Ways To Monetize Your Blog And Earn Passive Income

monetize your blog

Blogging, writing, content marketing are some of the most recent trends in business that many are undertaking to attain benefits in multiple ways. Blogging is a powerful profession nowadays that many are choosing who wants to break free from the shells of a traditional nine to five desk job. It is a core profession often chosen by creative minds, writers or anybody interested from the literary world to make a livening online.

However, as a blogger, you will need to continue to monetize your blog. Easier said than done, one needs to be more creative, unique, entertaining and informative than ever before to stand out from the rest. Digitization of technology has made the platforms for writers and bloggers much more competitive in today’s time. But there is a twist here. This article is going to discuss some really smart ways via which one can choose to earn from his or her blogs but without the pressure of maintaining and sticking to it so hard. Yes, it is called passive income via blogging.

Blogger by passion or a full-time profession – Learn the difference

monetize your blog

This is one of the key questions you need to ask yourself clearly before you want to monetize your blog. Many choose the profession of blogging by passion, however, if your intention is to really get it as a full-time thing, you will need to find ways to get paid. It takes a certain amount of time and commitment to building a blog. One has to stick to things consistently to produce quality and interesting content.

Commitment and dedication is the first thing that comes in picture when you are looking forward to making money out of the profession of blogging.

Remember that the “time factor” is extremely important when you are working as a professional blogger. But the story is completely different if you are going to monetize your blog without the need for taking all that direct daily blogging responsibilities. The concept is getting more and more popular now and it is like affiliating with any business to make a certain level of income. There are several ways via which you can do it and here are some of them!

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Getting into publishing your own book

Well, this might sound like one of the challenging tasks but yes many are taking this up. Eighty percent of the bloggers are passionate writers and publishing your very own e-book is an excellent way to make a generous passive earning. It will provide you with a method to attain recurring pays for your influential words that you have interested readers with. There are many bloggers and writers or content writers who have taken this up and it can really earn you a realistic figure to make close to a living when evaluated.

But yes, then again you will need to keep in mind that this is the age of watching. People are more into movies or listening podcasts or reading something that is crisp and really interesting. You will need to move about publishing in a very market-friendly and strategic way so you are able to attract the right readers and meet your earning goals. A good amount of research on the web and interaction with e-book publishers is important.

Selling your templates and resources that you have for personal use

There are many bloggers who have adopted this way and this is indeed a smart way to earn a passive income as you monetize your blog. Millennial writers and bloggers are the top examples and a leading generation who are taking up this option even as a full-time career at a certain point. The famous Canadian blogger, Sherry who just got so popular because of the same reason had been in sea literally with almost a debt of about $60,000. It would scare anyone right! But she instead of panicking simply made a template for budgeting in MS excel. It took her eighteen months but she got rid of the debt finally with the help of the budgeting template. It turned out that if the template was influential and good enough to clear her debts in those eighteen months then it would as well aid her readers. This was one of the examples but by selling the resources and templates that you treasured for your personal use, you can certainly have your passive income reach a certain good limit as a blogger.

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Try selling the courses that train on skills

monetize your blog

Remember that irrespective of the fact you are working as a fulltime or a part-time blogger, you will need to be specific that you are adding the high value to your content to monetize your blog. The platform is quite competitive and saturated nowadays and you will need to present content that will teach something to your viewers. Your viewers would definitely like to develop expectations that would help them grow and outsmart certain objectives in their personal and professional lives. So make sure that you offer your audience something really valuable and read-worthy.

But you do not have to do that all by yourself. For instance, if you take a look at Srah Lambert, the renowned blogger she is into writing photography blogs specifically for mom’s ad she can do it by simply selling her courses online. A free email challenged is offered to the audiences at first that boosts her lists of email in order to prove the real value of the programs she offers.

This is indeed a great way to make passive money.

Earn on commission basis to promote other’s products

So this is indeed one of the most fruitful ways via which you can earn passive and monetize your blog. Suppose you have your own specific niche on which you write and you and simply choose to sell the same category of products. You can not only sell products but also make arrangements form providing certain services if available.

You can add interesting podcasts, captions and special follow up responses to your audiences. This is a great way to build trust with them and also actively sell your products online to make a hefty income. So in case, you go a relevant idea in your mind about making money online as a blogger and still keep the pressure low, do for the above ideas!


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