3 Ways Of Making Phone Stand Out With A Customized iPhone

customized iPhone


Smartphones have really changed our way of living. From where we used cellphones just for calling purpose, today they have almost replaced computers. Also, earlier there used to be just a few cellphone companies, but now there are various companies that provide different ranges of smartphones. One of the early players in the smartphone game is Apple. Apple started its journey with computers, then introduced the iPod and then entered into the smartphone world with iPhones in 2007. iPhones have always been a hit in the market. And this is because of Apple’s friendly user interface and the security it provides. And now Apple is also offering a customized iPhone.

Growing Popularity of iPhones 

Recently, more and more people are switching for iPhones. But the problem is that Apple does not provide many variations in the iPhones. You can opt for different colours and sizes, but when so many people are buying iPhones, then there are great chances of you clashing to someone with the exact same iPhone. And iPhones are not cheap, so when you are spending so much money, you obviously want to stand out of the crowd. Not only that, but phones have also become a presentation of our personality and who wants to be like someone else? We all want to be different. Though the new iPhone 11 is available in a few colour options, why to take a chance when you can easily stand out with a customized iPhone.

The original iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are not cheap and getting a customized one will only add to its price. If your budget is already fixed and you are not willing to spend that much money, you can also customize your new iPhone on your own. And that too in much less cost. Here are three cheaper options for you to make you iPhone easily noticeable in the crowd of iPhones.

Skins and Stickers

customized iPhone

These are one of the coolest options of customizing iPhones. You can buy stickers and skins for your iPhone and place them on the back of the phone. The best part of skins and stickers is that they can be removed and changed. Because we do not stay the same always, you can change these and make your phone look new every now and then.

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There is a variety of skins and stickers in the market. While putting on the skin on iPhone 11 can be a little tricky as it completely sticks on the phone and looks like its natural body, but stickers are easy to put. You can also make a unique combination of stickers to put on your iPhone.


If you want a customized iPhone 11 without making changes to its body, cases are the answer for you. Cases not only customize your iPhone but they also protect it. They are available in a wide range of variety. The three types of cases that are usually available in the market are silicon, aluminium and leather. You can go for a transparent case if you just want to protect your new iPhone. Also, you can buy multiple cases to match your everyday mood and outfit.

Cases are not as complex as stickers and skins, they can be easily put on and removed. So, even if you want to change them every hour, you easily can do that without any efforts. Also, they do not make any change to your iPhone’s original body, so you can remove it whenever you want and your iPhone will be good as new. And the point that they protect the body and the screen of the phone makes them a really good option.


customized iPhone

This is the most creative way of customizing iPhones. With rare chances, you can find a similar sticker, skin or case with someone else and as they cover your new iPhone, so even the model wouldn’t matter, your phone will look exactly same as theirs. Crafting is the best way to get a customized iPhone while also showing off your craft skills.

Grab some spray paints and permanent markers, and get started. Make sure you properly cover the buttons, sides and screen of the phone before putting on spray paint on it. As the paint might ruin the phone, covering everything that should not be painted is a good idea. Once spray painted, you can show off your craft skills by drawing your favourite pattern on the paint with markers. Make sure you choose a light colour for painting your iPhone 11, as the light colour will make the pattern pop. And choose good quality markers like the ones by POSCA.

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Another Method of Crafting

Another way of crafting is to hydro dip your iPhone 11. For this, you should first cover each and every part of the phone properly, except for its back. Spray paint it with a light colour. Take a container full of water, make some pattern on the water surface with the help of different coloured spray paints and then dip your iPhone 11 in that container carefully. Take it out, dry it and remove all the coverings and you will see a beautiful pattern on your personally customized iPhone.

Crafting is permanent, so make sure you choose a really creative pattern. Also, as you are doing this by yourself, there are no chances of clashing with someone with the same customized iPhone. And remember to put on a transparent case on the crafted phone to protect the paint from getting ruined.

Make the new iPhone 11 ‘Yours’

Just buying an iPhone 11 is not enough as the moment you will see an exact same model with someone else, your heart will break. So by customizing your newly bought iPhone 11, you can make the phone truly ‘yours.’ And nobody else could ever tell you that they bought an exact same phone as yours.

You can also customize the software and settings of your phone. You can choose a new and unique wallpaper, you can change the control centre icons and many other changes can be done. This way, you can make your phone completely yours and it would not match to anybody else’s iPhone 11 because it will be always better than them.

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