Vector W8- Rarest Supercar Ever Built Giving Thrills to The Automotive Industry

Vector W8

Introduced by none other but America’s number one automotive builder Vector aero motive Corporation from the year 1989 till 1993, the Vector W8 is gaining plenty of popularity and prominence in today’s time. The talks about it have literally gone viral on social media. And many car enthusiasts around the world are up to exploring its features profoundly. The explanatory video made for the Vector W8 is one of those experiments that break down the ins and outs of this unique masterpiece.

Famous car designer and manufacturer Gerald Wiegert were the first ones to introduce such an advanced design. A genius designer worked on it. While attaining refinements from David Kostka who is the head of engineering in Vector. The version of W8 is the final production of the W2 prototype of the W2 prototype of Vector that the brand has been demonstrating since the beginning of the ’80s and throughout. 

The brand Vector and what sets it apart from the rest

Vector W8


The automobile brand Vector has come a long way in the industry now. It has a unique reputation now. Vector has been a constant manufacturer of sports cars and has been successful in roping in the inserts of buyers from all across the world. It has a series of cars that have ruled the auto industry and the choices and preferences of the buyers; however, the Vector W8 has ended up being an exception surprising many. It is one of the 

The classiest version – A key takeaway of the Vector W8 

The interior of the Vector W8 was furnished in the finest suede and leather which also was equipped with floor mats and wool carpeting. It is electrically adaptable Recaro leather seats and a high-quality air-conditioning mechanism that finalized the lavish interior of the Vector W8. The driver’s seat position aligns slightly towards the vehicle center which offers great drivability. The dashboard possesses display screens as well that provides certain important status about the car ride and performance.

 The four screens also show the adjustment options for the vehicle’s several buttons and many more details. Speaking of which, the dashboard is pretty much exciting and will remind you of the fighter jets back in the era. Some of its additional features include an anti-lock brake system, power steering mechanism and also skid pad acceleration. These designs are extremely suitable for all car owners. 

The exclusive fundamental features of Vector W8

Vector W8

The Vector W8 is considered to be one of the best super and sports cars ever made and you are already halfway down the information why it is called so. During the late 1980s to 1990s, Vector had come up with only twenty supercars that had 655 horse-power of 620 foot-pounds. So, if you compare it to the new-generation Lamborghini Kuntash it offers a horsepower of four hundred and fifty and this makes the difference pretty clear. It has a monster engine and free speed hydromantic automatic transmission system. 

A tour to the insane interior of the best Vector model ever!

So, more than anything, the interior off this car has grabbed the attention of the car owners the most! Aero motive brand, Gerry wider Blend of the automobile as well as Jet airplane. This demonstrates an idea about its style of interior. Car tests reveal that it is one of the rarest cars ever manufactured. 

It comes with scissor doors; mental cylinder latching systems; automated button gear set up placed near the door gaps; automated mirrors situated near the lower part of the window. The mirror controls are smooth and easy which allows you to see extensive angles almost can be compared to GPS views set in the dashboards. 

It also offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The car has become the forte of the buyers who are looking for a perfect package. It is not just a vehicle with an aesthetically pleasing model. But also a performer that will serve them gold thirty-years down the line. 

Four different screens and has four different buttons starting one, two three and four to control each of the. You can get real-time updates on them which are a facility that is more than convenient. Performance screen shows nine temperatures, the oil pressure and many more details. These are regarding the current performance of your Vector W8. You can change and alter the settings just as you want to with the poof the buttons and the touch screen options. It is really easy to navigate and you will be able to set up options as per your needs and requirements. 

The high-end safety mechanism of Vector W8

Vector W8

The Vector w8 does not lack in terms of safety. It shows the entire car model on the screen. This gives you wearing or a heads-up if you by mistake leave your car door open. Just like the car door, it indicates any other features like this for the safety of the driver as well as the riders.

As said and done, the supercar has made a way to the hearts of vintage car enthusiasts. It is because of its blended interface. Well, if it is a new era automobile creation. If you take a tour in the interior of the car you will be able to taste a flavor of the old school auto. It features smoothly blended with a contemporary interface of a car.

You will also be able to notice the seamless amalgamation of an automobile model and a jet airplane as some of its features state. However, all said and done, one of the leading qualities of the Vector W8 is that it offers interested car enthusiasts to cherish the flavor of a perfect supercar or sports car and at the same time. So get going with your research today on the Vector W8!


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