is one of the best options for hosting images for your site as this is one of the oldest sites available in the market. You can configure your privacy settings on Flickr where you get to decide who can view your images. Flickr also has an editing tool that enables you to edit your images before posting it. What more can you ask for? Another very crucial feature of Flickr is it gives you a storage space of 1,000 GB. Yes, you read that right; you can use 1 TB of storage space that too free!

  • Photobucket

Photobucket is also a very popular website for uploading photos, and this is used by most of the bloggers for sharing their images. It not only acts as photo storage but also enables you to create and buy prints from your uploaded photos. You can also access all your photos through your mobile phone as Photobucket also has a mobile app which is very convenient and user-friendly.

  • Google +

Google + along with having a social purpose is also one the best image host you can find for your images. It has many effective and useful tools for your pictures, and you can manage them easily in various folders. In terms of sharing, they are also very easy as we can easily access from all our devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and even I-Pads. Google+ also provides automatic backup to your images, so there is no fear of losing your images. You can easily upload images to your website with Google + without losing their clarity.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is also a very good option for hosting images. It is very popular and not only can save images but also other documents as well. You can manage your photos and share them on your website without much effort and easily you can get access to the content on your website without much buffering. Dropbox provides you with 2 GB of storage space and easy sharing of files both online and offline.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is a host website that is used by professional bloggers. Professional bloggers use this site for hosting their data. It is not free; you need to pay a certain amount for using the services of this host website but your data is extremely safe, and you can count on it. Bluehost provides you with unlimited hosting space and also gives you space for storage of unlimited emails. It is totally your money’s worth, and if you are looking forward to being a professional blogger, you can surely try Bluehost.

  • Hostgator

Hostgator is also used by professionals for writing blogs, and it is also not free. You get unlimited space for your data and images, unlimited space for your emails. Hostgator also provides you with unlimited bandwidth which gives clarity when you share images on your blogs. You can build, launch and scale your websites as well as your apps with maximum efficiency and that too by paying less than a rupee per hour. This site is perfect for beginners who are looking forward to making a career in blogging and also for those who need to constantly share images on social media platforms and are managing the social accounts of the companies. Hostgator is definitely the right choice for you.

Hosting images of your blog somewhere else has become imperative because you need to reduce the loading time of your website as much as possible according to the guidelines stated by Google in its new algorithm. The above-mentioned are some of the ways using which you can host the images of your blog and reduce the loading time leading to no or less bufferng of your site. This will improve the user’s experience as well.

We hope in the future you will not lose any readers due to buffering. Say goodbye to buffering with these amazing hosts and welcome your readers with a greater experience on your site without any waiting time.


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